Messages 2007

Mozart adds to his previous message.

July 17, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Mozart.

Let me channel for you an addition to what I said in your previous channeling of me on January 2, 2003. I said there the following:

“As you are well aware, my personality was unfairly and inaccurately portrayed in the film Amadeus. It was an artistic construction, and works on a dramatic basis. But it in no way resembled how I lived my life and how I related to other people. I tended to be rather shy and reserved.”

What I meant is that it was a distortion, a caricature, drawn from certain true traits. I possessed a great pride and assertiveness about my musical gift, and a fun-loving nature. I was indeed shy and reserved in many situations, but at other times, I could be the life of the party.

Since I was in my way devout, I felt a certain reserved quality of decorum was appropriate in many social situations. So I could be both shy and extroverted, depending on the specific situation. By “shy,” I meant, holding myself back.