Messages 2003

Millions of Souls, Millions of Paths.

December 5, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Medium prays; Dear Father in Heaven, I love You. I want to know the truth. I feel that whatSolomon wrote through cc is accurate – that there are many (millions?) of groups of spirits working with groups of mortals in the flesh to assist them in their spiritual development, and that these groups are attracted to one another according to similar interests and rapport. I want us to love and respect one another and accept that we each are on a pathway which we feel happy with and comfortable in, and that we don’t have to attempt to convince the other that there may be errors in their teachings. Do our wise, loving Celestial guardians have any suggestions for me? AMEN


You know, my dear sister that we will continue to deliver the “same ol’, same ol’ guidance” and suggestions as always – for your own peace of mind and development of soulful love you need only love them, love them, and love them. And love yourself enough to know when to stop interacting if the interchanges are becoming repetitious and unproductive.

Of course, we are not suggesting here that you just say, “What beautiful weather we’re having. How is it in your neighborhood?” It’s okay for everyone to be on his and her own spiritual pathway. There is no point to having the opinion that you are more advanced or something couldn’t possibly be true, because the mind’s concept of what is true and what is not will go through changes as the soul develops in Love.

It isn’t you who “allows” others to hang onto their beliefs as long as they are happy in them – this is a God-given choice of free will. Most spiritual teachings convey ideas which speak to the souls or minds of their followers, and as long as people are content to believe in these concepts, they will continue along this pathway, satisfied that they are getting something out of it, finding comfort in their sense of belonging.

It might take years for people in a group to discover that the teachings they are following no longer give them the upliftment or joyfulness they originally felt. Some will fall away, some will go onto other pathways – it is an individual decision. And as spiritual growth brings about positive changes, no one who is making spiritual progress will remain stagnant.

When you have embraced a concept which you feel in your heart is helping expand your awareness and overcoming your anxieties and blocks you will want to adhere to that pathway as long as it serves you well. It is becoming clearer to you now why it is so important to be motivated by your love in everything you do. It is only through the manifestation of your love that others will begin to see the changes which are coming about in your life and be willing to listen to your spiritual teachings. They will want to discover what you’re doing which causes these amazing changes in your life.

Changes must be made in the soul. If you bring about healings by channeling loving spiritual energies, this is evidence that there are higher spiritual powers, but these events in themselves do not cause a person to seek truth with soulful longings. If you gain followers who are attracted to your group because of spiritual phenomena, this will in no way guarantee that they will embrace the concept of Love. The way to at-Onement with God is to long for the inflowing of His Gift of Grace which has the power to change the very quality and essence of the soul into the Substance of God’s Love; this is the Way, the Truth, and the Life restored and renewed, transformed from the image into the Essence of the Divine.

A soul who is humble and sincere in its devotion to God will receive God’s Grace, however, the person may not understand how these blessings have been received. Mental concepts may not work in unison with soulful longings, and this person’s spiritual pathway may be cluttered with “debris.” As the soul progresses and receives more of God’s Grace – Divine Love – through aware intentions and humble desires to serve God and be in harmony with His will, the soul will grasp higher spiritual truths and eventually come into harmony with God’s higher laws and develop its greatest potential that God has bestowed upon all of His children.

In the meantime, on earth and in the spiritual heavens, there are spirits and mortals on thousands of pathways, all holding different beliefs which suit their choices to feel the adventure and challenge of new-found interpretations, and all of which may enhance spiritual growth. It just may take longer for the soul to become imbued with the higher Substance of Love if a person follows a pathway that is more intricately involved in mental gyrations and complications rather than a soulful devotion and surrender to God’s Will.

It comes down to an individual choice of what “feels right.” What do you want to accomplish on your chosen path, how do you want to interact with others? It is all good! We are all God’s beloved children exercising our free will choices. We love and accept each and every person with their faults and imperfections. God’s laws oversee everyone – no one is overlooked. Not even a sparrow will fall without Gods knowing.

Live and let live. Love everyone. Know that we all create our own destiny through our own choices and actions. Your job as a divine soul is to be an example of Love, activating the Christ Spirit, and demonstrating it to the best of your ability every day, in everything you do.

Even though the Divine Love teachings are simple, we are aware of the fact that they are not always easy to put into motion in your lives on a daily basis because you need to implement the soulful changes in your love nature by changing your attitude, habit pattern and reactions to lifeÂ’s dealings and interchanges with fellow human beings.

You know the formula for soulful progress toward at-Onement with God; you have been putting it into practice for many years and it shows. Keep up the good work. Have faith in God’s providence and you will benefit, even in your material/physical life. As you progress in Love and elevate your awareness and consciousness onto higher levels, there is no limit, unless you consider reaching at-Onement with God a limit!

We are still on our way toward that goal; we continue to be blessed with goodness and joy and new unfoldings. Enjoy your daily opportunities, give your love without fear of being rejected because the joy comes from giving and the Love comes from God.

There is no need to make comparisons or try to infiltrate, overlap, or intermingle if there is discomfort or disagreement on anyone’s part. Do your own thing. Follow your own path. Know that God Loves you wherever and whoever you are.

We love you and we will be by your sides throughout your earth lives and beyond. You have taken my message essentially as I intended it to be received. I am your friend and brother in Christ, who has been with this Divine Love group even before the 1970’s and had a hand in its formation and development, Peter the Apostle with Joseph, the father of Jesus, and Andrew, your guardian, and others. Never feel alone or abandoned; know that you are loved and protected and you will continue your development in God’s Grace.