Messages 2003

War, and an Army.

March 24th 2003

Received by PJR.

New York City.


Dear Dad & Friends,

A special thank you toDavid. Looks like only he could write something that would finally get me to publish one. My Love for him, and all of you, grows as I grow.



I am here to write, your Dad.

That was well done on sending David’s message to those who might make it public. Yes, you see what a lift it gives to your soul-being to now, finally become a more active participant in spreading the message of Divine Love. This is about the greatest thing you can become engaged in. Yes, right up there next to the successful saving of some soul from the eventual second death by bringing them into the light of Divine Love. Speaking of such a one, Tolkein would like to write.


Don’t worry, someday I will have written you enough times for you to get the spelling of my name down correctly.

I saw unimaginable horrors during my brief time in World War I. Such loss of life; not to mention the loss of innocence. You just can not imagine, or rather: Your imagining of it cannot really bring to you the true feeling and sensations that arise within you from witnessing it. Oh yes, I shot and killed, as did most everyone. And the horror had no end.

I want to say to you that no matter what the situation or how you justify it, war is wrong and that stands in an absolute sense. It is absolutely true.

As you can see man will apply his own notion of right and wrong and then act thereupon. Do you need any more graphic demonstration of the fact, and the way, that man has fallen from the path the Divine Father gave man when He gave man his existence? The fall continues today, and may be said to be in progress until all are turned to the light of Divine Love.

However, relatively speaking, things are, believe it or not, on a very good track, and there is abundant Hope — much more than before the Master walked upon our Earth. You need only look at the march of progress: very slow, apparently unsteady, though it appears to be.

And as over-fortuitous as it may seem to you, please allow me to say that the second coming of Jesus marked a second accomplishment or turning point of greater hope. The first brought the Master’s message of the restored opportunity, and indeed that restoration itself. The second brought and continues to bring an army (if you will pardon that term in these days of battles) of Divinely Lit souls alive as mortals on the scene, and an army whose main disadvantage is it knows not the true extent of its reach and power. But not to worry; I will tell you—

Your prayers to the Father that all situations (not just war) receive the infusion of Love from Him through his children (that’s us!) will be multiplied by your numbers; although it is not your numbers but the Love Divine that will in the end win over the day. So pray and desire for the Father’s Love to enter your being and from there flow out into the world seeking its object of change.

I know you have been thinking of me off and on and I am happy to report that thanks to the early start you gave me, I am now in the Celestial Heavens and a partaker of the Love. So I know what I am talking about. Yes, I would have landed here sooner or later anyway; and yes, there was that in my soul that attracted me to you when I was, but still, you were there and informed me as you did and yes, Riddle and I are great friends now.

So hoping you will see fit to publish this for the benefit of those I spoke of, I will excuse myself and sign my name.

JRR Tolkein.

That’s ien OK?