Messages 2009

Richard Rodgers’ Experiences.

October 13th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Richard Rodgers.

You are coming to the end of reading my biography [by Meryle Secrest], and your eyes are now open to what I was on Earth. Yes, I died an atheist and an alcoholic, and there was much in my soul that was out of harmony. But you also read that in my inner life, I had a great deal of sensitivity and richness, and this is also true. I tapped this source to find the ideas in my music. I had said it was just a craft, but I have learned better.

I read your thoughts very well, and you are struggling with doubt about what I channeled through you six years ago. You reason that the sort of progress I referred to would have been impossible given my mental and soul state when I first entered this world of spirits. So let me tell you my story, and when I am through, I guarantee you will feel better.

Before I start, let me say that I sympathize with you. It is always hard to learn the cold hard facts about someone we revere. Well, my dying was extremely difficult, as you can imagine. I declined over a period of time, and then I knew my time had come.

But then, something extraordinary happened inside me, which I had never experienced before. Despite my despair and misery, there was something else - a hope that maybe, just maybe, I was wrong, and death was not the end, and that I might continue to live. And as my thoughts revolved in my head, I thought I saw deceased relatives right in my room! I didn’t tell a soul because I felt they would think me crazy! Indeed, I thought I had gone batty myself.

But these visions persisted long enough for me to know that they were real. I was astounded. And what was so wonderful is that I was isolated toward the end because I wanted it that way, so this enabled me to experience these supernatural things in private. And then, these phantoms spoke to me, and I knew they were truly those I had loved and known. They told me not to be afraid, and that soon, I would join them. This was facilitated by the fact that they also appeared in my dreams at that time, so the transition was made a lot easier. It was as if I had a new lease on life. There I was dying, an atheist who had no hope whatsoever beyond the grave, and now, there was at least something I could hold onto.

And at last, death came, and instead of a horrible, cold, dirty nothing, I experienced the most beautiful thing - a beautiful place, with people I had loved. I was told, after a considerable time, that this was only temporary, and that I would go to a different place. They were right. And then, my earth life came back to me, and I suffered.

Now, when I was dying, the spirits of relatives who appeared before me got me thinking. If such a wondrous thing could be, was it then possible that there was a God? I saw very clearly that the reason why I disbelieved was because I saw no proof of such a thing. I saw so much injustice, so much pain, and just couldn’t swallow what I thought was nonsense.

But now, here I was, and I pondered and pondered. I must say that my lifetime of atheism weighed on me like a heavy yoke that dragged me down and almost suffocated me. I went through an unbearable conflict between this and a newborn perception that maybe I was wrong. Oh, I struggled bitterly! I did not think I could resolve this battle successfully. As I struggled and then almost despaired, an Angel came to me. She was so beautiful, and she told me that I had been observed all my life. She narrated certain incidents in my life and people I had known, and I knew this was not something she could have gotten from the fame that surrounded me. No, these were intimate, personal things I had told no one.

After this experience, I felt a new lightness inside me. Her effect was to dissolve the burden of disbelief that dogged me, and I felt liberated. I also recognized a strong tendency to want to believe, even though my mind had told me I couldn’t. And then I thought about my music. I was keenly aware of the wonderful things that had been said about it on Earth, and it was frankly exhilarating to be so acknowledged. And I realized, how could this magic have happened? For that’s what it was, magic. Your own response to my music is what so many others have felt.

I wasn’t particularly vain or egocentric, and so I was able to consider that maybe something higher had gripped me when I composed those songs. Maybe it was more than craft, as I had believed. And then, when I had some time to ponder this, the same Angel came to me again to tell me that there was indeed more, and that despite my disbelief and my many personal problems, I had been carefully prepared to be a Divine instrument. Yes, that’s right - an alcoholic atheist became God’s tool.

After this discussion, I was astounded. I never thought of myself in that light, but how could the Angel have been wrong, when she had told me certain things about myself that I had never told a soul? But before I continue, let me comment on my earlier channeling. I said there:

“when we [Oscar Hammerstein and I] came over here, we were blessed beyond our wildest dreams. And this is because our motive was love.”

Well, you are now aware that it wasn’t just love on my part; it was also a tough career, where we had to produce to survive. As you know, show business can be very cruel, and I did see it as a business for self-preservation. But I also saw it as liberation and self-expression. Mixed in with the other stuff was that golden nugget, a desire to improve the world by showing it that there was goodness as well as cruelty and injustice. In fact, I wanted to share both, in order to affirm a positive vision of humanity. I saw my crowning glory in my musical Carousel, where great cruelty and selfishness meet great love.

You have read that toward the end, I started screaming, “Get her out of here!” That’s when I first saw the spirits. My mind had been unhinged by the medication and pills they were giving me, so I really wasn’t in normal reality at all.