True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Dr. Stone receives instruction from Jesus of the Bible to accept help from anyone that is willing to give it, even though they do not have the Divine Love.

November 15th, 1954

Received by Dr Samuels (guessed)

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

Yes, I am here again to write you tonight on a subject which has been of concern to the Doctor and which I shall try to explain.

He is concerned with several of his friends and associates who may be of interest in helping the furthering of the work to bring the messages to the attention of all mankind. The first thing that I should like to say is that men can be used even if they do not have the Divine Love in their souls, as may be the case with those whom the Doctor has in mind. But if they have the will to work for the truths of the messages because they recognize the truths, then the Divine Love can come later as a result of the intellectual part of their natures having its effect upon the soul condition, which is at all possible.

And furthermore, I should like to state that this was the condition of many of my disciples when we journeyed through Palestine together. For, many of them, while they recognized intellectually the excellence of my teachings, yet did not obtain much of the Divine Love in their hearts until after my death, at Pentecost and the showering of the Divine Love upon them in abundance at that time; and furthermore, many of them did not understand that I was the Messiah in the purely spiritual sense, but they were active revolutionaries in the material sense and became associated with me because they saw in me a revolutionary as well. And so they banded together with me in that, to them, the national and the religious were intermingled and integrated into a single line of thought and aspiration. I should also like to point out that they were all quite different in their individual personalities; nevertheless, despite all the perplexities and divergences of personality, thought and ambitions, I was able to weld them into a very capable group of men devoted to the cause of bringing the Kingdom to man’s possession.

And let me state further that this was done through the efficacy of the Divine Love in their hearts which came later; in fact, after my death. Thus, I should like to point out to the Doctor that he can expect in the same way different types of human beings who may be attracted to our cause for very different reasons and without the Divine Love in their souls; and yet, if these men are willing they can be used for the Kingdom and they may eventually obtain the Love in abundance - in such abundance that it will affect their lives and make completely different men of them, as witness the case of Luke and Matthew and Peter and many others. And so I like to suggest that those persons interested in the messages who recognize the truth of the Divine Love, if only intellectually, be urged, if they are willing and if it is not an imposition upon their free wills, to use their talents and spiritual gifts for the benefit of the Kingdom, and to use them in the way that they may be best fitted to the cause of the Father’s truths.

And if this can be in the writings of a book of commentaries on the messages or a reconstructed New Testament or through the translations of the messages into different languages, or in any other way, whether evangelical or administrative, then by all means their talents should be utilized for the Kingdom. And for that reason I have written tonight so that all individuals thus ready to partake in the great adventure of bringing the truths to mankind should be used for that purpose. And to accept all types of people, regardless of their conflicting views, and they can be molded by their interests to the point where they will obtain the Divine Love. And this is the important thing, whether it be simply the salvation of an individual soul, for this is important in itself, or whether the individual will help the Kingdom through working for it.I think that I have said enough for tonight, so good night and may the Heavenly Father shower you with His Love and Blessings; and I will sign myself your elder brother and Master in the Celestial Heavens, which is waiting for you if you persist to the end.

Jesus of the Bible.