Messages 2003

Musical Passion in the Celestial Heavens.

January 27-29th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Beethoven.

I come tonight to convey a message regarding the musical experience in the Celestial Heavens. As I mentioned at the end of my previous message, there are some Celestial spirits who are fairly consumed with music, of which I am one. These spirits partake of music in a different way. That is, it seems to mean more, even though to all Celestial spirits music is deeply satisfying. I am not implying any value judgments - there is no “better,” since all are equal. But it is noticed that the effect of music is somehow deeper, somehow more complete with these particular spirits.

Celestial spirits have in common with mortals the diversity of gifts. Some of the former have gifts in organization and administration. Others naturally assume prominent leadership roles because it is their nature to do so. And so, in a similar way, some Celestial spirits display a passion for music that is uncommon even here.

I know it is hard for me to communicate ways of being that are essentially foreign to mortals, but it should be easy to understand this musical passion, since some mortals display this gift. Our ways of being are different from yours, since we are no longer subject to the material laws of the mortal life. Yet the common ground is in the soul development, that is, the perception that soul can understand life better than mind. When a mortal understands that music proceeds from the soul, and that when music moves someone, it is the elevation of the soul that is felt, then that mortal will more readily understand the subject of my message tonight. This subject is difficult to treat in your earthly language.

Let me use an analogy. It’s the difference between seeing a person in front you, and knowing and loving that same person. There is truth in both perceptions. Yet the second example goes so much deeper because it partakes of another dimension, the dimension of love. And when this love is actually in the New Birth soul condition, the dimensions change astronomically.

(January 29, 2003) I will finish my message of two days ago. As I was saying, we here in the Celestial Heavens always honor any musical expression that comes our way. There is a feeling that our lives are music, for we are able to integrate the musical themes and ideas in such a way that we have a blissful experience. And this experience becomes permanently attached to our soul - in other words, it gives us insight and helps us grow.

Though you are keenly aware of the limitations in my conveying to mortals what it is like in the Celestial Heavens, it was felt by us that an attempt should be made. As your soul grows in the Love, it will become easier and easier to receive and grasp what I may attempt to say. But for now, we are pleased that you are at least trying, and that you recognize your responsibility.

Let me close here. Have a peaceful and fulfilling evening.

Love, Beethoven