Messages 2019 and 2020

Destiny and Free Will 2

April 11th, 2019

Gibsons. Canada

Received by A.F.

I am here, your teacher Augustine. I wish to continue my discourse on free will versus destiny, for I wish to add a few elements to this teaching. So as I have said, the waters of God’s Grace and Will, they are colored and muddied by the free will and actions of mortals. Thus so rarely is the Will of God understood clearly, and rarely is it enacted precisely. Still the power of God’s Love and Will continues to be an active agent upon the earth plane. Those who are in alignment with God, even though they may not consciously be aware of this alignment, they may be used and become active agents of God’s Will. Often this agency reflects a purpose that is embedded within the soul of an individual. This purpose fulfilled may be a fleeting thing, or it may be a thing that continues to flow through their lives. This too is determined by the conditions of your world and the choices of the individual. So God utilizes whatever opportunities are available to enact the flow of His will in the world, to inspire and guide His children towards light and harmony.

As you well know, there is a contrary force, the force that is quite powerful in your world, and is of darkness. It is fueled by the thoughts and actions of humanity towards the gratification of their own desires, the lower aspects of their being and the animal appetites as fear, envy, jealousy, power, control - these very human qualities - continue to be predominant in your world. They continue to dominate the hearts and souls of your brothers and sisters to a great degree. To come to an understanding of God’s will within one’s life is a precarious journey if one is not focused and in alignment with the soul and the soul of God. Thus, to have individuals who are consciously aware of the power of God’s will, the power of prayer that brings God’s will with the blessing of His love, is a great boon to we in the Celestial Kingdom. We nurture all who have an inclination and desire to walk upon the Divine Path and these individuals in the flow of humanity are very few indeed.

Yet God’s will continues to manifest in some way, to some degree, in the flow of life on this earth. This is the power of God’s presence, God’s light, God’s intentions, God’s Love. Compared to the darkness in your world, the power of God’s great soul, with all its manifestations and spirits that manifest in the workings of the universe, this darkness is very slight, for God’s presence and light is immense. But because of the workings of the universe, God does not interfere with the free will of mortals. Thus, they are allowed to create these conditions which inform the thinking, perceptions and reality of the individual in this world and most often, this reality and paradigm of thinking does not include God, it does not open a way for God to influence in any direct way. So, sadly humanity is enshrouded in darkness and ignorance, it lacks within their conscious selves a desire for God, for harmony and to do God’s will.

These things are foreign to many, especially in your culture where all is of mind, all is of the material. There is little opening for the awakening of the soul to bring forth its reality, its understanding and to be awakened in God’s Love, this touch of light that ignites so much. It is now time for humanity to give over its will to the will of God. This sounds like a very bold statement and indeed, a little audacious in its claims, but I tell you beloved souls, without the will of God predominating in the actions of the souls on earth, there will be ever greater suffering, not only of humanity but of all that is and exists in your world.

It is evident now - the violations of the natural world that are perpetrated by mankind - and this can only get worse without the wisdom and grace and guidance of God to help rectify and balance the natural order of this world as well as the ways in which humanity interacts and is in harmony with one another. Thus. we entreat you beloved souls and all who are willing to listen, to set your goals to the highest possible thoughts and actions, prayers and efforts, to bring light in your world. In this way you become attuned with the will of God. In this way you will find your way through all the darkened conditions of this world.

You cannot do this alone beloved souls. You must and you are required to seek our help and the touch of God to ignite the flow of change and healing that must come to this world. So you pray and you seek, you long and you receive and this is how the awakening begins. As you awaken, so you ignite something within your brothers and sisters, a longing of the soul. This longing is within each soul to some degree and when you step forward in light, when you give in love, when you bring the blessings of God through you, so another soul is awakened in a way that they may long to seek, long to pray, long to be with God. Of course, with the power of free will, they may ignore this longing and they may turn away from this invitation. But this is not your concern beloved souls. Your work is to bring the Truth, to live the Truth, to be in alignment with God’s will. As for those who are in the flow of your life, those whom you touch as God’s instruments, it is for them to choose. It is not for you to implement anything in their lives, merely to speak, to inspire, to pray for, to allow the flow of God’s touch upon you, to uplift your brothers and sisters.

The problems of this world of yours, the inequities, the lack of love, the destruction, the violence, the confusion, the ignorance, the darkness, are things that God must deal with in His great plan for the salvation of mankind. So, as I have told you many times, it is for you to find your place within that plan, to listen to your own guidance, to acknowledge your souls and attune yourself to the wisdom within your soul that listens to the still voice of God. In this way you will know what your role is, what your purpose is, what your destiny is. It cannot be known by any other way, my beloveds, other than to know your own soul that has within it the knowledge, the wisdom and the capacity to be a powerful channel of love and truth, of light and healing for the world. You still do not know your own souls well. This discovery is in its infancy, but you are awakening beloved souls, you are coming to that knowledge, that conscious awareness of your true selves. As you continue to pray for the gift of the Father’s Love, so your souls are ignited, your purpose becomes evident and your destiny in greater alignment with God’s will and plan for you. Pray that all the conditions of this world are cleared away from you and from this world. That God’s plan indeed will be fulfilled for the salvation of all your brothers and sisters from this darkness and ignorance and pain. For God wants all that is of good and to nourish all that is in harmony. Whether the soul walks upon the natural path of love or the Divine path of God is of no consequence to you beloved souls. It is a blessing for either path to be taken in a conscious and deliberate way. Though of course God wishes for all souls to receive and know of His Love, to ignite their soul in these special ways and ways of being in the world. As you are well aware, it is not at this time in the history of mankind a practical solution. So my beloved and beautiful friends, accept the path of the individual no matter which direction is taken, as long as it is towards light. Encourage this in the individual, accept their choice and their way to God.

This is the solution to the dilemmas of mankind. This will be encouraged in many, many ways as God continues to enlighten those dear souls who will lead the Way to Light.

Accept, embrace, come to a place of love for each soul, no matter their condition, no matter what path they take or what is within their minds and know that each one has a precious soul. This is where you are directed, towards the soul, speaking to the soul, speaking to the truth of the soul. In this way you do God’s will beloved souls. In this way we will work with you, inspire you and be with you to intensify your light, to ignite insights and loving perceptions that will reach the soul.

Your purpose begins beloved souls, the awakening is happening. The love within your soul insists that the soul be recognized, that the soul have its place in your being, guiding and directing your lives. Listen beloved souls, listen to the beating of your soul, the insights that come in all its myriad of ways, like a kaleidoscope of colors that reach your conscious self and expressed in many, many aspects of who you are. The truth and will of God will manifest more and more profoundly as you carry on day by day in your prayers and your spiritual growth, in your efforts and your being.

May God bless you beloved souls upon this journey. I am your teacher Augustine and I continue to help you upon this journey of love and awakening, where my love for you is great, my dedication to your upliftment and the awakening of your soul is a heartfelt and purposeful part of my life and being. I love you my beloveds, I love you deeply. God bless you.