True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3

Riddle feels that Garfield will now seek Jesus as a result of Mr. Padgett’s encouragement.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your old partner:

You had a letter from Garfield. He was so anxious to write that I thought it would do no harm to let him try and I am glad that I did for what you said to him has impressed him very much and I believe will lead to his seeking information on the subject of his New Birth. He is a wonderful spirit intellectually and has progressed to a very great degree in the investigation of spiritual laws. So that on the whole his writing will do no harm to our band.

Well, I do not understand it as he was a Christian on earth and one would naturally suppose that he would have made inquiry for Jesus when he came over. But it seems he did not. Why I don’t know, but now that he realizes what you told him he undoubtedly will seek the Master at the first opportunity.

I shall endeavor to show him the way with all my heart and ability.

Yes I will soon. I am very happy and am progressing rapidly and expect to work in the fifth sphere where your father and Prof. Salyards are. Oh my dear Padgett, I cannot tell you what happiness I am now enjoying.

Well I must stop. Well, Mrs. Riddle and Bert are advancing some, but they do not seem to get the light as rapidly as I hoped they would. But they pray and I think are commencing to realize that God’s love is working for them.

So with all my love and many wishes for your happiness and success.

I am your old partner and spirit brother,

A. G. Riddle