Messages 2003

The Exodus Story - 2.

January 11th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Moses.

I come today to continue my narrative of the Exodus story.

As can be imagined, we were all so thrilled that we were no longer in bondage. As we walked out of Egypt into the wilderness, we were crying with joy, and we had a lot of faith. It was exhilarating, and we did not doubt that we would be happy and safe.

But the first dark cloud occurred when the Egyptians pursued us at the water’s edge. Though the sea was not very deep, we did not know how we could escape in time. But strange as it may seem, at a certain point, the Egyptians just stopped and turned back. I asked Pharaoh in the spirit world about this. He said that he had every intention of slaughtering all of us, or at least bringing us back to slavery. But there was a brilliant white light which acted like a barrier, through which he could not pass. And also, this frightened him. So they decided to turn back. I know I have been debunking the so-called miracles of the Bible story, but this is what I was told by Pharaoh.

So once again we had cause to rejoice. The wilderness, of course, was foreign to us, and we did not know how to provide for ourselves. But God came through for us again. There were no manna and quail, but there were certain vegetable growths which were edible, and also certain small animals which we were able to kill. As to water, before long, we did come upon a stream for our use.

The people, after awhile, began to grumble, as certain hardships appeared. After the initial elation, and the miraculous rescue from Pharaoh, they soon forgot all that God had done for them. I had my hands full with trying to encourage them to have faith. As the Bible accurately states, some of them even wished they could be back in Egypt. This behavior unnerved me. I couldn’t understand how they could be so faithless and ungrateful.

At a certain point in our journey, I was guided to go up in a mountain alone. There I received psychically the Law, writing down the Ten Commandments on soft stone, using hard stone as my writing implement.

The story of the golden calf is true. And, when I saw it upon descending from the holy mountain, I was so angry and upset that I smashed the tablets containing the Ten Commandments to the ground. This is also true.

We wandered for many years, and then I realized that I was going to die. I preferred to go up into the mountain and meet my Maker there. I was tired not just from old age, but also from the unreasonable demands of my people. It felt good to die in peace.

I am pleased with the reception of my thoughts. Allow yourself the luxury of enjoying every moment, for you will be having many fulfilling experiences in the weeks ahead.

Love, Moses