Messages 2021 and 2022

The Law of Give and Receive

September 16th, 2021

Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso

God bless you beloved souls and welcome to this development circle. My name is Mylora. I have not spoken through this instrument before and I thank her for being willing to receive my presence and the message I desire to share with you.

We were overjoyed to witness the elation of her epiphany with regards to the idea of giving in order to receive and more specifically about giving the soul longings to God. Thus the act of giving one’s desire to God and God’s response by giving His Love to you. As you give your soul longings to Him, He too is a receiver. This dear ones is a Law, in order to receive one must give. This can play out in numerous areas in your life. If you are to take a moment and reflect on how it is you receive the many blessings in your life, it is that you have given, in some way, first. It is not necessarily that the way you give and the reciprocation be from the same person or situation. The way the Universe is organized and ordered, you will receive a blessing in return for the giving. This may be something to consider if you feel, to some degree, a lack within your spiritual or material life, perhaps you wish to reflect upon what it is you can give.

The number one way you can engage in giving, outside of the longings of your soul to God, is through service. When you give of your service selflessly without any expectation to receive, you are in a pure state of innocence, giving simply for the sake of giving. This is a very powerful offering and a powerful state to be in. When you focus upon giving, know that through the law, you will receive a blessing in some way.

If we are to speak about the instrumentality specific to your healing gift and when you give yourself as an instrument to God with sincerity, allowing God to use you for others to receive blessings, this is a profound way for your instrumentality to be of service.

You dear ones, are seeing the opportunities where you can offer your instrumentality in many ways. You must also be noticing how life is moving in a gentler flow and there comes to you greater soul desire to continue offering to God and to give to God, in truth that which He has given to you within your soul, your soul gifts. A beautiful exchange of giving and receiving is constantly flowing and moving through your life.

I ask that over the course of the next days until you gather again, you make note of how you see the workings of this law within your life. Put your focus upon the giving and watch the way God manifests the blessings of His Great Soul back to you. The focus is upon the giving, but also I wish to ask you to observe the receiving and what comes to you. For I feel this will inspire you to give more deeply of yourself. Offering yourself in everything that you do to God and allowing God to be with you at all times having the awareness of God’s Presence with you. As you are giving of yourself, God gives to you and you receive. It is an infinite flow.

It is my hope you are able to notice all that flows to you and you engage and focus upon the out flowing to God from you, for beloved souls this is a most profound existence when the union between your soul and God’s Soul manifests great wonders. I am happy to speak to you this day and as we work upon your gift of healing which you so desire for God to use, we shall bring our blessings and give of our gifts. As you give yourself to God and open to us, now it is for you to receive these many blessings the Celestial angels shower upon you and God`s Love flowing to you. I am Mylora, God bless you.