Messages 2017 and 2018

Jesus comments on mediumistic experiences

April 11th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


I have come to comment upon the dear soul’s description of myself in her meditations and to suggest that many souls who are gifted in the psychic abilities are easily misled and misguided. For in their eagerness to make a connection with me and to hear my words and to be guided by my presence this often leads to many unfortunate interactions with lower spirits who are all too happy to pose as if they were me, but are not.

This dear soul believes that my original appearance was that of a short man with a hunched back, ugly and without grace. I say to you as you well know, that my stature was tall and straight, that my appearance was not unpleasant to look upon, and I was taller than most. This is because my father was a tall man and as for my mother, her face was very pleasant to look upon. I thereby inherited many of these traits and walked the earth with a measure of beauty and grace. Indeed my eyes were blue, my hair was auburn.1 Many were drawn to me because of my physical appearance. I had the stature of a leader. I utilized these gifts given to me by the Heavenly Father to impress upon those who were curious as to my teachings.

So I say to those who are so eager to have my guidance and my presence within their lives, the only way in which this connection, so intimate and powerful, can be established between myself and those souls who are eager for my presence is to pray for the Father’s Divine Love. It is this that brings my presence and it is what brings my presence at this moment. Those who proclaim that I guide them and am with them, ask this question: “Do you follow the teachings of which I spoke of when I was on earth and continue to do so? Do you have a deep faith? Do you proclaim the Truth of the Father’s Divine Love and pray for this gift to enter your soul?” If this is affirmed and done so with integrity and honesty, then I daresay that my presence has been known with these souls, for each soul that sincerely wishes to receive this gift of Divine Love will at some time have my presence with them in prayer, in their desires to know the Truth. It is my work in your world and all worlds to bring this Truth to mankind and to all spirits. I continue to declare this Truth and to be with those who are open and willing to accept this Truth.

Now, my beloveds, you concern yourselves about your reputations and how others perceive you in this world. I say to you, when I walked this world, did all who saw and hear my voice, my message, proclaimed me as the messiah? No, many did not and many said words of discouragement, disparaged my character and resisted my message. I say to you, beloved souls, you carry the Truth of my message within your hearts and souls and within your minds. The Light of your being indicates the power of the Love that resides within you. Do not concern yourselves with the judgement of others. Concern yourselves with your relationship with your Heavenly Father. The strength and faith that builds with this relationship is what is of the utmost importance. You cannot venture forth in this world with these concerns of what others believe you to be. Instead, as a leader and one who brings what is perceived by many as a controversial message, you must be strong, of great faith, of knowing the Will of God in your lives. In this way you continue to do my work. You continue to follow the Plan that God has set forth for the salvation of mankind. In this you will be mightily blessed. In this God will carry you forth.

You will meet many souls upon your path, many individuals whose souls are curious and hunger for this Love, this blessing of the Father’s Love. You have the benefit of many, many angels with you, my beloveds, many angels who continue to assist you in this work, to help you to grow in your souls, to inspire you to pray more intensely for the gift of the Father’s Love. Your work and journey is not a mystery. It becomes evident with each day that unfolds in this world. Many surprises await you, my beloveds as many aspects of this journey are yet unknown and unanticipated. As you walk in faith, earnestness, a deep desire to serve, these great blessings and opportunities will unfold as God opens one door after another, one possibility after another. It is your eagerness, your desires, your faith and your efforts that will bring about these many blessings. Seek ever more of the gift of the Father’s Love. Seek to know Him, to truly know that you are loved, to have this deep relationship that comes with your soul’s awakening and to receive evermore of these blessings that God so desires to give to each one of you.

You have barely scratched the surface of the work that comes, but you are well on your way to know your true purpose, to express your true gifts within the Will and Love of God. There is no need to listen to those who disparage you, my beloveds. The world is full of darkness and ignorance. A lack of love is the norm of your world. A lack of understanding continues to misguide mankind. It is your ministry to bring the Truth, to express it in many different ways and to have this Truth known in the world. This is my work and you are my disciples. Continue with strength, perseverance, faith and dedication upon this path. Your expression of Light will grow stronger with each day. You will be accompanied by the forces of the angels to accentuate, to protect, to inspire and to bring their Light and Love in your midst.

You are truly children of God. Your souls continue upon the journey of redemption and at-onement. Be joyful and know that God has put His Hand upon you and continues to bless you in many ways. God bless you, beloveds. I am your brother and your friend, Jesus of the Celestial Kingdom. God bless you. God bless you.

Note 1. Several other messages have confirmed Jesus to have been tall, auburn haired and with striking blue eyes. There are references to these messages on this page that also contains numerous portraits of apostles.