Messages 2007

Shakespeare - Anne Hathaway.

August 14, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, William Shakespeare.

First, let me clarify what I meant in my statement in your channeling of August 12, 2007, Shakespeare’s Life - 1: “He [Joseph] says that my regret and suffering for sins committed in the earth life did not last long. But you feel this contradicts the fact that it did take me 400 years to get to the seventh sphere. What Joseph meant is that some spirits spend centuries and centuries struggling with their darkness.”

What I meant, obviously, is that these other spirits have stayed in darkness for centuries more than I did, and that I did progress out of darkness long after many other spirits remained in darkness.

Anne Hathaway, who would become my wife, was eight years older than I was. This was an unusual arrangement in those days. Though she was pregnant when we were married, that is not why I married her. I did it because I loved her, pure and simple.

As Mr. Ackroyd points out, we had already made a commitment to each other in an informal ceremony called a “troth-plight.” So, it wasn’t scandalous, as long as we were married when our child was born, which did occur.

Yes, I say I loved her, despite my 18 years. The death of my sister, my experiences in the world, and my acute perceptions about life matured me very early. I was thus ready for marriage.

The ring found in the 19th century bearing the initials W S was not mine.

I had known her long before I courted her. Courtship just naturally evolved as I became aware of my feelings toward her.

We were married in the church of Temple Grafton, and not in St. Martin’s Church in Worcester, as has been supposed. The ceremony was not overtly Catholic, but had many Catholic elements in it.