True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Talks by Dr. Leslie R. Stone to unseen guests.

Dr. Leslie R. Stone’s daily talks to unseen guests began in 1915 or just shortly after Mr. Padgett received the gift of automatic writing when the requests were made from the spirit side of life for knowledge of the truths that were being received by Mr. James E. Padgett from Jesus as well as other Celestial writers on the New Birth so that they may also progress to the Celestial Heavens. In these talks Dr. Stone creates a desire in these dark or undeveloped spirits to follow the bright spirits so that they may be shown the brighter side of their spiritual life, and progress even to the Celestial Heavens where these bright spirits live. One of Dr. Stone’s talks begins as follows:

My dear brothers and sisters. I am now going to give you a talk as revealed by Jesus and Celestials Spirits on the Great Truths that are known to be facts by these High Spirits, and are so desirous to enlighten you in your progress to the Celestial Heavens.

We are all created by the Heavenly Father and therefore we are all His children and in that sense we are all brothers and sisters. These High Spirits are anxious to come to you and tell you of their personal experience and progression after they entered the spirit world, and are so desirous to tell you how they progressed from the lower spheres into the Celestial Heavens.

You may never of had the opportunity of seeing these bright spirits who are anxious for you to see them. You who are in the lower spheres might say; if it is their desire for me to progress into higher spheres why did not they come to me before? Well, the answer is, you have never made the favorable condition possible, so that they could make the contact with you to permit you to see them in their glory and beauty.

To bring into operation this law of rapport, you have to make the favorable condition so this law of rapport will come into operation, for these spirits are controlled by law as immutable as the law itself. You have the power to make the necessary conditions and the high spirits will do their part. To begin, if you will send out a sincere and earnest desire to the Heavenly Father, He will send one of His bright spirits to you and show you the way to the Celestial Heavens, only then will the barriers between you and the Celestial Spirits be dissolved and the law of rapport, will be made and you will see the bright spirits. And when you do this, then go with these bright spirits and they will tell you of their personal experiences and how they made their progression from the lower spheres into the Celestial Heavens.

At the end of my talk, I will pray to the Heavenly Father, that He may send to you the Divine Spirits to help you to progress out of sour present condition, and permit you to see them.

(John 3:3-4&5)

Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. Nicodemus saith unto him. How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born? Jesus answered; Verily, verily, I say unto thee. Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.

In one of Jesus’ messages that was written through Mr. Padgett, Jesus says:

“It is the inflowing of the Divine Love into the soul and the disappearing of all that tends to sin and error transforming the soul into the Divine Nature of the Father and unity with Him.”

There is only one way to obtain this Great Free Gift - of Divine Love - into the soul. You must pray for it with the faith that causes the soul energies to become so active in its longings going out to the Father with such intensity to cause the soul to be opened up for the inflowing of this Great Gift of Divine Love, that transforms the soul into the Divine Nature of the Father.

When you are praying for this Love and you haven’t the Faith, then ask the Father to give you this faith, and when He does, your soul longings will become a thing of real living existence in its intensity and your soul will open up and the love will come in, and remove the causes of your suffering.

I know that the Orthodox Churches have been teaching all down the centuries that if you go to hell where you find darkness and suffering, then there you will have to suffer for all eternity, and you will have to give up all hope to progress out of this deplorable condition. Well, there are many millions now in the spirit world, who have given up all hope and believe their darkness and suffering is for all eternity, because of this terrible belief while on earth, because it is not true.

The Heavenly Father is not an angry, wrathful God, waiting for the penalties to be paid and never have an ending. He is a God of Infinite Love who smiles upon us in our weakness and always ready to help us and fill our souls with His Divine Love. His Divine Love reaches down into the lowest hells as well as into the highest heavens and no spirit will be deprived of His Love, if that spirit will only pray for this Great Free Gift of the Father, and with that Faith that makes the soul longings a thing of real living existence for its inflowing. And I repeat again, if the spirit has not sufficient faith and soul longings, then he should pray to the Father to give him that faith, and when that faith comes into the soul, the soul’s longings will become so real and intense in its longings that will cause the soul to open up and the Divine Love will come in, and remove all those memories of things done on earth. The sins of omission as well as commission that causes so much suffering and unhappiness.

So when you pray to God for forgiveness, you are really praying for His Divine Love to enter into your soul. This Love as it enters the soul displaces and removes all that tends to sin or error, and as the Scriptures say, you become a new creature, born again, born from above, for it is the New Birth that Jesus taught and explained to Nicodemus, as it is written in the Scriptures.This Divine Love, as it fills the soul, does not change the law of compensation “as you have sown, so shall ye also reap.” But it does change your soul. When this love fills your soul, you have invoked the Greatest Law in all the Universe, for it is the Greatest Attribute of God and all other laws have to give place to it, for it is subject to no law except the law of its ownship.

