New Birth Christians

The Prayer for peace and understanding….

Our Father in Heaven:

We pray for those dear brothers and sisters of ours whose earth lives have been so tragically and unexpectedly ended. We pray that your angels will be able to comfort and reassure them, and we pray that they will understand that their earth life has ended and that a new phase of our eternal life is about to begin.

We pray too for those brothers of ours, whose hearts have been so darkened that they have allowed themselves to carry out this dreadful deed. We know that the Law of Compensation is exact, and that each will pay the penalty, according to the deed. Yet we understand that these same brothers believe that by this very act they have earned your Love, and a place in the highest heavens. Their suffering and pain as they understand that this is not the case, will be intense. They will understand that they have been betrayed and mislead, yet each is responsible for his own acts, and will have to find his own way out of darkness, back to the light of Your Love.

We pray Father for those thousands of sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who have lost dear ones in this horrible incident. We pray that Your Love will comfort them, and we pray that your Light and Love will disperse the darkness that may cloud their vision at this time. We pray that in this act they will not see your Hand, but instead understand that You have given each of us free will, which most precious gift has been so dreadfully misused, yet again.

We pray too Father, for those in public office, and in positions of influence in our society. We pray that they will understand that only Your Light can dispel darkness. Darkness only begets more darkness. As Americans and indeed others try to find solutions to this problem, we pray that they will come to understand that taking the life of even one more brother or sister will not ease the pain we feel today. The only way we can ease our pain is to allow Your Light to flow into our lives, so that we can be a beacon of Light and Love in this world. That alone will touch the souls of our brothers and sisters who harbour this darkness of hate.

We pray Father, that just as the world will never be quite the same after the events of the 11th September 2001, so too we pray that perhaps for the very first time, we will be able to respond in Love, and that in Your Love we will find the strength, courage and wisdom to do Your Will on earth.