Messages 2021 and 2022

Orion Responds to Questions Asked

November 5th, 2021

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

May the blessings of the Creator’s Love continue to awaken you, my friends. I am Orion. I come at our appointed hour. I thank you for assembling together for the purpose that we have to bring information and connection between our race and yours. We are all children of God. God has created many templates and patterns in the universe that are repeated over and over again in order to sustain harmony, in order that there is equality within the universe amongst those beings who possess souls for God does not restrict His blessings to one individual or another, whether they are of a particular planet or not. Rather, in the great dispersion of life within the universe, those fundamental Laws of Creation are active and functioning in every corner of God’s creation.

So, we come to share and reaffirm the truth that you are creations of God, that you are loved by God, that you possess a soul that is unique and a wondrous gift given to you so that you may come to explore Gods’ creation, God’s being, and that which has been created within you and around you. You are all His children, as are we. In this way, we are brothers and sisters within the great galaxy of His wondrous created expression. His soul longs to be in communion and connection with your soul, with our souls, with all souls within the universe.

There is only one obstruction to that and that is your unwillingness to open yourselves to this intimate and wondrous relationship with God. It is the deepest and most profound experience you may have in all of God’s creation, in all of life that continues and continues in the universe. This relationship with your Creator is the most profound and important relationship you may have in your life. So, we have come to reinforce this truth, to help you again to come to understand that your material life and all your concerns and all of your priorities, values, thoughts and inclinations that are so tied to your earthly plane are irrelevant when it comes to the ongoing journey of the soul.

It is time for humanity to awaken to its true self, to awaken to the truth of its existence and what is profoundly its true nature. It is time for humanity to slough off those conditions and unfortunate ideas and paradigms which continue to be unproductive in the world, in God’s creation. There is a mandate to seek harmony. We have long understood this in our world and have come to assist you in yours, to be in greater harmony with your existence and creation, both individually and collectively upon your world. There are many of you who exert great power upon the world because your numbers are great and your thoughts are powerful. Your existence has great power to transform your world. Unfortunately, this power is used in distorted and inharmonious ways to create a world that is suffering and in deep distress rather than a world of harmony.

Yet, God’s intention with all of His creation is that it is sustained and seeks harmony as a forward, progressive act of creation. So, we have come to teach you these things as have your beloved angel friends and bright spirits and those on Earth with deeper insight and understanding. It is a great conspiracy, my friends, a conspiracy of love that will come into play in great and subtle ways upon your planet. You are a part of this conspiracy. You are willing to align yourself with all that which is in alignment with God. In this way, you open the doors to many possibilities such as this, that we may communicate, that we may work together to help influence your world and bring greater knowledge, greater understanding, and much relief from the pain that is so predominant upon your planet.

So, we will begin our questions and answers. I know that many are curious about us and wish to affirm their ideas and speculations in regard to our existence and the existence of life in the universe. I am willing to answer as best I can through this instrument, keeping in mind that with the process of communication in this way, there are limitations. And of course, we have limitations of time. If there is more time required, we will establish some parameters so that we may answer your questions further in the near future.

Question: Welcome, our dear friend. We know that your name is not really Orion but we’ve been calling you that because you’re from the constellation of Orion and we’d like you to begin by introducing more about yourself and those you have with you today that are also here. Tell us more about why you are here today.

I think I have explained quite succinctly why we are here today. I would imagine that many of you wonder how we have come here today. There are many abilities within what we may call human endeavour and possibilities for we consider all with souls as “human”, although we borrow your label to describe the great family of beings who are scattered throughout the universe. Within that potential is the ability to travel with the use of the spirit body which is an inter-dimensional part of ourselves and within each of us including yourselves. So, we are able to travel to your planet instantaneously by thought.

The spirit body is not constricted by time and space as is your material body. So, it makes great sense to use those faculties and abilities within oneself in order to accomplish the act of interstellar travel. We use these facilities which all are born with to do so, to be here today. We are also able to materialize and de-materialize objects and can travel in this way with various objects that are needed and help us in our efforts, both here and elsewhere.

Your idea of the spaceship that can travel through the universe quickly and magically is somewhat of a myth. Interstellar travel on this dimension is indeed a very difficult and a lengthy process. There has been no magic solution to this. So, therefore, those of us who have gone through the process of understanding the mechanics of the universe and have done so for many, many thousands of years, all have come to the conclusion that the most efficient way of travel, communication, interconnection, even trade, is accomplished through the means of materialization and de-materialization through the act of the developed psychic, mental and spiritual faculties of the individual.