All spirits suffering under the Law of Compensation find in their memories every act and deed of their earth life. They keep their own records, not an angry wrathful God keeping their records. When their conscience becomes awakened, only then do they become their own judge and executioner. Their conscience tells them they have violated God’s laws of harmony and until they get into harmony with His Laws they suffer the inharmony which causes the suffering. As I have already said, they need the New Birth. When this Divine Love enters the soul, it radiates through the spirit body and there comes to that body a radiance of glory and beauty and wonderful feeling of joy and happiness beyond mortal conception as the spirit rises into a beautiful sphere, where there are spirits who have obtained the same degree of the Divine Love that the spirit has, who has just entered the sphere, that was open to it.

All souls are subjects of the Father’s creation, but no soul, at its creation was ever created with the Divine Love, but only with the natural human love. When men say or believe that they are created with the Divine Love or as some say that they have a Divine spark within them, which they can develop by following moral precepts, and renunciation of sin and error, turning from the evil and seeking the good and pure, and etc.

This belief was taught before Jesus made his advent on earth. Many spirits had made their progress by developing their natural love, free from the perversions of this natural love and reached the Kingdom of God - and became the perfect natural man of the sixth sphere. These spirits are wonderfully happy and beautiful spirits and have become like the first parents before their fall.

However, these spirits in the sixth sphere are in a condition of stagnation because of the purifying process that they have passed through. Many of these spirits are stagnated in this sphere for many centuries and will continue to be so, unless they are willing to listen and take the advice of the Celestial Spirits who come from a much higher sphere, known as the Celestial Heavens, where Jesus lives, and these Celestial Spirits often visit the Kingdom of the Perfect Natural Man to let them know that they have the privilege of progressing into a higher and a more beautiful heaven, than the one in which they now live. But, so many of these Natural Love Spirits are so satisfied with their own surroundings that they refuse to believe that there is a better place or more beautiful than the one they live in. The spirits who have their Natural Love developed to a pure state and have been stagnating for many centuries, find that their souls become hungry for something more and “They know not what.” It is only then that the Celestial Spirits are able to tell them - what that great something is - The Divine Love of the Father.

This Great Divine Love which they never understand and did not pray for, was explained to them by the Celestial Spirits and encouraged them to pray to the Father for the inflowing into the soul longing of the real living existence of the Divine Love of the Father. And when these Natural Love Spirits are willing to accept this truth and pray for this Great Free Gift of Divine Love, only then will their progress into the Celestial Heavens be assured.

In volume II, of the TRUE GOSPEL REVEALED ANEW BY JESUS, there is a message written by a spirit whose name is Saleeba, a beautiful Egyptian Princess, that was living at the time in the Kingdom of the Perfect Natural Love for many centuries. And on one occasion she saw some of the Celestial Spirits that were writing through Mr. Padgett, and asked permission to write, which was granted and she wrote that she wanted to know why these spirits were so much brighter than she was, and wanted to know how they obtained their glory and beauty. She recognized that though she was a very bright spirit, but she was not as bright as they were in comparison. Like pale moonbeam as compared to the brightness of the mid-day sun. This Princess, after asking questions of Mr. Padgett was told to go with the Celestial Spirits who would instruct her in what she needed to know about the Higher Love which was greater than what she possessed of the Natural Love in the pure state. Which is the Divine Love that is the Greatest Attribute of the Heavenly Father and is separate and distinct from the natural love, even in its purest state, for it is that Love that is the very essence and substance of the Father, while the Natural Love that she possessed in a pure state was not.

Saleeba took the advice of the Celestials and has now advanced to the Celestial Heavens. She wrote through Mr. Padgett some time later and said, that she was now writing her friends in the Sixth Sphere and telling them all about what great happiness she experienced after obtaining the Greater Love in her soul, and urged her friends to pray to the Father for this Great Love.

The soul progress of those spirits who at one time were in darkness and through prayer to the Father advanced to the Kingdom of the Perfect Natural Man by developing their Natural Love free from the perversions, by exercising a mighty will to love those who despitefully use you and living up to moral precepts and renunciation of sin and error, they find it is a long experience of expiation. It has taken centuries for many of these spirits who are now living in this Kingdom of the Sixth Sphere of the Perfect Natural Man. And since it has taken them so long to reach this sphere, they become stagnated as a result of the purifying process that they passed through.

With what has already been explained to you, you can realize how important it is to learn about Jesus teachings: “The Way the Truth and the Life” and through prayer obtaining the Higher Love, the Divine Love, that when possessed by the soul you partake of the essence and substance of the Father which transforms the soul from the merely natural man into the Divine Nature of the Father. So that when you become in full possession of this Divine Love you have obtained this Great Free Gift and are “Born Again,” as Jesus told Nicodemus. Because this love comes from God by His Holy Spirit which is that part of His active energy held most sacred. Holy and Merciful, for it conveys into the receptive soul “His Divine Love” and transforms the soul from the human and natural man into the Divine Nature of the Father. And as you obtain this love in increased abundance, sin and error must decrease. For sin and error cannot fill the same part of the soul at the same time.

