True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3


After a sudden passing of Mr. Padgett’s wife Helen in 1914 and with the help of a friend started to investigate spiritual communications and at one of the church meetings Mr. Padgett was told that his wife was present and wanted him to know that she was very much alive and wanted to communicate with him. The medium described her perfectly and told Mr. Padgett that he had the Gift of automatic writing and his wife wanted him to pick up a pencil and pad at home that she would try and control him to write. After several attempts the name of Helen appeared that was discovered by his friend among a lot of scribbling that took place on the pad. And a little later on, a paragraph was written with a message, and more followed on Christmas Day.

“Let your thoughts turn to God and His love and you will be the happiest man on earth, for you have His love to a great degree, and you also have Jesus to love and care for you in a way that we all wonder at.”

Later Mr. Padgett’s grandmother wrote advising him to try and do as well as learn exactly what the Master wishes for him to do, and then do it with all his might - due to a message received from the Master giving him instruction on how to receive the Divine Love of the Father.

What you will discover in reading this TRUE GOSPEL REVEALED ANEW BY JESUS Vol. III that there were still many important messages from Jesus and other Celestial writers that could not be printed in either volume I or II and that there is great value not only what the Celestial writers have said, but many others as well that are in the Natural Love Spheres.

Mr. Padgett also permitted the dark spirits to write and set aside certain evenings when they could come in and be permitted to write regarding their problems in the Spirit World. The help that they received was so great, that when Mr. Padgett entered the spirit world, he was greeted by thousands of dark spirits that he helped to progress into the light.

Mr. Padgett received spiritual communication over a period of approximately 10 years from 1914 to 1924 which began with his wife and then the parents of both as well as grandparents and of course the Master as has already been mentioned. And by earnest sincere prayer Mr. Padgett commenced to receive the Divine Love of the Father which permitted Jesus to write more and come more often.

Jesus in an early message wrote as follows:

“That the Spirit writings are governed by law in regards to the kind of messages that they may communicate through Mr. Padgett which is governed in accordance with his development. And he must be in good condition to permit these laws to be complied with. And that the spirit writers are powerless to use his brain for the purpose of delivering their messages, when he is not in good condition.”

And Jesus further says:

“That you of course know now the remedy and that defects may exist at any particular time and we have urged you to seek this remedy and thereby get in the proper and necessary condition that will enable us to make the rapport with you. So continue to pray to the Father to receive His Divine Love in great abundance.’

And as Mr. Padgett received the Divine Love of the Father in greater abundance, more important messages were received which are now printed in both Volume I & II of the TRUE GOSPEL REVEALED ANEW BY JESUS.

However, there will be a fourth volume honoring Dr. Leslie R. Stone and his work in behalf of the Kingdom, where greater space will be given to soulmate love. And permitting more dark spirits to tell their story of distress in darkness and read of their progress into the light. And many of them have progressed out of darkness into the Celestial Heavens. With the help of Mr. Padgett and many Celestial Spirits that were always on hand to help those in trouble in whatever level they were in. Mr. Padgett began his writing by asking questions of all spirits that wrote through him during the appointed writing periods, so that closer ties existed between him and the spirit writer to permit them to better express themselves and to explain to them the higher spiritual life that he was already familiar with as a result of receiving communication from Jesus and other Celestial writers. And as you will note from time to time in reading these messages that I have added the words Questions and Answers. Of course we do not know what the questions were, but the answers are clear enough for anyone to understand. But in my close association with Dr. Stone, I was informed that such was the case during Mr. Padgett’s writing periods and he was present a great deal of the time when these writings were being received and heard the various conversations between Mr. Padgett and the spirits writers. And you will also note that there is a constant conversation between Mr. Padgett and his wife Helen in permitting the various spirits to write and then confirm the authenticity of the various spirits who wrote and often gives her opinion regarding their various stages of spirit understanding and development that permits them to write on any given subject that is first approved by Mr. Padgett’s band of workers.

Rev. John Paul Gibson