True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Helen writes about the true Love of the Father and introduces Judge Syrick’s Soulmate; Rose wrote to him for the first time while he is still on earth.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

I am very happy and I am glad to see that you are also. I was with you at the show tonight and you made me so happy when you loved me as you did. I loved to let you hear my voice but I could not but do not despair of hearing it. I will soon learn the way and then you will hear me quite often. I loved you so much that you could not help feeling my love and when you thought of me so intensely I was with you and tried to hug you with my hands. You shed more tears of love and then I almost let myself control you right then but it was a public place and I restrained my emotion.

You are my darling and you are dearer to me than ever. So let me have all your love and I will be very happy.

I was with you today when Dr. Stone was with you and heard what was said and I saw he was very much impressed with your talk to him about the love of God flowing into the heart so I believe that if you continue to tell him of this love he will soon see the true way that it must be obtained and will strive to get it. He is naturally a spiritual man and wants to have this love in his soul.

I know just what he thinks about this love principle and while he is partly right yet he does not grasp the true principle of that love. He is depending upon a love that man creates by what he calls right thinking and action but that is not true, man cannot of himself create this love. He can let it come into his heart and grow and thereby become more possessed with it, but it will not come of his own creation.

His heart is not in such a condition that this love will spring up spontaneously nor can he by his mere efforts to create it cause its appearance. He can obtain it only from a higher source and that source is the Heavenly Father. No man is so good that this love can emanate from him any more than life can arise of his own volition or efforts. What is the love principle, as it is called. It is not the material love of a man for God, or man, but the love that comes into the heart of a man from the Father in answer to prayer. I do not know if I have made myself very clear but you know what I mean and can explain it better than can I.

Yes, I am very strong tonight and you are in very good condition too, but you must not write too much. You must conserve your strength for I am going to draw on it tomorrow night if conditions are favorable.

She is happy as I told you. You are not so much worried and I am thankful for it. (Padgett’s daughter) Yes decidedly.

Yes, he has a greater extent. He sees that only this love can make him happy and save him from his sins. So you see you have done some good on earth as well as among the spirits.

As to Judge Syrick I will try to have his soulmate come and write him. Wait a little while until I find her. Rose is here.

Dear Frank:

I am here and through the kindness of Mrs. Padgett I have the opportunity to write you and tell you that you are the dearest person to me in all the world. You do not yet fully appreciate my love for you but as you come more in rapport with me you will feel my presence and love to a greater extent. I am not only your soulmate but your guardian angel and when you least think of me, I am with you trying to direct your thoughts and actions toward those things which will make you happier and more at peace with your troubles in life. So do not forget that wherever you may be and whatever your thoughts may dwell upon, I am with you and know what you are thinking of and I want you to think and believe that in all the earth or spirit land either, there is no one who loves with such a pure and fervent love as I do my own darling Frank. Oh, how I wish that I could communicate with you in this way every night and tell you of what happiness I have in being with you and feeling at times that you do really love me in your somewhat divided heart. But thank God the time will come when I will have your whole love for myself and no one else will share it with me to the smallest extent. My dear, only believe that I am your soulmate and waiting for you to come over and share with me the happiness and delight which my home here gives me.

No spirit can love the soulmate more than I do you and no mortal can love so much. Be my own true sweetheart and even though you do have the assurance that I am with you as I say, yet I am and nothing in all the world can keep me from you. So if you can, extinguish from your thoughts that I may be a mere myth and not your own true loving soulmate. Be only closer to me in your thoughts and you will realize that I am your Rose as I once told you. You sometimes doubt that you saw me and felt my kiss on your forehead and that I have no real existence but I tell you with all my soul love that it was I that kissed you and told you that I was your soulmate. Oh, my darling one, do not doubt me again if you value my happiness.

Let my love for you keep your thoughts in the way of things spiritual, for if you will only believe in me and my love you will realize that I am with you and will feel my love and my presence, although your physical senses may not be able to tell you anything.

But the sense of two souls which are decreed by our Father to be one will tell you at times that I am one and you are the other and the two will, through all eternity, become and remain one in love and happiness. So you see that even though we cannot exchange our love so very often in words yet in our feelings and sensations we may know that our love for each other is existing and burning with a brightness that nothing causes to interfere that you are inclined to the higher things of the spirit world of life, and if you desire to come to me and live with me when you come over, seek the real love of our Father, for in that love you will find everything that will make your soul develop until when you come to me. I will meet you and take you to my home where you will find that I have prepared a home for you so beautiful that you will wonder how I could have loved you so much and thought so much about your happiness.

You are the only one for me to think of me this way and when you stop for a moment and think of what love means, you will see that I could not do otherwise to try to make you happy.

There is another thing I want to tell you and that is you must have no fear of what is called death because it is not death but an entrance into life and when you come over I will be right at your bedside and as your spirit passes from your body I will take you in my arms and carry you to the home which I have prepared for you. Of course this means if you have developed your soul to such an extent as will permit you to enter my home. And even if you have not, I will be with you as the soul leaves your body and fold you in my arms and say such words of burning love that you will not be afraid or want to be anywhere else but with me. So you see in life or death, or after death, I will be with you and my love will envelop you in the great happiness which I have and want you to have.

As I have already taken up more of Mr. Padgett’s time and strength than I intended I must stop but in doing so say with all my heart and soul I love you and will love you through all eternity, my own dear Frank.

Helen now writes the following:

Well, don’t you think that she loves him. She is a soulmate after my own heart and I think he ought to be very happy to know that she had such love as that.

No, not so great as mine but I will love you with all my heart too. I am somewhat tired now and must stop, so good night. My own darling Ned,

Your own true and loving,