Jesus taught: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things will be added unto you.” Then love to God and fellowman will follow as naturally as the dew falls from Heaven without effort or sacrifice. Jesus also taught that when you obtain the Divine Love in that abundance to enable you to enter the Celestial Heavens, you have then partaken of the Divine Love to that degree that makes you a part of His Divine Nature and there will come to you the consciousness of knowing that this Immortal Love of the Father has given to you that Immortality and the certainty that the decree “dying thou shall die never and cannot be pronounced upon you.” This is the Immortality that Jesus brought to light, when he told Nicodemus, you must be born again. Which is the New Birth. And to become Immortal you must know what is immortal and possess it. God is the source of Immortality and unless we seek that source by obtaining this Immortal Love of the Father, we cannot have the consciousness of knowing we are Immortal.

Only as we obtain the Father’s Divine Love in sufficient quantity, will there come to us, throughout all eternity, as we obtain His Love in increased abundance, we will never cease to progress nearer and nearer to the Fountainhead of the Father’s Great Soul. Increasing in glory and beauty and joy and happiness for all eternity. Should we not thank Him with all our hearts and souls for having bestowed upon us His children such a great privilege?

Jesus taught that only by the New Birth and by obtaining the Divine Love into the soul in sufficient abundance can there come to us the consciousness and certainty of immortal life. And again when Jesus spoke about the parable which refers to those who were invited to the wedding feast and that they must have on the wedding garment. This means of course they must have obtained the New Birth or have had the Divine Love born into their souls in that abundance to qualify them to enter the Celestial Kingdom. Those who refuse this Great Gift - The Divine Love which Jesus made known, will suffer the doom of the second death.

When Jesus said: “Work while it is day, for the night cometh when no man can work.” He meant that while the Celestial Kingdom is open for spirits to enter therein we must work, for when this Kingdom is closed the work and the Angelic laborers will cease, and man and spirits be left to an eternity in the spirit spheres.

Jesus and the Celestials are constantly working in the spirit spheres. When this Kingdom is closed then the Kingdom of the Perfect Natural Man will be the only Kingdom that will be open to all spirits who have refused to seek the inflowing of the Divine Love into their souls that is necessary to obtain, to have the consciousness and certainty of immortality that Jesus brought to light when he told Nicodemus “you must be born again.”

Jesus also taught in His messages that God’s spirit and His laws are constantly working upon all mortals and spirits. His laws being perfect, and in time all the hells will be emptied and all the spirits from these hells will finally progress not by the mere fiat of God, but by the spirits seeking to free their souls from all sin and error, and eventually progress to the Kingdom of the Perfect Natural man. This also includes those spirits that have refused the New Birth and wish to stay in the sixth sphere and be happy with the Natural Love and further stagnation.

Whether these spirits will live for all eternity only God knows. But there is one memory that may last as eternity rolls on, and that is that they neglected to seek for that higher love - Divine Love - and if they should become unhappy, which is possible, since changes do take place in the spirit world, just as they do on earth. God in His Love and Mercy may allow their souls to disintegrate into the elements of which they were first created. Jesus, who possesses the Father’s Divine Love in such exceeding abundance, and greater than any other of the Celestial Spirits, and has a closer communion with the Father, says: that he does not know what the future destiny will be for the Perfect Natural Man.

However, God does know that immortality is certain for those that have obtained the New Birth and a great uncertainty for those that have not.

Very often before giving my talks I read an important message from the “TRUE GOSPEL REVEALED ANEW BY JESUS,” and then I explain the message. Because the Father’s Love is so great and broad and deep that it reaches down into the lowest hells as well as into the Highest Heavens and no mortal or spirit will be deprived of the Father’s Divine Love if they will only pray for it with all the earnest longings of their soul and when they obtain this love, their darkness and suffering will leave them and they will progress into the bright spheres.

And after I have referred again to the law of rapport and how all spirits can make the favorable condition to see these bright spirits and obtain their help. I then direct all spirits present to send out all the longings of their souls that God will send the bright spirits to them and if they will do it right now, then the barriers between them and these bright spirits will dissolve and you will see them, and they will be very happy to let you know of their personal experience and how they made their progress to the Celestial Heavens.

After I have done this, I have the wonderful experience of seeing most beautiful lights from the many high spirits. These lights seem to surround me and envelop my whole body and the wonderful feeling that comes to me from these spirits I can hardly express in words. These Celestial Spirits circle around me for some time, then I realize without any doubt that these Divine Spirits were present, and then I tell all spirits who are present, the bright spirits are now here and I tell them to look earnestly around until they see them and then go with them, and they will receive help that they so badly are in need and that they will be shown the way to the Celestial Heavens. I then extend my arms to all spirits present and radiate the wonderful love and power and pray to the Heavenly Father to bless them and fill their souls with His Great Divine Love in abundance.

Dr. Leslie R. Stone.


Dr. Leslie R. Stone spoke almost every day to mortals and spirits since 1915, or just shortly after Mr. James E. Padgett received the gift of automatic writing and Jesus selection of him to do this kind of work, when the request was made from the spirit side of life for more knowledge of the truths that were being received from Jesus as well as other Celestials writers on the New Birth, so that the souls in the Spirit World may also obtain the Divine Love of the Father and progress into the Celestial Heavens; and these talks continued until his passing into the Spirit World on January 6th, 1967.