Messages 2014

The Celestial Heavens have souls from all creeds.

January 30th, 2014

Bayview, Sydney.

Received by WV.


I am here, John the Baptist.

I am so glad that my friend, Sri Yukteswar, was able to deliver his message to you. Just so you know that the heavens are open to all.

There are many more nationalities in the heavens than you can imagine. There are so many different cultural and religious backgrounds that it would be hard for me to list them all. It would be easier for me to give you a list of those who are not. Whether you are a bushman, an Indian, a Catholic, a Jew, a Hindu, a Jehovah Witness, a Mormon and all those other types of religious backgrounds, it does not matter once you enter the Celestial spheres. It doesn’t even matter here on earth because the divine love is available to all of them.

No race, no cultural background, can stop or block anybody from receiving the Divine Love and that is the beauty of it. Yes, even Jehovah’s Witnesses are in our celestial heavens. Whether you find that difficult to believe or not, it is a fact and a truth that we know.

So you see, no matter what your background is, if you but follow your soul, God will lead you towards the path to the celestial heavens. No matter how many doctrines, dogmas or man made laws, they will all vanish the second you let the Divine Love into your soul.

Thank you my friends for being such beacons. No doubt there will be trials and tribulations but they are part of your lives here on earth. Just remember when you are having some of those that we will be with you every step of the way.

Thank you for letting me speak to you today. Goodbye for now.