Messages 2017 and 2018

The Importance of Circles of Light

November 29th, 2018

Fitzroy Falls, N.S.W. Australia

Received by Al Fike


I am Luke and I wish to speak to you about the importance of the circles of light. These prayer circles that focus upon receiving the blessings of the Father’s love are intended to spread and multiply in the world. For each circle that is established, God has sent special angels to bring powerful blessings to that group of earth souls. So I wish to reassure you beloveds that even if you sit with two in a circle of light, you will receive powerful blessings from God and to complete your circle the angels will hold hands with you and complete the circle of light.

The power of a circle, a circle that draws Gods blessings into its midst may accomplish many things, many blessings and will afford a great channel of light into this world of yours. This channel of light will benefit not only those of you who are mortals, but those in spirit as well. For the light that is created through these efforts may be seen far and wide in the world of spirit and brings a curiosity and an attention to this light. For it is far brighter than any energy any light that one may see on this earth plane in any great measure. This brings the attention of those who are in the lower spheres and thus the angels may use to help draw in lost souls on both sides of the veil, to assist them in their efforts and struggles towards light.

Truth may be spoken in this circle and truth is a catalyst for change within the mind and the soul. Love pours into this circle which uplifts all who are present and for those who indeed follow the way to receive this love they indeed benefit from increased quantities and blessings of this love while in prayer. Healing comes as one prays in the circle of light, healing of the heart, healing of the body, so many aspects of healing are available in these circles. It is our desire to build portals of light wherever there is the possibility of sustaining this condition and this facility to bring these greater blessings forth in your world. Yes there is a great effort in your world to increase the light and God reaches out to as many beautiful children whose souls have a deep desire to serve in this way, to be in this light, to receive this blessing that is of the Father, his Love.

So these circles will grow and you will be guided to many others who will request that you assist them in establishing these circles and in this way these beautiful souls have gathered in this place for this purpose. God provides the ways and means inspires the opportunity to facilitate the opening of these blessed circles of light. When a portal is established within these circles you may refer to them as centers of light and thus we have created through your efforts and ours, through God’s blessing upon it, a beautiful center of light in this place. This will draw in many, though there may be few in numbers who come in relation the many spirits that are present, nevertheless it serves its purpose and function on many different levels and in many different ways bringing blessings, bringing the change that is required to uplift this world. Do not underestimate what may be accomplished or the power of such a circle and place of light. Its effects may be far beyond what you may comprehend or acknowledge with your somewhat limited perceptions. This beautiful gift, this beautiful light and this beautiful circle is part of God’s plan for the salvation for mankind. It is in your humble and consistent efforts in bringing the gift of light and love healing and peace to this place that expands out in waves in the world. In this way touching many souls and awakening a powerful signal in the souls of your world. The bell is tolled with your prayers and your efforts beseeching humanity to awaken to know the truth of their own beings. Awakening the possibilities of the soul and their relationship with the heavenly Father. Though many within their minds cannot comprehend or accept these simple truths, within their souls there is a resonance and awakening of sorts. Yes each soul must choose, each soul has the opportunity to step forward in this truth or not. But the purpose that you carry is to assist God in showing each soul the choice that they have, the path that they may walk upon to their eventual purification or their eternal progress.

So my beloved friends who continue to work in the flow of the Fathers Will and plan, I say to you, you are richly blessed and shall be richly blessed as you carry on in this effort to awaken mankind and to help them to see beyond their limited vision to the possibilities that await them. This is growing their souls in light and yes you each humbly step forward and say I am willing, I am willing to serve in this way and the light that is within your souls compels you to do so and there is a sense of joy and knowing that this is truly serving God. This can only grow and expand as you souls grow and expand in love. You will establish a powerful legacy of light that will open to many other souls even beyond that time you spend upon this earth. The light will reverberate, the truth will continue, the awakenings will grow and expand and encircle this earth. The Father’s plan for the salvation of humanity is in motion and you are a part of this, you play your part and you have opened the door that will allow the energies, blessings, actions, outcomes, awakenings, joy and many other blessings to manifest in your eyes and manifest in this circle.

I assure you my beloved, beloved friends that every effort you make in this regard will have an effect in your world - an effect that shall ignite other responses and actions that will increase light and that will bring the desired outcomes that God has ordained in his Love. Every drop into the pond will increase its volume, so drop by drop you and many others continue to add light and blessings to this world, until the whole world is flooded in light. Yes it is incremental and it is slow and at times you find it tedious but it continues to have its effects in establishing the foundation of truth in your world. I wish you could have the vision that we have to see this bigger picture, this higher perception, then you would not doubt nor would you be anxious about the pace and tempo of your work. For you are indeed establishing something truly beautiful and powerful and its effects to bring good to this world and this is where your faith and trust in God continues to motivate you in your efforts and your faith builds as the love within builds, as your efforts build, as the response comes, as the light grows, as the plan continues to unfold.

Be at peace my beloved friends and know that you walk upon the path that is intended and you will continue to walk along this path protected, blessed and guided. It continues to unfold day by day. You continue to grow day by day and all this in the flow of God’s great blessing of life that he has given all of us. May your life continue to expand in many different ways and directions, blessings and surprises as you awaken in Love. God bless you beloveds I am Luke and I love you beautiful brothers and sisters on your world. God bless you. God bless you.