My Spiritual Journey.

in the 2000’s….

Love commands the universe. Man only resorts to control when love is missing. Jesus. (Love Without End).


I attended a few retreats organised by Divine Love folks, first in Santa Cruz, California in June 2001, and then in June 2002 in Hawaii. This was also the retreat when I first heard from my deceased mother. The pity is that was not recorded, but it was an awesome experience for me. In this last retreat we were told by spirit we had all received a gift. I noticed that the medium who had just finished channelling seemed exhausted, and for reasons I don’t understand, or maybe no reason at all, I stood up, moved around him and placed my hands on his shoulders. I am not sure who was more surprised as I felt the Divine energy flow. That was the start of my healing practice, and now in 2015, 15 years later I am a frequent remote healer, and am also able to heal folks in front of me. In fact when I ran the healing circle in Gibsons Canada at the retreat there in August 2015, not only did I channel a lot of energy into the circle, but I was prompted to send healing across the circle to about a half dozen folks.

To return to early 2000, this Aussie had started his adventures long before 2000, but it was really in 2000 that he started to make an impact on the world. And at first I was really not sure what drew me to this unusual individual, George Barnard. But not long after we first met, I too became an 11’er. What, you may ask, is an 11’er. It is someone who finds that all too often, their attention will be drawn to numbers that have some “rhythm” to them, and most often to 11:11. As an example, I had a sleepless night on Saturday, but only looked at the digital clock beside my bed once. The time was 3:33. It takes an effort to look at the clock, as I have to lift my head and turn to one side. The next night I also looked at the clock precisely once, it was 4:44. Then Monday night, same story, only once, and it was 11:22.

So what? Well it gets to you, if you are like the over 1 million folks this happens to. There are a few theories out there as to what this means, but only one that seems to stack up in my opinion. Apparently for a very long time there have been a group of precisely 1,111 angels of a type called midwayers. Because we are now in the “Correcting Time,” this is their wake up call to humanity. They are widening the net, one person at a time. Most of those who currently see the prompts are very psychic, and with just a little bit of training can hear their angels.

Who says this is so? Well there are a few independent sources apart from George Barnard. He has published two books, written in his quirky humorous style. Not religious books at all, but stories of the adventures he has had working with these guys. See In the Service of 11:11 and The Search for 11:11.

But the Urantia book interestingly has references to these midwayer guys, and also the story of how there came to be 1,111. But even more intriguing, a researcher using CRV (Co-ordinate Remote Viewing) has also found these guys, and apparently the USA Military is aware of their existence. This is disclosed in Courtney Browns book, Cosmic Voyage.

So now there is this ever growing group of folks, all around the world, of all beliefs, who have found out how to talk to their angels, and get Truth straight from the Source. It will never be the same again.

There is still another chapter to write, but I can only hint at that for now. But we await the announcement that will shatter the world’s religions. It has already started.

In 2013…