Messages 2003

Mozart’s experiences in spirit.

January 2nd, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

I have been waiting patiently all these years to communicate with mortals. I want to thank you most sincerely for this opportunity.

As you are well aware, my personality was unfairly and inaccurately portrayed in the film Amadeus. It was an artistic construction, and works on a dramatic basis. But it in no way resembled how I lived my life and how I related to other people. I tended to be rather shy and reserved. I knew I had an extraordinary gift and facility with music, but I didn’t advertise this in a boastful way. I just accepted it, and thanked the Good Lord, whom I believed in most sincerely, for this gift.

I was a devout Catholic, though I didn’t always follow all the rules. By devout, I mean that I accepted the basic dogmas and premises that the Catholic Church propounded. However, after I passed over and observed, in this world of spirit, the utter helplessness of so many Catholic souls, I concluded that I had to reexamine these various doctrines. And as soon as I came to that conviction, I found that opportunities presented themselves to help me in my quest.

I died, as you know, fairly young. Of course, the circumstances of my death were tragic, since it was a great loss for my wife and children. But the joy of being reunited with some of my loved ones, soon took away the pain and sadness, until I actually become genuinely happy to be free of earth cares.

And then I realized that my musical gift was given to me for a specific purpose. Of course, I had always believed that God was the origin of my musical ability. But what I mean is that it all made sense in a way which was impossible to see when I was a mortal; there was another dimension added to my understanding of my music as related to my destiny. This conviction crystallized as I observed how on earth my music became accepted and loved as part of the beloved heritage. Of course, this was tremendously gratifying. But it also elevated my soul (since I was essentially humble) to think differently about my destiny.

Once that different way of thinking was in place, the door was open to explore more openly the spiritual significance of my life. With this as my compass, I began to reflect on the Catholic and Biblical beliefs in a new way. Of course, when I was on earth, if someone dared to say that the Bible was wrong about certain matters, I would have consigned that person to heresy. But in this world of spirits, where everything is naked, I had a very different perception. I reasoned that if someone had believed implicitly in the Biblical plan of salvation, why were so many of these souls in darkness? Something was wrong somewhere.

And then there came to me the thought that God is Love, and that He had given me my musical gift to bring pleasure and elevate people’s souls through the creation of beauty. Once I pondered on the idea that God is Love, it was inevitable that I find my way to the New Birth that Jesus taught. And what a corresponding happiness has been mine.

I thank you for receiving this message. It has meant a great deal to me to express my thoughts in this way. I am no longer a tragedy, but a splendid success.

May you be happy in the coming days.




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