Some are more proficient at this than others. Some make a career of transporting objects from one planet to another for there is trade between many planets. One day, your planet may also be part of this great interconnected, interstellar movement of goods and knowledge and individuals. Bear in mind that we are able to materialize in your world at will but will not do so for the time being.

There will be a time when we will show ourselves to humanity. Those times will include communicating with your leaders and those who have an influence upon the direction of your world and the evolution of your societies. This is indeed part of our plan but will not be instigated until, as you say, “all our ducks are in a row”. So, there is much work to do together in order to establish the right conditions so that we may communicate freely with you and all our brothers and sisters in your world.

We come from a planet that is far off but within the Milky Way. It is a beautiful planet, somewhat similar to your own with the same conditions of oxygen, nitrogen, water, land and life abounding. Its colours are somewhat different. Where your planet is the blue planet with much greenery and oceans that reflect this, ours has a deeper hue of green moving toward turquoise and our sky is more of a magenta colour. This is partly due to elements that are not so present within your world but are within ours. These elements help to sustain everything within the planet. We do not require as much in the way of sustenance and nurturance in the material forms as do you because of the elements in existence. These elements are brought about because we have evolved in light. As beings, we are generating vast amounts of light in comparison with you who live upon your planet. This light, this energy as you would call it, affects the elements of our planet and makes for a more vital environment in which to live.

Have I answered your questions?

Yes, Orion. You seem to be answering all the questions before I even ask them.

I know your questions before you ask, my dear.

Question: Yes, I know. How about this one. Did the people of your planet always understand and pray for Divine Love? Were they born into these loving conditions or was there a period of transition in any way similar to what we’re experiencing on Earth?

In order to answer that, you must harken back to your beginnings. It is said that God created man and woman. Upon His creation of these two beautiful beings, He gave them the opportunity to receive the gift of Divine Love, the Essence of the Creator’s Soul, infilling their souls. God opened to them this choice. So, they chose not to receive this great gift. This happens on each planet for as I have said, the patterns and templates of creation are similar, not identical but similar.

Indeed, in the beginning, we were created as has been described upon your Earth plane. So, we were also given the choice. In being given that choice, we chose to receive Divine Love from the beginning. So, we have not known a time when we were bereft of God. We are close to God. All on our planet are close to God. The idea of rejecting this great gift is foreign to us for we cannot see how in rejecting this gift that we are better off for it is quite evident that we would be much less alive within ourselves and expressive of all our gifts, abilities and faculties without this gift which empowers our soul. The soul is the very centre of our being. We are in alignment with our soul to such an extent that we do not suffer from the dichotomy that you must grapple with each day between the mind and the soul. They are one within us.

Question: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Are you aware of any other planets that denied the gift of Divine Love with the first parents where there has been a similar transformation in those worlds as we are going through?

Bear in mind that there are thousands of planets within the universe containing countless souls. Each planet has its own trajectory and evolutionary course, but many have chosen as we chose in the beginning. Others have not. Others have progressed much further and have come to that place of understanding the power of the gift that God offers to all His soulful companions in the world. But indeed, there is a choice and that choice is made with each planet. The course in which that choice is resolved and has come to harmony with God is dependent upon the free will of those individuals who inhabit that world.

I must say that there are not many who suffer as much as you. There are some who suffer more. But indeed, because of the efficiency of God’s creation and the obvious choice that God gives to His beloved creations, then it would make sense that the majority would choose the higher road, for each soul is given a mind and faculties of reasoning and perception that would lead them to make that choice readily. But there are some who are obstinate like your race, who continue to go against the flow of God’s Will, who insist upon expressing their personal choice will above all else. So, you upon your planet suffer the consequences of this.

There is such a deep fear in humanity that if they comply and are obedient to the Laws of God then somehow they lose themselves within this. This is played out so evidently in your current crisis of medical problems. Many resist and say “No, I will not comply with the need to immunize myself from this disease. I must stand independent and I am independent.”

So, they sustain their choice of independence in order to assert themselves and unfortunately have an unwanted impact upon the entire globe. This is very illustrative of the stubbornness and the desire within your race to be individuals through and through without any compromise, without any thought for the greater good. This is most unfortunate because without a cooperative perspective towards life, of wanting to assist one another, to uphold one another, your brothers and sisters upon this planet of yours, then the suffering continues. The individuality is certainly asserted and accomplished in many different ways but the opportunity for mutual progression and development continues to be hampered by your economic protocols, your educational paradigms, your flow of information which is such an astounding mixture of distortion and truth that it would be hard for any individual to discern between the two.

