Messages 2008

Idealism of the Founding Fathers.

April 19th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Benjamin Franklin.

Yes, there was a very conservative influence of us founding fathers, as well as an idealistic feeling, at the Constitutional Convention. We had to put together a government that would work and that would be safe for us.

Many have argued that there was no idealism at all, that we simply, as you say, “feathered our own nest.” And, of course, there would be some justification for that opinion based on the economic realities of the time. And yes, we failed with the slavery issue because we saw we could not succeed without the support of the southern states.

There was indeed a strong idealistic component to our efforts, based on certain Enlightenment principles which were well-known and shared. I channeled yesterday’s message in the context of providing hope for the current situation, and also of reflecting the greater spiritual awareness that progressing in the spirit world has brought us. I am a different soul from the one who lived on earth. I see certain things so much more clearly.

So, however one wishes to interpret our motives, it is important to understand that lofty idealism was certainly a part of our thinking, in addition to a conservative desire to meet certain earth realities - it was both.

I was at the time intensely aware of our shortcomings, but I also knew that something higher was in the air.