Messages 2003

Humility and Trust.

September 4th, 2003

New York

Received by C.C.


Hello cc, there are many of us here, just ask of whom you would like to hear from.

I said “Solomon”

Dear Son, it is a pleasure to come to you. I was with you when you reflected on my personal note* to you two months ago. There is knowledge that can be possessed and events that can be made known to a child before they unfold, but sometimes (most of the time) it is best for this knowledge to come to them at the most opportune time.

A child that is progressing has much guidance and when he is humble and trusting the knowledge of events and knowledge of things will come to him when it is most advantageous. The child does best when he trusts completely in God and His Laws, which will surely bring into effect the best and the highest results. Often a child that is receptive will observe ‘coincidences’ and this should serve to remind him that he has guidance and that God’s laws are incessantly working. God’s Laws are perfect and they work effortlessly, without interruption, when the child is humble and trusting.

Do you see how these two qualities seem to play together, as if though they were brother and sister? Humility can lead you to trust and when you trust, you naturally exercise humility. Exercising spiritual thinking will help you to perceive things like these. Truth is realized by a soul, when the soul is active in love. God’s Love is a power that cannot be matched and it can be sought for with humility and trust. These two qualities can work out wonderful results, wherever and whenever you choose to exercise them. Love fulfills the purpose of its objects.

In the world that you live in, these qualities would project weakness but then your world only sees through a lens that is preoccupied with the material creations. But you see through a lens that is spiritual and I might add, a lens that sees what is real and true.

And this vision my dear son are your soul perceptions. Soul perceptions are a grand possession and these are exercised to varying degrees. They are as keen as to the amount of Love that is possessed by a soul. The purer that the soul is, the sharper that the soul perceptions are. And purity here is understood as being the measure, of the degree, of the possession of God’s Love by the soul of a child.

I liked how you once referred to the soul perceptions as organs of the soul. This is a worthy analogy. These require care and healthy intake of food. The proper intake of healthy food will help your organs to function at full capacity. Just as your material organs require the proper nutrition, so do your spiritual organs. And the food for your spiritual organs is Love, God’s Substance. And just as you must chew your food and swallow the nutrients, prayer, of course, is what causes the in taking and inflowing of God’s essence.

I feel that you are getting sleepy and so I will leave you to rest. We thank you for the opportunity to express our thoughts and we pray for all of our brothers and sisters that are seeking the proper nutrition for their souls.