Question: Oh, my goodness, what you’ve talked about is so profound and enlightening. Thank you. Our next question is about how science fiction movies, books, and other media on our planet convey the messages that we should fear extra-terrestrial beings who may come to our planet and visit. They portray that they will come with wanting to conquer and exploit us. Are these fears founded? Do you have any advice about how we would welcome beings from other planets such as yourself?

These fears are certainly a reflection of your own condition, the condition of humanity at this time. Humanity has come to certain realizations and physical accomplishments that make them realize that they are not alone in the universe. So, speculation begins to bubble forth within the minds and imaginations of men as to what that entails. Because of the consciousness of humanity and its tendency toward gaining power and control through war and destruction and dominance, they believe and project upon other beings from other planets that they too share this perspective.

Indeed, God has made it possible for all of us to communicate and inter-connect planet to planet. But indeed, until those individuals upon these planets have awakened in their consciousness toward greater light and harmony, greater truth and love, then there is no possibility of such connections between individual planets.

Question: Thank you. Jesus and yourself have both indicated that the Earth’s celestial angels, as well as people from your planet and other planets, have come to Earth to help humanity in its transformation. What can you tell us about God’s Plan and the contribution you plan to make? Does your plan include guiding the leaders, political, spiritual, non-governmental influences through the process?

I believe I partially answered this question in previous answers but I will say that we have some insight as to what God’s plan is for the Earth. We have observed and witnessed the unfolding of God’s various plans for various planets. We are familiar with the process and stages in which an Earth-type planet may go through in order to overcome its dilemmas, inequities and imbalance so that harmony is obtained eventually.

How God’s plan unfolds is determined by the will of the species who inhabit any particular planet. Your species has chosen a very difficult path. As I have said, your obstinance is most unfortunate. Your sense of what you call entitlement becomes a great obstacle to mass awakening within your world. We have come to assist you today to inform you as to what these obstructions are and what your choices are. We are not the only ones as you well know. Your beautiful and bright celestial helpers have been speaking of this for a number of years. We along with others from other planets continue to observe and step forward when we feel all is in harmony in order to assist you in this process of waking up to the truth.

This truth is that you are all asleep. Very few are awakened. Some of you are just stirring to the truth and awakening within this stirring. But predominately, humanity wishes to sleep because to awaken to their own true condition, to those actions that have been perpetrated within their lives, to come to realize the emptiness within them and the desperation, all of the human condition of angst is a great challenge to accept. Yet, the first step of the process of awakening is to have conscious awareness of one’s true condition. You may multiply that by each culture, that what has been perpetrated within the individual cultures upon your planet in the name of truth but in reality, in the name of great error and pain is difficult, difficult indeed for humanity to comprehend.

God, at this time, is influencing your world to such a degree that it is, as you would call a wake-up call for the planet. You see this in terms of the many material crises that your world is undergoing at this time whether it be your climate or your health or your economies or all things of human creation. You begin to see that there are deep cracks and fissures within the way you live within your created world. Within these elements of your own creation, there are deep anomalies and inadequacies that are growing and growing until there will come a time when what has been created by man will be shattered and fall to pieces. Like your fairy tale of the egg who stood on the wall and then fell and broke to pieces. You are all that Humpty-Dumpty, that individual who thinks he is well but indeed carries a very thin shell that is vulnerable, very vulnerable to what may happen in the next moment of time.

Question: You know us. You know us so well, better than we know ourselves and all of these truths and responses to these questions have been truly profound and we appreciate this so much. Is there anything more, I mean we have 100 questions in waiting if you would like to resume another time but before you go, is there anything else you would like to share, information about yourself, your planet, and how we might be able to collaborate with you? What are our next steps of awakening our own souls and sharing the truths that you’ve shared and our celestial angels have shared? What can we do next?

Your beautiful planet is a jewel of God’s creation. If you bring together all those planets that God has created and imbued with life, it would create a garden of such magnificent beauty and wonder that you would be entranced by all those sparkling jewels existing throughout the universe, this wonderment of life that is spread throughout the universe. It is time for you to awaken to this reality. For in truth, if you are able to overcome these deep inadequacies and difficulties and dilemmas within your earthly lives, you will be able to join us in our great effort.

For those of us who have overcome these things or who have never known these things but continue to grow within the eternal flow of soul expansion and awakening, are indeed gardeners of God’s creation. We are His instruments whom He continues to use to help nurture his fledgling souls to a form of maturity where they are able to continue on upon the course of greater harmony, truth, love, and awareness.

