Messages 2017 and 2018

Circles of Light

August 30th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada - Mediumship Retreat

Received by Al Fike


God bless you beloved souls I am Keea-atta Kem and you have questions regarding circles of light and the manifestations that happen in these circles and I’m happy to answer your questions, beloveds.

A Circle of Light is formed by the intentions of those within the circle, those mortals who come to pray together. If their intentions are for the highest and to receive the blessings of God’s Love and they draw the angels into their midst, to be in the light, indeed this sets a process in place where not only the mortals present receive blessings and benefits but many others in spirit do as well. For you draw into your midst beautiful blessings and energies, healings that uplift and bring great light as you pray for the inflow of Divine love into your souls. So the angels come with this blessing.

When you establish a Circle of Light that is maintained in prayer and efforts by those present and these prayers are consistent and powerful, it ignites beautiful blessings to come to your circle. This great portal of light which you have received is a powerful blessing not only for you but for the world. For there are not many portals of light established in the world, and they serve to be a conduit from the heavens to the earth. They allow us in spirit to bring blessings Divine, powerful healing energies and energies that are used to help each soul present. We are able to share chemistry amongst you, to benefit your bodies and your spirit bodies and then of course, if there is a medium present, we are able to speak some words of encouragement and wisdom. The light in the centre of these circles is great and often an angel stands in the centre in deep prayer, drawing great blessings to your midst. Each soul in the circle is supported by an angel who stands behind them, with their hands upon them in prayer. They uplift and support each soul so that they may be above the conditions of this earth, drawing all in the circle to another place, a beautiful place of light as they enter the portal that draws them to a higher condition beyond the earth plane.

There are times when many spirits come to watch, to listen, to pray with you and these spirits have many different levels of soul progression and light. They are brought here by many other spirits who work with you all and these spirits are not necessarily of the Celestial Kingdom but reside in the higher spheres, many of them growing in the Love. They bring those who are curious and those who they wish to teach. For on this plane it is possible to bring these many other spirits who are in a variety of conditions to this place so they may hear the Truth and that they may participate in this collective longing to God to receive these gifts of love, comfort and healing. A great light emanates from these circles. At times an angel who stands in circle may speak to the spirits and they draw to them certain energies and substances from the sitters who are mortal, which allows them to be seen by the lower spirits and to speak. This is a sort of material mediumship but not quite to the level as to be seen in the material world. So you see there are many layers, many aspects to a Circle of Light that benefit many in the spirit world as well as the material world. For angels are dispatched to mortals in this world as you pray together for those you love and those who are connected to the circle.

There Is much activity and many things happening together to bring these blessings to many souls. Those who live on the material plane and those who live in the spirit world benefit greatly by your efforts for circles of light. When we are able to speak through a channel such as this, these words are amplified so that all may hear and there may be many, many spirits present. Such are the benefits of a circle of light.

Though you need not know of all of these elements and aspects, you may take comfort in knowing the work that you do has many layers, many aspects and many benefits to many souls. The power of prayer, beloveds, the power of praying with singleness of purpose, can bring what you may call miracles in your midst. It is determined by you, with the intensity of your desire, the elevation of your intention, your desire to receive the highest as so many gifts, so much light touches you all and touches many more.

Continue these efforts to create and sustain Circles of Light in the World. They are so needed and so powerful and beneficial to the world. They allow God to work His blessings and Will through you all, creating another avenue for the Light of God to come into this world and the blessings of God to come into this world. Touching the souls of others through you is a powerful agent of change in your world and you all pray for this. When you come to a circle such as this, prepare yourselves, elevate your thoughts and when you come together, come together in love and unity. Share your love amongst your circle and when there is a medium present, send your love to the medium for the power and the love and the light of the truth will emanate and touch many other souls besides your own.

It is a wonderful thing to see blessed souls come together in this way to sustain the light, to eagerly seek greater understanding and to know God’s power and glory and to seek His love to sustain all upon their journeys to enlightenment.

As your circles grow and as the light within your soul grows and gifts unfold, as your souls awaken in their perceptions, you will see that what I have described will become familiar to you and you will understand the magnitude of your efforts and our efforts combined will bring the truth to mankind. We are all children of God working together to bring light, truth, love and peace to the world. May you continue to awaken, my dear friends, to push aside all barriers and restrictions to living your lives in alignment with God, to expressing your lives in the flow of His Love, to using your gifts for the benefit of many, allowing we in the Celestial kingdom to come close to you and work with you! We continue our work together and we do so with joy and deep gratitude to God who opens up the channels of light which benefits us all.

God bless you, beloveds, I am Keea-atta Kem. God bless you, I love you!