Messages 2017 and 2018

Trance Mediumship Compared With Physical or Material Mediumship

March 29th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


You have asked the question regarding the difference between trance mediumship and material or physical mediumship. They are quite different, beloved souls. This instrument is developed as a trance medium, utilizing the brain, the mind and the soul. So in this regard utilizing the brain has a physical aspect to it, but this is the only element which is involved in trance mediumship. There are portions of the brain, functions of the brain which are re-configured and changed in order to develop this gift. With physical mediumship the entire body is engaged in bringing forth manifestations. Thus every cell in the body, every part of the body is engaged when this gift is utilized. So we encourage you with your diets, with your physical health and vitality, that you may be in the optimal condition to bring forth manifestations of direct voice, materialization and other gifts that involve physical mediumship. Thus this instrument in some ways is no further ahead in the development of this gift than those who are part of the circle of seven. Of course the greatest factor, as we have indicated, is the development of your souls.

For what good is the manifestation of lower spirits who may prove the existence of life after death by their appearance and sort of fleshy representation, but have very little to say in terms of Truth and encouragement of spiritual growth? It is the addition of the blessing of Divine Love within your souls and the education of your mind in regards to these Truths that will have a great bearing upon what will be represented in the manifestation of direct voice. So you must engage all parts of your being, all aspects of your physical, mental, spiritual. This is the challenge beloved souls, to have a clear and powerful alignment of all of these elements within you, of all these parts of your being working towards this one goal of expressing the Truth of God’s Love and bringing forth the angels, of being a powerful channel of Love, a manifestation of Light. Many, many things are possible with this gift of material mediumship. In this way many will take notice, will go beyond their skepticism to a place of receptivity. They will come to explore and test you so that they may believe that these things are possible and are manifest in a way that cannot be reproduced by any physical means other than this alignment within you and with God.

You are all prepared within your minds and your souls for this gift. The greatest stumbling block is the physical. To be physically attuned and prepared in such a way that the stress upon the body is not great when these manifestations occur. Another secondary challenge is your own acceptance of this gift in all its wonderment, that you may step forward with this gift in ways that are in harmony with God’s Will and Plan for the salvation of mankind. And thus we have encouraged you to know God’s Will, to know your own souls, to bring together this alignment of mind and soul so there is no confusion that what is received in the soul is clearly received within the mind, the material mind.

You are well educated in the spiritual laws, the laws of Divine Love. You have read the materials, you have tested these Truths in your own lives. You have prayed intensely to receive the Father’s Love, to have that Light continue to grow within your souls. Now it is time to unify those two parts of yourself, so that your souls and your mind may truly awaken. For the soul mind will add dimensions and aspects to your conscious mind that cannot be attained in any other way. With this, the wisdom of the soul gains dominance within your conscious self. This is your challenge, beloved souls. And as I’ve said, both parts are elevated, educated and blessed. You continue to strive to keep yourselves in a higher state of awareness, of mindful consideration and soulful harmony with God. It is not that far off that you will bring these two parts of yourself together and harmonize and blend these two things within you to a place of deep knowing and soul awakening.

Beloveds, your souls are now awake. They have been infilled with the Father’s Love for many years. This is not the issue. The issue is the stubbornness of the mind, how it continues to extrapolate its insistence of reality upon all that you are. Of late you have found yourselves going deep within, to have deep feelings, unusual awarenesses and experiences, emotional upheavals at times, a greater sensitivity and yet there is joy as well and a desire for greater up-liftment. This is all part of the process, the evolution that you are experiencing at this time. The next steps for you to consider is that you require a certain discipline, a familiarity with the workings of the soul, greater faith and greater awareness. This continues to set you apart from many others in your world who are dominated by the mind and all its imaginations. You have chosen a different way, beloved souls, a way of knowing that does not come from intellectual deduction, but from God, from the faculties of your soul. As this comes together, slowly inching into a place of merging and co-mingling with these two elements of consciousness, you will find your way. You will find peace and you will find joy in being an individual soul that is filled with Light and wisdom and Love.

When you are at that place of emergence, of awakening, the work will truly begin my beloveds, you will be ready to manifest the gift of direct voice and material mediumship. In the meantime we also urge you to take special care of your bodies, your physical, for the demands that will come with this gift will be great on all levels of your being. Thus when an athlete prepares himself for the big race, so you must prepare yourselves and condition yourselves to walk in this world dedicated to this course of action, this channel of Love and Truth, the Will of God, so that what you do each day will be of a higher level of expression, a soulful channel of Love and that there will be no obstructions within you, both within your souls and within your minds. You will be ready for the journey, the journey of service to mankind. The world awaits this, beloved souls, all those who are strong enough to take on this mantle of teacher and healer, truth sayer, channel and child of God.

I know in this world, so governed by time, that you feel that there is little time left, that you have expended so much time in this effort and yet from our perspective this is not so. You will be sustained in this work, beloved souls. This is certainly not your time to transfer to the spirit. There are many years left beloveds and you will have opportunities to teach others and to pass the torch before it is your time. Many opportunities will come forth that you may avail yourselves of, to give these Truths, to teach the way, so that there are many more in this world who may bring these Truths forward and be a great channel of Love and Light in this world. Thus your numbers will multiply and you will traverse the world and bring much wisdom and hope and Love and encouragement to the lost souls. As this world continues to change, so there will be a great need to comfort the lost souls and to bring Truth and understanding of the laws of God’s Creation.

You are indeed the vanguards to this. You’ve chosen this course, this road and God blesses you on your path, the angels uphold you upon this path. For to have clear and unambiguous expressions of Truth in the world is a powerful instrument to bring change and awareness to others, to many others. This is your task, beloved souls, one that you have chosen, one that your souls are joyfully engaged with. Have faith that you will find your way, that these blessings will come, that your work will indeed magnify and multiply manifold. While you sit in this peaceful place, this refuge from the world, continue to appreciate this blessing from God and to utilize this time to strengthen yourselves in all ways, to find greater harmony and at-onement with God, to be true to your souls’ desires, to be at one with God. What better place and environment than this?

Yet God continues to use you as a channel for others. Allow this flow to be in balance, to be in harmony, that all that is meant to be given to you and through you will do so in the timing and flow of God’s Will.

God gives you many things beloved souls. His Love continues to pour within and many blessings come with this Love. Continue to be open wide, to feel the earnest yearnings of your soul, to be that beautiful expression of Light and longing, purity, Truth, integrity, harmony. Be in this Light, beloveds. We are in this Light together. God bless you beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem. I am with you in this Light and shall continue to travel the path with you. I will not leave. My commitment to you is complete. I will not leave, for my love for you is deep. My connection soul to soul makes us brothers and sisters, children of the Father’s Love. I am with you and I love you. God bless you.