Messages 2017 and 2018

The Light of God’s Healing

September 20th, 2017

Gibsons, B. C.

Received by A.F.


God bless you beloved souls. I am Keea Atta Kem. I lived in the times of Rameses II in Egypt many, many years ago. I am now an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom.

I wish to come to talk about the healing energies of God. The way in which these energies can be recognized is by their colours, beautiful colours. If you have the vision of the spirit, you may see these colours. When God pours the colour blue upon you, beloved souls, this benefits your mental condition and brings peace, calmness. Those things that may disturb your mind will be flushed away in light, beautiful blue light of many intensities, a light blue to a very dark sapphire blue. Then there is the colour of red, a very intense red, that brings physical vitality. You may envision this red to come into your bodies to help bring vitality, strength. Green, beautiful green, many different shades, also brings healing to the body and the spirit and brings the alignment that you have been speaking of. This green colour is very important and I would suggest that you meditate upon this colour each day.

There are many hues, combinations of colours, the white light that brings spiritual awakening and the golden light that brings God’s Love to your souls. All of these beautiful colours come together to help each one of you. They are present at this moment. As you reach out to God, God’s response is in His Love and His healing pouring upon you, bringing peace, bringing healing, bringing His Love, shrouding you in light, light dancing and moving together creating many different hues and colours.

As you open yourselves to these blessings, so each part of yourself will respond and be uplifted and the angels will stand beside you helping to focus these beautiful blessings upon you. For there is much support that can be given by the angels of the Celestial Heavens and by the higher spirits in those spheres of spirit. It is most helpful when you sit in prayer and trust that your faith is strong that God will touch you in this way and bring His loving Light and healing blessings to you. For all of this is available, this bounty of blessings is available to all. But you must reach, my beloveds, must desire this and you must see that these gifts come from God.

God is not an image as in some religious teachings. God is the source of the almighty . God is the source of His Love and His Blessings. Because God loves each one of you with such intensity and purity and power, that through His Love, through His Touch, many miracles are possible. What restricts His Touch is the limitations of your mind and the desires of your soul. God waits for you to ask, to pray, to seek and to find this communion. This comes as an individual and intimate experience, for in every soul is a deep desire to be with God. But in this world, how few acknowledge this. A world filled with many thoughts and energies that are not of God. So it requires effort to rise above the conditions of this world to a place where you may meet God in all His beauty and simplicity and power and Love. That place of deep peace like a wellhead of His Love pours forth so you may drink and quench the thirst of your soul.

Beloveds, drink now, open yourselves to this holy Gift that your souls may be changed irrevocably by this Touch of Love. As you receive this gift, many blessings pour forth to bring healing and alignment and joy. All of this is given with a simple prayer that is deeply felt. May you be blessed, beloved souls, in the Light that is with you now. May you be touched with the awareness of how much you are loved. May you see with the eyes of your soul the beauty and glory of God’s Creation.

Blessings, blessings, beloved children. God bless you. I am Keea and I love you.