Messages 2019 and 2020

Destiny and Free Will

April 10th, 2019

Gibsons. Canada

Received by A.F.

Augustine here. I wish to speak on the subject of free will versus destiny in your life. When a soul incarnates into this world, each soul has a purpose. Each soul has a sort of destiny, a theme, an aspect of their souls that is expressed in the world. Because each soul is unique and has unique gifts and abilities and is born into a body that also reflects unique capacities, then all of these elements come together to guide the individual soul upon its journey in this world. Whether that soul is imbued and develops the natural love or the Divine love, there will be some form of outcome, some expression of that soul that contributes to this world in some way. Of course there are souls that become quite lost and lose their inclination toward certain expressions of their being and there are some souls that quite readily find these inclinations and accept them and express them beautifully in their lives. You beloved souls are a part of this group of individuals. You are finding your purpose and that purpose becomes deeper with each day, a sense of it, a sense of yourself. For without knowing yourself, you will not know the purpose of your soul in this world, those aspects within you that God has implanted, that have a deep desire to be expressed. And in this expression come many events, opportunities that God lays before you as you walk upon life’s path.

But the question is, does God orchestrate these things? Does God preordain these things? Is God in control of your life? God does not control the soul. God merely blesses the individual with potentials and possibilities that may or may not be realized in a life. But if a soul is aligned with God, especially if a soul is aligned with God with the Divine Love within, then God may guide you more readily, God will give those souls a clear vision as to what is the perfect expression and journey in their lives. But God does not interfere with free will, therefore they may choose and that choice is available with each breath. The expressions of the soul are not preordained, they are the result of your choices, your wishes. So when you are given guidance, when God lays before you the possibilities of some expression of your soul and your being in life, God does not expect that this is immovable and will be directly expressed in the way that the soul may perceive it as guidance. Merely, these are the trends and possibilities of life and opportunities that will bring in its way, complex influences and choices that will alter the outcome as perceived in the moment. Therefore, destiny is not a rigid thing. Destiny is fluid and relies upon many aspects and elements of the human condition and your choice to align yourself with God. In this mix, this flow of elements in your life, there will always be alterations. Your course may not be as straight as you might like, but in the end, God’s will will be accomplished through those who are willing to align themselves with such. Your souls, with their wisdom and possibilities and potentials, will come into the flow of God’s will and find their way, despite all of these incursions and possibilities that come with the human condition. So do not think beloved souls that when something is proclaimed or something comes to you in insight and vision and impression, that this is the destiny that will come forth unaltered, ordained by God. To some degree this is true but the course of life is fluid and changeable and subject to many conditions that will influence the direction and flow of these matters. You see, the soul knows this, the soul understands, has wisdom and patience and love, so that as you progress upon your life’s path, the soul understands that there will be many elements and conditions to overcome and surmount that are not in alignment with this course which God has put before you. Yet in some way, in many ways what is meant to be accomplished is, although not as originally intended, still the endpoint is achieved. God finds a way for you beloved souls who seek His guidance and will, to make this come to fruition. This is an aspect of faith beloveds, faith that all will come to that place of realization in some way, and this is why we guide you day by day. We do not set forth a plan, for to do so would contradict the truth of your life and conditions in this world, for they are always changing.

There is much that will change and be altered as a result of the choices of the millions upon millions of souls in your world. Yet we do perceive and understand the trends and influences that are determining much in your world, for our soul’s perceptions may see beyond what is superficial, to the hearts of men, to understand the motivations of humanity, to understand in great complexity the conditions of your world. So, our ability to forecast the future is not perfect but has its capacity to see beyond the present into the future. God may grant any soul a vision of the future, and this vision may be misinterpreted, this vision may not be clear, but there is a seed, something that is true, for God knows the future, the past, for all is one in the consciousness of God. But God, again I reiterate, does not interfere with free will and will not. So therefore, we are gifted with the ability to choose to make what is wrong right, to make what is in harmony with God, out of harmony. It is our choice. So we urge you to listen to your souls, beloveds, to listen again and again to the yearnings of your souls, to the desire of your souls, so that you may come into alignment with God’s will, that you may come close to the Divine Source of all. Receive the blessing of His Essence that ignites the depth of perception and understanding that will guide you through life with wisdom, with love, with harmony.

Beloved souls, though you wish that you could see into the future clearly, understand your destinies, it is not possible for you to do so with any great clarity. Yes there may be flashes of insight, there may be visions that come from God’s loving touch upon you, but in truth, the flow of this reality of the earth plane is unpredictable, intransigent and not in harmony with God’s laws of creation. Therefore, the power of the flow of human destiny is within the hands of humanity. Humanity does not understand its own power and ability to shape their lives and this is a great tragedy because such carelessness, such ignorance, such uncaring has shaped much of this earth plane and continues to work against the will of God and the Creation of God. This is why we take such care with you beloved souls, because you are willing to look beyond these conditions to something higher and greater and we wish for you to step forward in truth, to speak truth, to talk about the responsibility that each soul has in their lives, in this world, to come into harmony with creation, with their own souls. If this were possible on your earth plane, then the destinies of each soul, the purpose of each soul would be realized and fulfilled readily. But because of these errant conditions of the world, it is not possible. But we work together, do we not? We work together and we work with God to help bring greater light and harmony to this world, to your own souls, to the daily, purposeful expression of your lives. So, step by step, breath by breath, you come closer to the harmony and beauty of alignment with God.

Continue to pray for this gift of Divine Love. Continue to walk upon the Divine Path. Continue to listen to God’s guidance, to seek out the will of God and the purposeful expression of your souls in life. In this way you will bring light and harmony. You will be able to navigate the great swirling conditions of darkness in this world and work for God to help disperse these conditions.

May God bless you and strengthen you in His Love. May your insights, perceptions grow and wisdom flourish. May you be indeed an example, a beautiful light in the world. May God bless you beloved souls. Your teacher Augustine, always with you, always concerned for your welfare and for your edification of life. God bless you beloveds, God bless you.