Our goal is to bring joy to humanity, to teach humanity how to bring joy to themselves. We nurture all whom we come in contact with with the Truth of Love. You have been told of this Truth many times by those who reside within the high planes of your spirit world. God’s plan is to amalgamate these higher spheres with the earthly plane, so to eliminate those dark conditions that exist close to the Earth.

It is a transformation that must take place so the Earth may be sustained in the way that it is meant to be sustained and that humanity may be sustained in the way that God intends. We are His instruments, His gardeners within the great garden of the galaxy. We come in love and peace. We come to help bolster you in what is and will be a difficult time of transition and healing of your planet. We come because when God has infilled us to such a great degree with His Love, then how can we stand by and watch our brothers and sisters suffer? How can we look upon a place of such degradation and challenges without stepping in, in some way, to assist you and uphold you in your attempts to rectify and reclaim your world with harmony and love?

So yes, we are a part of God’s plan for the salvation of this world, not just humanity but all of your world, all that is within your world. We will use our wisdom, what technologies we can, what we are capable of sharing with you without unwanted consequences so that you may have that extra blessing and gift that will help you overcome these conditions more readily. God’s plan is to disperse the darkness, the error, the condition that humanity has built over eons of time despite the great efforts of your spiritual teachers and your truth sayers to help humanity see and to overcome those dreadful conditions of which I have spoken. But as you have been told, time is of the essence to help heal this planet which is in deep distress. If you were to see a wounded animal, would you ignore this? Would you walk away or would you try to assist that animal in some way?

We see your suffering. We have great concern for all of you. We are joyed there are some of you who are willing to open your eyes and listen and stretch your awareness beyond the limitations of that which you have been taught and programmed to believe. We applaud your assertion to reject the so-called reality of what is life that has been created by humanity and to adopt the reality of God and God’s creation. This is a crucial step. In doing so, you ignite many responses and blessings given to you through God’s efforts and ministrations upon this world. In igniting these efforts, so you bring to you assistance in many ways including ours to help you. God does not leave His suffering children to suffer in isolation and confusion. God always makes possible opens avenues for His children to come to understand and to choose between light and darkness, joy and suffering, love and hatred. So, we continue with our efforts to awaken humanity in cooperation with those who are of this world and of light. Because we are still of the physical, we can bring an added element into the process of awakening. We can bring our wisdom and those things that may benefit you forward so that you may be strengthened and informed and healed in many respects for you have laid the foundation of opening yourselves to the great gift. That great gift opens many possibilities.

We continue to work together, my friends. We are tending you as the precious flowers that you are. We step gently forward in gentle love for you. We cannot insist or force you to accept our help and love. But indeed, when you do accept our presence without rejecting us outright, we have great hope for what can be accomplished and what we may do to assist God in His great plan for the reclamation of your world. The Great Architect has His plan and we are His workers and we come in many forms. You are given much in the way of truth each and every day. We continue to flood you with truth and love and support to uphold and uplift you. This, as you continue to accept us and embrace us, will intensify and bring further actions and expressions of our deep love for you.

All are guided by God so we do not step forward without this guidance and without the collaboration with your celestial friends who are indeed our celestial friends. We work together and shall do so until that time comes when the world is truly awakened and makes that decision to walk toward harmony, light, and truth. To align themselves with God and all that God has created, to understand His laws, to appreciate His Love, to be freed by all the constrictions that your minds have imposed upon you and those hurts that you call encrustations of your soul.

It is the beginning of a long journey, a journey that will in the end open up the many possibilities that may come with our collaborations. We will indeed materialize on Earth and communicate and assist all of you in these great endeavours to truly shine with all the potentials and wonderment of the individual soul and the great light that will be created when all souls are liberated.

We are with you. We are with you, my friends. We come to assist you in any way that we can that will truly be for the greater good, for the awakening of humanity. You will see as time progresses that what I say will be true and will manifest accordingly. We will come to a time and place where we will not need to use instruments such as this precious soul and walk in the world as men walk in the world, not to dominate, not to impose, not to enslave, not to take from you; rather, to give, to give abundantly, freely, and with love.

So, our time comes where we may step forward and be your elder brothers and sisters, that we may give guidance and wisdom. May that day be close, my friends. May that day be realized. We thank you for this time of communication. We urge you to continue to awaken in love, to walk in the world as a light, an example for all. Your brothers and sisters need this desperately and God uses you as His instruments as well as us to bring the change, the shift, the healing, the awakening that is needed.

God bless you, my friends, beautiful friends, earthly friends, brothers and sisters of the great universe of God. I will come again to speak to you. I thank you for this opportunity. Blessings to you, blessings of love. I am Orion.