Messages 2007

A Native American perspective on society.

January 10th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Uharu.

Yes, I have been selected by my people to represent them to you. I will now channel additional information about my earth culture. (Previous message here)

We California Ohlone Natives perceived life in a sacred context. We thus did not distinguish the sacred from the secular. You note that this is a major aspect of your own native Jewish culture, and so it is. So there is a kinship.

For us, everything was sacred - work routines, the rhythms of Nature, and all the complex and manifold aspects of our life as a tribe.

We were small in number. We had, as all cultures, such things as puberty rites and marriage ceremonies. Marriage for us was not so significant as it is in your culture, but puberty was of supreme importance, for welcoming a young adult into adult life had almost a sacramental meaning for us, and our ceremonies and rituals reflected this.

Yes, you channeled that right - for us, puberty marked the transition from childhood to adulthood, and they were expected to immediately fulfill their adult roles in our society.

There were specified functions for everyone. Women had certain tasks, and so did men. There was a very specific division of labor, and everyone was expected to do what was ordained.

I know that in your culture, there is much thought given to breaking this pattern. It is seen as bad that certain people should have specific roles in society. Let me comment on this.

Our society functioned perfectly for our needs. We were happy, and we showed our appreciation by giving thanks to our Creator.

But it is a new earth reality in your contemporary world. What served us perfectly well no longer serves the emerging needs of humanity. For I clearly perceive that in this regard, and in many other ways, humanity has advanced, so that it would be ignorant of me to assert that my people’s ways were better. They were what was needed for that time.

Now, since the Creator has a plan unfolding, there will be a different arrangement of roles, and in this worldwide movement, your country, the United States, will play a leading role.

Yes, there are many traditional societies left on the Earth, and your country will have a policy of respecting them. But many within these same societies will be motivated to change based on your country’s example. Indeed, this is already taking place.

One way or another, peace will come to Earth, and justice will prevail.

You are confused. You are thinking, how can there be justice if injustices of traditional societies are respected instead of opposed? Well, these traditional people will make contact with Americans, who will have an attitude of respect. This will produce a reciprocal feeling of respect, so that each society will learn from the other.

And indeed, in your country, the United States, a crucial change will occur when American Native views about Nature and the land are respected, and the destructive present policies are rejected. This is an example of how the Native view will supersede the other view, and it is in this capacity that the United States will be an example to the world.

And yet all the best of contemporary American society - the wealth, the technology, and the know-how - will be retained. What I mean by “best” is, the use of these factors to advance human welfare.

On a personal note, deliverance is at hand for you. Your mind will revert to normal retention ability. It is the stress and fear that is causing this difficulty, and when the difficulty is removed, you will revert back to normal functioning. So anticipate coming happiness and relief. And in a larger sense, also anticipate a life of exciting service to God in which your dreams will come true, every single one.