True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

The importance of spiritualist teachers knowing the truth about the physical part of creation as well as the relationship of things spiritual.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, John Mark:

I will write a few lines and let you know that I have listened tonight to your comments on the book of the Spiritualist teacher, and as I heard the Doctor read extracts, and then your comments, I was convinced that the writer did not know very much about either the laws controlling what may be called the physical part of Creation, or those controlling the spiritual existence and relationship of things spiritual.

It is a pity that men in his position do not make an effort to learn more of the truth in reference to these things, for it is not necessary, even, that he should have a knowledge of the truths that have been conveyed to you in order to learn many spiritual truths that would enable him to teach his followers those things that would advance them in the true knowledge of Spiritualism.

I do not know the man personally, as I have never been in his society, and have therefore never had the opportunity to observe his condition of soul and mind; and what I see is based entirely on what I heard read and what was said in your conversation. But this great error I do know that he is all wrong when he said that there is no God in the universe, but some eternal force which he calls God. It is probable that his knowledge is so limited and that he attempts to teach others the truths of the spiritual universe. I will go sometime when you visit him and learn just what his condition of soul and mind is, and then impress you so that possibly you may do him some good in the way of teaching him the truth.

You may think it strange that I should write to you on this subject, that his learning the truth is a thing of sufficient importance to give my attention to, as there are so many things to be written you. But I realize that he is in the position of a teacher of Spiritualism, and that he has the opportunity to influence a great many mortals who are seeking the truth and who believe that he may be able to enlighten them. This is the only reason that prompted me to consume your time in this writing.

Of course, his soul is one of a million, and is no more valuable or precious in the sight of God than the soul of any other mortal, and to select his soul for a special effort of salvation would not justify me in ignoring others, in the way of seeking them out, or in permitting them to learn the truth from spirits who may be interested in them and having the privilege to communicate through you. But for the reason stated I thought it advisable to suggest to you what I have written.

That is all I can write tonight. So believe that I am interested in your work, although I do not come here very often.

I am your brother in Christ,

John Mark