A Spiritual Journey

The Divine Love of God

There is a wonderful Love from God that every one of us can physically feel. It makes no difference what you believe, it is available to all. Yes Jesus was the first to teach about this love, but sadly those who followed him (well beyond his Apostles) never understood or experienced this Love but its still available to all. Today! And it needs no church, no minister, no service, no sacrament, nothing EXCEPT your love. To the degree that you can extend love to God, He/She responds. It does not even need any special beliefs, but faith in God is useful, although not essential.

This was known to others who did not follow Christianity. Rumi, the great Muslim mystic, knew of this love, and it is evident in his sayings. Yogananda, the great Hindu mystic knew of this as did his guru Sri Yukteswar. Turn to the living waters of the Prime Source to bathe in the “peace that knows no understanding.” I am sure there have been many mystics who knew of this, yet had difficulty explaining their source of light and love.

But it’s not just a “happy feeling.” It’s the only way to turn yor mortal soul into an immortal soul. This is the real new birth that many Christians seek. And the concept that eluded Nicodemus.


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