True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Paul the Apostle comments on the importance of spiritualist leaders knowing and teaching the Truths of the Divine Love.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Paul (the Apostle).

As Mark has just written you, it is a great pity that a man in the position of a teacher of Spiritualism should not know more of the truth, so that he may disclose it to those who listen to him and have confidence in his knowledge. And it may be that sometime you will have the opportunity to read both messages to him, and the result may be that he will seek for the truth in the way that shall be pointed out, and when he does so in earnestness he will find it, and make his find a blessing to many with whom he may come in contact.

It is very unfortunate that the leaders of his great truth of Spiritualism - and it is a truth, and one that will ultimately supersede the old religions whenever it comes in contact or association with people who think for themselves - should have such little knowledge of what a true understanding of it would enable them to teach. We spirits have for a long time endeavored to enlighten these leaders, and, at times, been enabled to impress upon them some of the vital truths; but these efforts have not been very successful until now, when we are able to deliver our messages through your writings.

But this endeavor will become more and more earnest or successful in the future, and many of these people who are anxious to learn the true religion and are waiting only for some authoritative source, will learn, and among them will be many leaders of what is now called Spiritualism.

The work is one that must become world-wide in its results, for the soul of every man on earth, no matter where he may be, is worthy to be saved, and, as you know, if the start toward regeneration can be made on earth, the progress in the spirit world will be so much more rapid. I know that the spread of the truth will take much time, but when the commencement is made, the progress will be more rapid.

I do not think I should write more tonight, and will only add that the evangelization must start very soon, and those who work to start the truth on the way to the knowledge of men must put all their energies and love into the work. You know that now are very few - only three - who have any conception of the truth and of what the plan is for the making known of these truths to the world, yet Christianity was started by only one besides the Master - I mean John the Baptist - and he, as I must tell you, did not have the knowledge of the truth as you three have it this day, and did not have behind him the powers of the Celestial Heavens, as you have. His mission was performed and Christianity would have been a success if its truths had not become lost, and perished by the acts of men who did not have in their souls the Love that has been given to you.

The truth perished, and men perished, so far as their souls’ salvation was concerned, to a large degree.

But now these truths will not perish, because they will be preserved in living type, and no copying and recopying will be needed, and no additions will be made to or anything taken away from the writings of the spirits who are now engaged in formulating these truths. It will not be a failure this time, and the way to the Kingdom of God in the Celestial Heavens will be made plain and no man will have an excuse for not walking therein; and those who do not will have a greater penalty to pay than was required of the pagans and Jews who lived in the time of Jesus, or who have lived since that time, for with increased opportunities to learn the truth will come increased obligations, and the one who neglects will have that lost opportunity as a part of his consciousness - and this may be after he becomes the perfect man, for I tell you here that the memory of may lasts even when the highest perfection is reached as to those things which it is not necessary for man to lose in order to become the perfect man.

Well, you are tired and I will not write more. So with my love to yourself and your friends, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,