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Engineering and the Past

March 14th, 2017

Illawarra District, Australia.

Received by George Barnard.


“It has been some time since we shared our deliberations with the people you call the 11:11 members. We, you and I, have conversed in passing, yes, many times in the past few years, but now I do want to say a few words about Celestial Engineers. There is much about time and space, energy and matter and God’s workers that make their offices and workrooms out in these ‘touchable’ places.

“There you have the Celestial Engineer as an example. My being one of them, I would dare say, makes me an excellent contact for the purpose of clarifying their functions. Space is wonderful for space-bound creatures and at some time a planet advances sufficiently to find the need for our services. We are the ones who connect the mind circuits of all kinds, a task that can take weeks to complete. And there you have something in the way of abilities where we excell.

“We can carry on with a task without a second’s break for weeks, taking on energy as we proceed. We can conclude the answer to complex mathematical problems by simply taking in all of hundreds of math components and the complex answers simply ‘come into existence’ in our minds after a time. When the task — lengthy or short — has been completed, we are scheduled to be relieved of our duties for a comparable length of time. Presently I’m nearing the end of a eight day holiday of mindal reinvigoration … remaining sane, if you like that idea, or 100% real. 

“Mostly I travel to Urantia for this kind of ‘R and R’. Urantia is the Master’s famous bestowal planet and I also meet many ‘visitor types’ here. I also like your high mountains and beautiful beaches and as well, yes, best of all, I have friends on this planet.

“Celestial Engineers of the local universe of Nebadon are almost as old as the universe herself. I first arrived on this planet when it was still a hot cinder. Long after, I saw fauna and flora come and go. It succeeded and then it failed. I saw diverse hominids come and go — yes, some you don’t know about even now, and some whose DNA is not even slightly present in yours. Some smart apes and lemurs mutated positively in antiquity only to come to a luckless ending without any progeny. 

“I can contain and retain all this information of century after century, and when my body is renewed, my gifted mind rejoins the new me, quite intact, for I awaken as I previously was.

“Now for the answer to the question posed. The European (Bosnian) pyramids are real. Ask any engineer. I quite frequently watched them being worked on over an enormous spread of time. Understand that revelation does not normally digress for no reason at all. Is there an urgent need to know? If not, why complicate the revelation? You are clever, you can find out for yourselves.

“I am called Isaac the Celestial Engineer. Till we meet again.”

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