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Divine Love is a Privilege Gift of the Father

(excerpt from Divine Love is a Privilege Gift of the Father)

Now in the case of Celestial Spirits, the privilege of obtaining the Divine Love can never be withdrawn, and this also holds for souls with some of the Love who are progressing towards the Celestial Heavens, for the Father cannot withdraw from a soul His Love and Divine Nature once He has bestowed upon that soul His Great Gift, for once some of the Divine Nature is lodged in a soul, it can never be removed, and that soul has the privilege of seeking more and more of the Father’s nature for all eternity. The Divine Love in the soul of man or spirit gives to that mortal or spirit a kinship in nature with the Father born as a result of the At-onement that then exists between the soul of that mortal or spirit and the Great Soul of God, if only to a certain extent, and in fact, this kinship grows ever closer throughout all eternity as more and more of the Nature of God is conveyed into the soul of that mortal or spirit. God does not withdraw His own Nature or Essence from the soul of the mortal or spirit which has done the Will of the Father and has obtained, if only to a small degree, His Divine Nature. And thus the Father may withdraw this privilege from a soul which does not have the Divine Love, and those souls have lost nothing which they did not possess before, but removal of the Love from a soul possessing a portion of it would mean God’s taking away from that soul the Great Gift which that soul obtained by prayer, and such a removal of the Love would mean that the soul’s earnest longing for His Divine Love would be in vain. So that no matter if the gift of the Divine Love is withdrawn, it means that its withdrawal applies only to those who have not sought for it and have shown themselves indifferent to its presence and not desirous of its possession. It is never withdrawn from those who have sought for it through the earnest longings of their souls, and to such as have received, it is given, and they retain the privilege of seeking it in greater abundance throughout all eternity.

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This content originally appeared on Mark Kramer’s web site, but some years ago he did not renew it and the site has disappeared. This content has been copied from the Way Back machine, as I believe his insights are unique. I have not however tried to reproduce this in the same unique visual style he created, but the words are unchanged.