True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 1


Mr. James E. Padgett was the instrument used by Jesus, and many spirits of the Celestial Heavens to receive their messages of spiritual truths that they are anxious should be made known to all mankind.

Mr. Padgett was at one time Assistant Corporation Counsel, Washington, D.C., an able lawyer with a high standing at the bar. He practiced law in the District of Columbia for more than 40 years. He was born August 25, 1852, in Washington, B.C., and passed into the spirit world March 17, 1923.

He obtained these authoritative messages from many spirits of the Celestial Heavens from 1914 to 1923 who all corroborated that Jesus wrote through him by controlling his brain and hand.

I was closely associated with Mr. Padgett from the time he started to receive the messages from the high spirits up to the time of his passing over into the spirit world.

He was directed by Jesus and many celestial spirits to pray with all the earnest sincere longings of his soul to the Father for the inflowing into his soul of the DIVINE LOVE that comes from God by His Holy Spirit, and was told when he should obtain this love in sufficient abundance it would then change the quality of his brain into the necessary spiritual condition, so that it would be possible for Jesus and the Celestial Spirits to make that close rapport with him, so that these high truths could be written through him.

He took the advice of these high spirits, and prayed with all the earnest sincere longings of his soul to the Father for the Divine Love. After awhile, he obtained a sufficiency of this Love, and then, that close rapport that Jesus and the Celestial Spirits desired was made. Mr. Padgett was then successful in receiving communications that have never been communicated to a mortal since Jesus taught them on earth. After his early followers died, many of the great and most important truths that he taught, and which are the fundamental and basic truths of Christianity, have been lost to mankind.

Jesus in one of his messages wrote - He will never come again in the flesh, yet, he has come again in the form of these rev-elations, through Mr. Padgett, which he taught on earth nearly two thousand years ago, and which he is still teaching in the spirit world and so are his followers.

Referring to his mission when on earth, he wrote - that after his early followers died, the great truth of the New Birth was not understood and only a minority have obtained this transformation of their souls by the inflowing of the Divine Love. The great majority who think they are Christians have never received it, for they have never sought for it in the only way it can be obtained.

Many humans are depending upon their beliefs in the creeds and dogmas, and following moral precepts to enable them to enter the Celestial Heavens, instead of seeking for and obtaining the New Birth which is so wonderfully explained in the message’ “The way to the Celestial Kingdom” by Jesus. (Page 20.)

The reasons given by Jesus why He has not communicated these truths before, is explained in His message, “Why He Selected Mr. Padgett for the Work.” (See Page 2.)

Mr. Padgett has received many messages from Jesus and these high Celestial Spirits that are not contained in this first volume, and will be published in the near future.

I was often present with Mr. Padgett in his room when he was receiving the messages from the celestial spirits. And I now want to say, with all the emphasis of my soul and being - that I have a firm conviction in the genuineness of the same. And I know that if any man could have felt the wonderful love and power that Mr. Padgett and myself often spoke of and experienced, during the time the truths were being revealed, and when we discussed them, they would never have a doubt that Jesus and the Celestial Spirits were actually present and were the high spirits who have communicated.

Mr. Eugene Morgan, lawyer of Washington, D.C., born 1857 in St. Mary’s County, Md., was a friend of Mr. J. E. Padgett for many years.

During the time Mr. Padgett was obtaining the messages from the high spirits, Mr. Morgan was often present and in the year 1915 received a communication through Mr. Padgett from Jesus and many Celestial Spirits informing Mr. Morgan that he also had the wonderful gift of receiving writings from high spirits.

Mr. Morgan took the advice given him and made the attempt to obtain writings from the spirits, and after a few weeks was successful.

He not only obtained writings from Celestial Spirits but was instrumental in helping many in their progress to the Celestial Heavens from the lower spheres.

The messages that Jesus and the Celestial Spirits wrote through Mr. Padgett were used by Mr. Morgan for the purpose of giving instructions in the knowledge of the truths.

Mr. Morgan continued in his great work up to within a few days before his passing into the spirit world on February 10, 1937. Mr. Morgan and Mr. Padgett received many affirmations from Jesus and the Celestial Spirits of their wonderful work in helping many who then found their way to the Celestial Heavens.

DR. LESLIE R. STONE, Washington, D.C.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 19th day of May 1941. Howard W. More, Notary Public. TESTIMONY

I am glad to say that I was well acquainted with Mr. James E. Padgett, of Washington, D.C., from the year 1915 to 1923.

I knew him to be a man of a very lovable and kindly disposition, as well as an able and conscientious lawyer, with a high reputation at the bar, having been acquainted with some of his associates and often heard them speak of him with the highest esteem as a lawyer and a man.

I was present with Mr. Padgett in his room on some occasions when he was receiving messages, which he explained to me were iommunications from the spirit world, and which were received by him without any interposition of his own mind. He also told me that while he was receiving the writings, he did not know in advance, what the next words or sentence written would be, and when receiving these writings, that he was instructed by spirits, that a necessary acquirement on his part was, that his mind must be kept in a passive and inactive state so that his own thoughts would not interfere with the messages transmitted through him and then they would be able to write the exact words and sentences that they were anxious to be made known to mankind.

DR. FRANCIS A. GOERGER, Washington, D.C.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 19th day of May 1941. Howard W. More, Notary Public.

Volume 1.