True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Introduction to Volume IV.

I first heard about Messages From Jesus and Celestials from a total stranger at lunch in a New York City restaurant, which was just after I was discharged from the United States Coast Guard in 1945. Since the conversation during lunch led to spiritual subjects, the above book was mentioned, that was received by Mr. James E. Padgett through automatic writing. I knew a great deal about automatic writing and could receive messages from some of my loved ones in the spirit world. I became quite anxious to obtain a copy as soon as possible, because I was planning to leave for California. So the good Doctor Arnet that I was talking with offered me a copy, and I could have it by calling at his office. This I was happy to do.

In California I had considerable opportunity to study the messages that were written by Jesus of Nazareth and other Celestial writers. And the new prayer by Jesus became very important to me, as it filled my soul with greater love than I have ever felt before; but there was a small part that seemed to bother me whenever I would repeat the prayer, where it said: “Even though the world believes that One is Thy equal and a part of Thy Godhead.”

I decided to write to Dr. Stone about my feeling in this part of the prayer, and received a beautiful reply, stating his own feeling about this part also, in View of what has been written about the Godhead by St. Luke, Vol. I page 76.

This started my friendship and correspondence with Dr. Stone that continued through the years until his sleep on January 6th, 1967, to continue with his work in the Spirit, World. I performed the burial and interment services for my friend a few days later. However, our thoughts on the correction for this part of the prayer were the same.

But it wasn’t until September 26th, 1965, that our wishes for the correction of the prayer were fulfilled, when the second instrument selected by Jesus to continue with the writing where Mr. Padgett stopped with his work upon earth, which fulfills his second coming on the material plane, received the corrected prayer as is now printed in this volume, as well as Vol. III of the TRUE GOSPEL REVEALED ANEW BY JESUS.1

Mr. Padgett began to receive spiritual communications from his wife Helen only a few months after her passing into the spirit. The loss was so great that with a friend they visited a medium in Washington who advised him that if he would pick up a pencil his wife would try to write through him, since he bad the gift of automatic writing. The first writings were received about the middle of 1914, but it was not until Mr. Padgett received the Divine Love of the Father that Jesus was able to write his formal messages that are printed in Vols. I and II of the TRUE GOSPEL REVEALED ANEW BY JESUS.

As disclosed in this and other volumes, there were present during his communications a Mr. Morgan, an old friend, as well as Dr. Leslie R. Stone With the help of Mr. Padgett, Mr. Morgan also received the gift of automatic writing, and Mr. Padgett wrote through him a few days after his passing into the Spirit World.

Jesus has written that he selected Mr. Morgan and Dr. Stone to perform special work in behalf of the Kingdom, but that their work would be different from that of Mr. Padgett. Since Dr. Stone was the last surviving instrument of the original three, he became the custodian of all the writings that were received by Mr. Padgett, as well as those received by Mr. Morgan. Mr. Padgett willed his writings to Mr. Morgan and Mr. Morgan willed both writings to Dr. Stone, who in turn transferred everything to the Leslie R. Stone Foundation, that was organized and incorporated to honor Dr. Stone, who had preserved the writings of both Mr. Padgett and Mr. Morgan as well as his close association with Mr. Padgett and the plans that they made to put his material into print. This Dr. Stone was able to do in printing Vols. I and II with the help of his many friends, both living and some now in the Spirit World.

Jesus, our Leader, proposed the name of Leslie R. Stone Foundation, but the incorporation was not quite suitable for a church organization to be on the par with all other churches. Several names were suggested and we finally had approved by Jesus the FOUNDATION CHURCH OF THE NEW BIRTH, Inc., and all the material in Dr. Stone’s possession was transferred to the church corporation.2 Since the Editor was responsible for forming both corporations, and later found no need to pay taxes on the Stone Foundation, with the approval of Jesus of Nazareth, our Leader, the Stone Foundation was dissolved. And the FOUNDATION CHURCH OF THE NEW BIRTH, INC. OBTAINED A TAX-EXEMPT STATUS, on a par with all churches in America, that took five years of hard work by the Trustees of the Church of the New Birth. And Dr. Stone lived long enough to see that the original plan that was received by Mr. Padgett was fulfilled. And volume III also became a reality with the continued effort of the Editor to transcribe many valuable writings for man to benefit by, that were approved by Jesus, to be placed into print. And the Editor will continue to transcribe additional material to fill this volume and perhaps another.

Since this volume is a personal tribute to honor Dr. Stone, there are many beautiful messages from his soulmate, Mary Kennedy, on soulmate love and her spiritual progress into the Celestial Heavens that could encourage many a mortal while still on earth to seek and obtain the Divine Love of the Father to live in the Celestial Heavens.




1 The correction referred to above replaced: “Thy children, and not through the sacrifice and death of any one of Thy creatures, even though the world believes that one Thy equal and a part of Thy Godhead.” with “Thy children, through love not through the sacrifice and death of any one of Thy creatures.”

2 Most of the originals of the writings are now in fire-proof and water-proof safes, in a commercial secure building managed by the Foundation Church of the New Birth. There is still one cache of records that has not been returned by an individual who believes that she is entitled to retain them.