True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Doctor Stone writes on the great impression this first message had on him.

Before receiving this message from Helen, I have to confess I had no knowledge of the great importance of obtaining the New Birth that Jesus told Nicodemus. “Except a man be born again, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.”

I was introduced to Mr. Padgett about the middle of September, 1914, by Arthur Colburn, a good friend of mine in Takoma Park, Maryland, where I had just learned about his spiritual gift of automative writing.

This first message from Helen made a great impression on me, and when I reached home with a copy of this message that was given to me by Mr. Padgett, I read several times and felt an intense longing for the New Birth, as I prayed with all the longings of my heart and soul, with such intensity going out to the Father that caused my soul to open up and let the Divine Love come in, in such great abundance, that it seemed as if my whole soul was being melted by this warm glow of Divine Love, and I shed tears of joy and happiness that came to me beyond all conception that was mine. It was then I realized that the mere natural love even when it is developed in its purest state is separate and distinct from the Divine Love. After this experience I realized without the slightest doubt that my dear brother and friend, Padgett, was receiving the great truths from Jesus and other celestials. And as Jesus has written since that he will never come again in the flesh, but he has come again in the form of his revelations that contain many of the vital truths that he taught and lost sight of after his early followers died. (In Volume I, page 153.) St. Luke wrote about the leaders and the hierarchy of the churches, as the additions and emasculations and interpretations were made in the original writings of those who declared the truths as they heard them from the Master and the decreasing want of comprehension of spiritual things and the growing wisdom of their finite minds and intellects, caused them to conceive a plan of the part of God for man’s salvation and as the recopying continued the thoughts of those who copied, or dictated the same, became more centered on this plan, and so the copies were gathered together and considered, and no doubt efforts to have some agreement in the declaration of this plan; and as the new copies were made, they were constructed with the view of showing forth this agreement.

The Bible has changed and perverted the plan of God for the salvation of man, and has substituted a plan that arose from the limited wisdom of those whose attempted to convince mankind that they had a knowledge of God and of His designs as to the creation and destiny of man.

The Bible contains many truths to enable man to reach the Kingdom of Heaven, provided they are correctly understood and applied, but there are so many things taught therein as truths which are just the opposite of truth, and do not comprehend the will of God, with respect to man, and this makes it difficult for men to discern and apply the truths and the destinies that must be theirs according as they follow and obey that will or not do so.

In closing, I wish to say that after reading and studying the many vital truths contained in the Messages from Jesus and celestials that I am convinced without the slightest doubt that these messages I have just referred to are the greatest and most important truths that have ever been given to the world since Jesus taught them nearly 2,000 years ago.

Leslie R. Stone.