Life After Death

Someone to Hold You

By Ruth Duvall

When you need someone to hold you, when your world is crashing in,

And you’re quiet and you listen for that small voice from within.

And the world may seem to hate you, though you try your very best,

Be thankful and be patient and know that you are blessed.

He’ll be the One to love you inspite of all your sins.

He’ll send someone to feed you when your pantry’s looking thin.

He’ll open heavens windows when the lights are growing dim.

He’ll wrap his arms around you, if you’ll only let him in.

He’ll touch your heart and heal you and fill you from within.

He’ll send angels to befriend you, and help you settle in.

He’ll provide for you and keep you, on Him you can depend.

So if you have someone to hold you, when your world is crashing in,

Remember to be thankful, when His Divine Love comes flowing in.

This beautiful poem, by award winning poet Ruth Duvall, was received inspirationally during her darkest moments. She had just been released from hospital, after a heart related problem, and was to move into a new home. The medical expenses were significant, and she had not been paid for the duration of the confinement. She had no money to pay to have power connected, she did not have the physical strength to pick anything up, never mind move and somehow all her friends were simply too busy to help. She could not afford to pay professional movers, and was quite simply abandoned in a world that did not seem to care. But after this angelic poem was received, mortal angels appeared to solve every single one of the problems.