Messages 2017 and 2018

Introduction to Creating a Circle of Light

March 12th, 2018

Punaluu, Oahu, HI, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike.


Beloved souls, I am Luke and I wish to speak of the matter of creating a circle of Light. You are in a circle, you are together with more or less the same desires and you are beseeching God for the blessings from on high. Thus, you create a circle of Light.

When you open yourself to the blessings of God’s Divine Love, you bring to you His messenger, the Holy Spirit, which conveys this blessing into your souls, this aspect of God. It is not God Himself. It is a manifestation of God and yet the blessing that is given is the Essence of God. So when you come together in this way to receive this blessing, you multiply the effects of your desire, your soul’s desire to receive this gift, thereby creating a circle of Light and thereby opening up a portal of Light where these highest of blessings may come uninhibited and where you may be lifted up beyond the condition of this world to a place more conducive to receiving these blessings.

Consider this, my friends, consider the mechanics of prayer, how with an intense desire, a heartfelt longing multiplied by how many may come into this circle, you bring to you a great Light. You bring to you the Holy Spirit that is a powerful presence amongst you and with this comes deep peace, a profound upliftment and a sense of unity with God. You have discovered a powerful mechanism that binds you together in Love, that allows for all of you to share in this experience of Love, a condition that brings many blessings including the healings that you long for and to release those constrictions within your heart and within your mind. So many blessings come with this simple prayer that embraces every soul no matter their beliefs, or their understandings of the mind, for we are not here together to discuss these beliefs, to impress upon others your perceptions of the Truth, merely to come together in this simple way to receive from God, to be touched deeply within our souls. For in this blessing the Truth comes unbidden, percolates up from the soul and impresses the mind with awarenesses and visions, understandings and knowings that do not come from books or mindful perceptions but truly from that bond that you have with God. For what is the source of all Truth, my beloveds? It is the Creator, the One Who created the universe, the One Who set forth life and all the complexities and movements and aspects of life.

Go to God with your questions. Go to God for your healings. Go to God so that your souls may be transformed into something that is not of the human condition but the Divine. This is why you are here, my beloveds, to go upon that journey. Some of you just begin while others have walked a little further but all of you walk together. You have made the effort to be together in this circle of Light and in this way you forge bonds that will not break. You share an experience that is Holy and beautiful. You are brothers and sisters of God. This is not declared by a book, or by any such dogmas. It is declared by God in relationship with you, my beloveds. You are His children and each of you is brother and sister in this beautiful Truth of reality and Love. Though your minds may deny this, your souls know it and feel it and recognize the power of Love, the power of this Love to bring you together in this circle of Light.

This changes you, my beloveds. It brings to you a gift, indeed many gifts. In Love there is acceptance, forbearance and strength. These things will support each of you in times to come, for God has brought you together for a purpose and this purpose shall be revealed as you continue upon this journey together. There will be many surprises, my friends, many awakenings, a deeper knowing as you enter more closely into the flow of God, knowing the Will of God. You share something very profound and purposeful. God will never tell you what to do, my beloveds. God does not force your hand. God does not insist or reprimand. God is Love. So you are given the gift of free will to choose your path, to be as you will, in your expression of this life. And yet, as your souls open to this Love, great wisdom will come to you and a knowing of what you are meant to do. The questions of life, the confusions and dilemmas of life, fade away in the wisdom and Truth that comes with the Father’s Love.

This does not mean you are indoctrinated into something. No, it is far more complex. As your souls come awake, you begin to indoctrinate your mind to a Truth that the mind finds difficult to comprehend. This process is internal and it comes with a deeper relationship with God and it is deeply personal. Not one of you can truly change the perceptions of another. You may try with your words and your ideas, but in this deeper calling from God and relationship, the Truth comes as a flow, an awakening, an opening. In this it is undeniable. Once you experience the Touch of God in this way, you will not question again, for there is no need. You will come to that place of deep peace and acceptance of the Truth. It will come wordlessly, my friends, without great thought and analysis. It is a knowing of the soul.

So you venture forth on a journey that few in your world dare to take, a journey where you trust in your relationship with God so deeply that you do not sense apprehension, confusion, or doubt, for these things come from the mind fully engaged in your spiritual pursuit. When one is fully engaged with the soul, it is not possible to be hooked by these conditions of the mind. Now this is not a perfect world and you are not perfectly aligned in this way. I merely describe this process to encourage you and to assure you that in time you will find your way and know this deep place, this communication and connection with the Source that comes with the inflow of the Divine Love. It is a process, step by step, incrementally you come to that place of awakening. It comes with fervent prayer. It comes with the efforts that you put forth. It comes with increasing faith. It comes with trusting the desires of your soul.

So you come together, my beloveds, seeking affirmation, seeking to know your own soul. It is coming at this very moment as the Father’s Love continues to pour into you, as the Holy Spirit continues to touch your soul infilling chambers within, chambers that cry out to be in Light and healed and transformed. As you continue in this process of awakening, so what I have to say today will come clear and be self evident. Some of you here are well aware of this and to some this is new information. But you are together today to trust in this journey of awakening. Share your stories, my brothers and sisters, of your relationship with your own soul. Reveal your deep knowings. You are together as brothers and sisters touched by God.

We in the Celestial Kingdom are with you and we support you. We stand in a circle behind you, each one, creating a place of Light and beauty where you may more readily bask in this condition. Know that you are held in Light and God gives you every opportunity to receive these blessings and to reinforce the Light within you. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Luke. My love is with you. I am with you as are many. God bless you.