Messages 1969

Kentor - Visitor from another Galaxy.

August 12th, 1969

Vancouver. B.C.

Medium not known.


Yes, I am very happy to be here, and I am pleased. I have been interested
 and have spent most of the day in your fair city, watching the people and it 
is very difficult to comprehend the reasoning of the people of this planet,
 because I see that even when truth is received it is not always accepted.

It is set aside in books and libraries. I do not understand this and I 
have come to the conclusion that it must be caused by the lack of trust
 since you do not have this ability to be aware of the true condition of people you contact, because otherwise there is considerable knowledge which has 
already reached this planet and yet it doesn’t seem to be acted upon and it
 does not seem to be well known. You still have these problems of pollution. Perhaps 
it is the monetary system you use here that hinders you from working together.

You have all these chemicals creating pollution, in your water and your air and yet I know also scientifically these have already been overcome on your planet but nothing is done. And then again I see the differences of plenty and poverty. There seems to be no feeling of love for one’s fellow man. I don’t seem to understand this, I don’t have the capacity to understand, how, having the knowledge that these problems are not attended to. I know that money seems important to you on Earth and yet in my reasoning 
I can’t understand how a piece of paper can have more value than a human 
life or a soul, I don’t understand the reasoning of the people of this
 planet. I understand when we visit these planets and they lack the knowledge for advancement, where they are primitive people and they have no greater knowledge and we can bring this knowledge to them and it is helpful to them. But I see here a great deal of knowledge has already been given to this planet you call Earth. But by those in authority, nothing is done and yet, I see great amounts of money spent on destruction. I wonder, if any of you could enlighten me on this?

(an explanation expressed here)

But then I see the feelings of guilt and fear which indicates the consciousness and the conscience of the individual are at work and for any intelligent man the power of reason would bring him to the conclusion that those things that were of the greatest benefit to all civilization would, in turn, benefit him to a greater extent than where he to attempt to attain these things for himself, because it would not be possible for him without the help of his fellow man to manufacture and produce of all these things which we have on our planet which could also be used by you.
 These could not be to one alone, they would of necessity embrace the entire nation, the entire earth. It would be compulsory, so therefore, when individuals work as a group, the group as a whole must benefit far more greatly than one individual regardless of the amount of power and wealth he 
obtains. Still he would not be in a position that I can see where he can
 benefit from the power that he does hold or the wealth that he does hold,
 for you see, they still have illnesses and those that have this great
 power are unable to help those they love. And man’s reasoning power - I
 see there is the intelligence here that man has the ability to reason, then
 one’s reasoning power should bring to him the knowledge that what is good 
for all humanity must in the end be of greater benefit to him, so though he be selfish in his desires, his selfishness should make him, through his 
reasoning powers, be eager that all mankind should benefit. Does this
 not seem logical?

(comment given here).

Yes, but, then this knowledge has already been on this earth plane for some years, when a truth has been discovered and it has proven to be correct then it is accepted and those with whom we trade exchange this information, new truths as they become available and they are acted upon for the good of all. There are those areas which we try to avoid because of the bestiality of the people. I was of the opinion that they lacked an intelligent power but on this earth plane I see that there is an intelligent power and quite a high 
intelligence of a great many of the people. Even those of the primitive 
tribes have a potentiality of intelligence which is not available in other 
areas where life exists. So my observations are merely speculations and I
 do not have the answer to your problems. I am curious from a scientific 
point of view, curious because I see the intellectual knowledge and yet I
 see the lack of application of this knowledge. Still one would think that
 normal reasoning could and should bring about a much higher (at this point
, a plan of action from the Celestial Spheres was mentioned). So this is
 the reason why I am not able at this time to bring through scientific knowledge. I see that this is the cause, I see. Well, it is very interesting
 and I certainly wish you success in your venture.

( We asked him a question
 as to soul growth on his planet in relation to earth conditions in the past.)

It might have been, but in the known history it has never been so, but 
then we do not know when our galaxy was created or when it was originally 
populated and there are no records that we have that date back to the time 
of creation of our galaxy or to the beginning of our existence on that
 planet so I could not answer your question.

(We ask a question - are they
 like us intellectual, lazy and do they put much effort into things)

A. As children we learn an important truth, that it is impossible for us to 
deceive one another, so therefore, our accomplishments or lack of accomplishments are known to one another and we of our planet have a greater love for one another and we do desire not out of necessity, but we truly desire to help one another. And we are motivated more by love and it seems to me that individually we put forth more effort because we are motivated by love to do so.

It gives us great pleasure to be of assistance to another - gives us happiness and joy. I could see here where there is so much want that it would give those from where I dwell great happiness to teach and give the material 
things of which we have a great abundance, but they would be happy, we would 
all be happy to share what we had for you see we do not have the fear of want
 or poverty. We have always known abundance. We have never known want or
 poverty. We do not know lack of love or material possession. We have no
 monetary system as you do.

Q. Do you make a transition as we do?

A. Yes, we have a spirit body, we lose our material body.

Q. How long does the average person live on your planet.

A. Many hundreds of years. Yes, but you see we are most anxious to travel and enlighten others who lack the abilities that we have, so our desire to give is very strong. Yes, you do need soul growth on your planet and as I have been told there is no purpose in my coming to bring information which shall be shelved along with other information which is already shelved. It would be pointless at this time for me to communicate, although I understand that there are great efforts put forth for direct voice which those of the higher spheres seem to feel will be a phenomenon which will excite the imaginations of the peoples of earth enough that they in turn, will look inward and accept truths, because of the manner in which they are given to mankind. I will return also when you have the direct voice and help you and bring information. I am most interested in this planet and most interested in the peoples here. How strange the earth people do not understand the basic spiritual laws and the laws of nature. Still I am thankful that I have come here and that you have spoken with me and I have had the opportunity to see your city.

I am sorry that you live in these states of unhappiness that you have, 
particularly when so much can be avoided that I see. It is sad enough when one sees suffering which cannot be alleviated, but it is sadder still when 
the means are available and it is withheld. Still I see you have wonderful
 teachers - teachers of light and great soul development. How very fortunate
 for you that they come to this plane of light to give you this information.

Well, I thank you that you have allowed me to make those observations
 and have given me your view points on some of the causes. I would like to do
 more research on this planet and the time will come when I will come again
 and speak to you. Good-bye.