Messages 2007

Aaron’s powers.

September 12, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Aaron.

In my message channeled through Mr. Padgett, I said, “In my contest with the magicians of the Egyptian pharaoh, I was afforded the help of the spirit world, and unusual powers were given me, such as I had never had before nor ever afterward; but it was for the purpose of causing the king to let the people of God, as we called ourselves, depart from Egypt. When this was accomplished, I never again possessed these powers or had any occasion to.”

In your channeling of Moses of January 9, 2003, my brother says that the decision to let our people go occurred as a result of a series of rather severe thunderstorms. You are wondering what is the connection between these two sets of incidents.

Well, many attempts were made to change Pharaoh’s mind. He was impressed by the display of my powers, but he always held back. That is because of his pride. He did not wish to yield to an unknown power whom he felt was inferior.

You are wondering, why were these powers given me if they did not result in deliverance? Well, they most certainly prepared the way, so that when the deciding thunderclap struck, Pharaoh had been prepared to relent.

His pride had been eroded gradually, each incident building in a crescendo effect, until God granted us the victory. My powers forced him to admit that my God was real and powerful. It only remained to dislodge his pride.