Messages 2008

Politicians in the Spirit World - 2.

June 18th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, William Howard Taft.

Let me comment on what I said in my previous channeling:

“What usually preoccupies a politician, as politician, is not an examination of one’s soul, but a calculated attempt to maintain power and defeat one’s opponents.”

Then, I went on to describe a true desire for service. I was in no way judging or maligning my fellow politicians. I was just describing how it has been in our country’s system. I did not wish to imply that matters of conscience and soul-searching did not occupy politicians’ attention. There have been those who have indeed paid attention to this still small voice of conscience. But in the difficult reality that is politics, it is as I have described.

The specifically “political” and competitive reality has its effect on the spirits of these politicians, for, having engaged in this sort of thinking on earth, it becomes difficult to cope with the realities over here. And so, for example, rivalries and hatreds continue over here, though it is true that reconciliation has also occurred.

And throughout our history, there have been those politicians who, though skilled in the political process, nevertheless are able to assert also their higher self, though this is sometimes difficult in the heat of battle.

I wasn’t being cynical. I was just stating a reality. A politician is a person before being a politician, and as such, is always making choices that have a reciprocal effect on that person’s soul.

I have spoken to many spirits who engaged in politics in our country. They concur with what I have said. They have told me that the profession placed unusual demands on them, and that it was often difficult to do what they wanted. They often described these pressures as unfair.

So, I was talking from the point of view of this side of life, where everything is revealed. And I bless all those who truly served their country in sincere devotion.