Messages 2017 and 2018

The Path of Healing and Compassion Through Love

March 21st, 2018

Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii

Received by Al Fike


I am your teacher, Augustine. The path to soul awakening is not an easy path, beloved souls. With it comes deeper perceptions, a fuller understanding and realization that the conditions of humanity are beset within, these dark conditions which have been created over many thousands of years that mankind has dwelled upon this earth. It began with the first parents as God gave them the choice to be in harmony with His Love and His Laws or to set off on their own to create a life that is independent of God. So now you see the cumulation of such choices repeated millions upon millions of times amongst billions upon billions of souls, thus creating dark clouds of anger, distortions, conditions that are not of love, hatreds, feelings of greed and envy and all manner of human condition of which you are well aware.

When you see one of your loved ones caught up in these conditions it is difficult to perceive this with the knowledge that you cannot change it. It is for them to change. It is their challenge and their condition. Your heart breaks to see those you love suffer and our heart breaks at times to see those whom we see are struggling to the Light but are downtrodden because they are not strong enough to withstand the pummelling of the dark forces upon them. As we have said many, many times, prayer, beloved souls, prayer and Love, to be a channel of Love, to utilize the power of prayer, to be in the Light always, to choose the Light always.

Each of you have your challenges. Each of you in some way cannot see how the darkness still resides within you, that there are things within you that have not been resolved, have not been healed by Love. But you walk in faith and you desire to be healed, to be in the Light, to be with God without holding on to these painful things within you. Beloved souls, often these dilemmas that you entertain saying to God: “I wish to be your channel of Love. I wish to be in the Light. I wish to have a life of harmony and yet I am challenged. There are things within my life that do not correlate with my desires.”

Beloved souls, in comparison with many others in your world, you live in Light and harmony. God is fulfilling your desires, your prayers, and yet those things that become obvious to you that are not in harmony are a reflection of the continued efforts of God to bring you into greater harmony. You are a work in progress as you are fond of saying, and this is true. You continue to grow, to release bit by bit those conditions that are not in harmony with His Love. And this is the way of your world, the way of growth and spiritual upliftment, of soul awakening. It does not happen overnight nor does it happen quickly or efficiently or in accordance to your desires and your expectations. It happens incrementally, portions of your soul are cleansed, other portions remain in a condition that is in need of Love. Aspects of yourselves that you are not even aware of require the Touch of God to heal and to bring into harmony.

This is the Divine Path, the path of healing through Love. In this way, as you continue to grow and your awarenesses, your sensitivities, your perceptions increase, those things within you that are not of harmony become more acute in your perceptions, your awareness and there is then a motivation, a desire for change. As always, it is your choice, to hold on to those conditions, those thoughts, those patterns within your mind which bring disharmony within your lives or to release these things to God, to walk a path of Light, to be purified in Love.

It is much easier to see the flaws of another, the challenges of another. But is it not your responsibility to look within, to see those things within you that remain in a condition of darkness or semi-light? We do not judge you, my beloveds. Yet, we see all of you. We see you more clearly than you see yourselves. We are patient and we know that as you continue to grow, to pray for the Love to infill your souls, to acknowledge and release those dark conditions within you, that all will be well and in harmony in time. We have seen this happening within each one of you through your lives. You continue to grow, your pace quickens, your desires intensify, your perceptions and your wisdom grow, giving you what you require to continue upon this path, elevating you further towards God, towards at-onement.

Always have compassion, my beloveds, for those you see who are confused and in darkness and who struggle. For as you feel compassion for them, this compassion reflects upon you and you must feel compassion for yourselves and be grounded in faith, the faith that says: “I will continue to grow in the Father’s Love, to release those conditions that are not of Love. I know that I am coming closer to God. I know that those things that are not close to God are being released and will be released. As I grow stronger, so the Light within me grows and the conditions that are not of Light fall away.” This is a promise made to you from the beginning and this is a Truth. As you continue to strive, to aspire towards Light through your prayers and your efforts to be in harmony, to discipline yourselves in your thinking, to be compassionate, to love, you will reach your goal. You are coming closer each and every day. As this metamorphosis of your soul continues to take place, so the gifts that you aspire to, the longings of your souls, the efforts that you make to bring Truth and Love to this world will grow exponentially with the Light within your soul.

You are well on your way, my beloveds. I know you wish to pull many others with you on this journey, to share in this ecstatic awakening, but truly it is not for you to decide who will accompany you and who will not. It is a covenant between the individual and God and you are the witness of that journey, not only for yourselves but for others. You must reach out to all your brothers and sisters in love and compassion, in joy, sharing your awakenings, sharing your love, sharing your prayers together, creating circles of Light in this world. And for those who fall away, remember, they will come to God in time. It is not for you to determine their journey. It is for you to determine your own, your own choices, and to live that choice for Light, each and every day.

It is difficult to see the darkness around you, to see those who are in some ways victims of this darkness. Yet for those souls who cry out for God to uplift them, to help them, to neutralize the darkness in their lives and within their souls, there is always an answer. It is for them to choose to walk away from the darkness, to not perpetuate those human conditions that continue to draw mankind from Light. I know you see many dilemmas in this work that you have taken on to bring the Truth to humanity that often your efforts, those conscious efforts that you make, are thwarted and not heard by the children whom you plainly see are in need of these Truths and the Father’s Love. I say it is your duty to speak the Truth, to give where you can the Truth of God’s Love, to plainly express it through your hearts, to reach out to humanity in Love. God cannot ask anymore of you than this and God will not judge you or see you as a failure if those you reach out to do not reciprocate your efforts. You have done your service for Light by reaching out and giving the Truth as you can in many different ways, your gifts flowing in beautiful and creative ways.

God does not ask for more, my beloveds. God blesses you for these, your sincere efforts, and you my beloved souls must feel the joy, the joy of these efforts, the joy that you are on the road to be a redeemed soul, one of God’s true children. In this feel a deep sense of joy and satisfaction and gratitude that you have been given the opportunity to know this Truth, to live this Truth and you have said to God: “I will live in this Light and Truth. I will be a channel of your Love. I will aspire for the highest. I will seek your Essence with every breath and I will give of myself to my brothers and sisters in Love.”

This is the pledge that is deep within your souls, this desire to be in harmony with God and to serve God. Grasp this to your bosom. Know this is your Truth. This is your life. This is your journey and your path and it shall always be so, my beloveds. It shall always be so and as you continue to live this as clearly and sincerely as you might, you will draw many souls to you. You will be surprised, in wonderment, why are they so enthusiastic about my Light, who I am in the world? I know you are surprised often by these reactions. Beloved souls, you do not see your Light clearly. You do not truly understand the power of the Love within your souls and how it does draw many. Enjoy and savor these relationships with others, those who are drawn and express joy and appreciation of who you are, your beautiful expression, your unique expression that God has created and you are His creations, His beautiful creations.

The Heavenly Father has you clearly in His grasp, beloved souls. You will continue to teach, to heal, to love many. This is His plan for you beloveds and it will open in ways unanticipated, in journeys yet undiscovered, with souls yet unknown but who are coming. It is a magnificent journey, one that shall bring great joy to you, great fulfillment to the aspirations of your soul. Seek the Father’s Love and indeed all things shall come. All things will come.

God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher, Augustine and I see your Lights and I have great love for you. I see your progress and I am with you upon your journey as are many angels who continue to walk with you. We follow the steps of our beloved Master Jesus who shows the way to all of us. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you on your journey. God bless you.