Messages 2021 and 2022

A Synchronicity of Truth

December 1st, 2022

Nashville, Tenn, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

My dear brothers and sisters, I am here, Robert Lees.1 As always, I am delighted whenever you pursue the pages of the books that contain the messages from spirit that I so gratefully received. I am aware that you can see a certain confluence of truth in what I received and what James Padgett2 received and what Rev Owen3 received, all around the same time period. I was told when I arrived in spirit that there was a consortium amongst the Celestial angels to bring the truths of the spirit world, the truths of progression in Divine Love, beginning with the simple truth of life after death on earth.

So each of us so blessed to have spirit communication and yet so unique in our personalities received much of the same material and yet as you can easily see, each in our unique way. And in a sense, one could say there is a synchronicity of truth spread across a very diverse platform in order that it may resonate with a wide variety of souls. This was at a time when there was a great hunger to learn about the deeper mysteries of life on earth, the ancient histories and mysticisms, life in the spirit world, and the ability of mortals to communicate with that world.

As you can easily surmise from what I received you can see that I was very familiar with certain scriptural quotations and therefore Aphraar was able to use those expressions in order to be able to reach the orthodox mind with the higher truths. And so it was also with James Padgett in his way and Rev Owen in his. One can say that none of us got it perfectly correct, but all us received truth. And to the extent that what we received is beneficial to mortals on earth, we are humbled and grateful.

So again, I thank you and wish to remind you just in case you have forgotten, that the Celestial realm supports your work in this circle and beyond. As you lightly touch others in the love of God with your gentle glow, you are able to communicate a little truth here, a little truth there, planting the seeds of immortality while still encased in your mortal coil and your life on earth. With all my love and with great joy I thank you. May God bless you and keep you. I am your brother and friend in Christ, Robert J. Lees.

Note 1 Link to his books.

Note 2 Link to his books.

Note 3 Link to his books.