Messages 2008

Judgment of the Founding Fathers.

July 24th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Benjamin Franklin.

You are reading a book about us founding fathers, written by a man who is very critical of what we did. You channeled me correctly in the past. We did indeed provide for ourselves. We also had in mind a system that would be an improvement over governments in the past.

You are wondering how I fared in the accounting to God in this particular. Well, I had done many things, which history records, for the welfare of the people of our new country. And you will remember that when the Constitution was completed, I did not wholly agree with it, but went along, in the interest of national unity.

So, in answer to your query, I fared rather well. Other founding fathers fared poorly. As you have gathered, this includes the slaveholders, who discovered, to their horror, that their own slaves were subject to exactly the same laws as they were. Some spirits of slaves poured abuse on their former masters, while others were able to let the whole thing go and move on.

As you continue your reading, always be aware that everyone has a distinct point of view, and that it is your privilege to come to your own conclusions.