Messages 2007

Shakespeare’s Life - 1.

August 12, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, William Shakespeare.

As you have gathered, I guided you to this wonderful book, “Shakespeare The Biography” by Peter Ackroyd. I want you to read it, and as you do, I will comment as needed on the text.

Let me first comment on something that you channeled through me in my message dated January 24, 2003. I said there, “Well, so much has happened to me since I crossed over, that it is a little hard to remember details of my earth life.”

As you know, certain spirits, of which I am one, retain details of their earth life long into spirit existence. I had, since my spirit journey toward the New Birth, not drawn extensively on these memories. It is only with these coming channelings that I will start to do so. These memories were always in my mind, but I had to get used to drawing on them. That is what I meant. I have been surprised how these memories have all come back in a rush.

I’d like now to clarify something else in the channeling about me from Joseph dated December 27, 2002. He says that my regret and suffering for sins committed in the earth life did not last long. But you feel this contradicts the fact that it did take me 400 years to get to the seventh sphere. What Joseph meant is that some spirits spend centuries and centuries struggling with their darkness. So, he meant it in a relative way.

My intention, in the message of January 24, 2003, was to supply an introduction to the channelings that will now follow. I gathered my thoughts, and proceeded to discuss the cause and effect between my earth life and my spirit life. Now, I will focus on the details of my earth life, for the benefit of humanity.