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For the Love of His Own Creation: A Novel by Yeshua ben Yosef.

By Jane Gartshore.

This is a channeled novel, and is set in an undefined period, but which feels several centuries ago. Its a tale of a time of severe Earth changes, and the challenges this places upon the people of several towns. Our hero, in learning to cope with disaster all around, finds God will help, and so is able to adjust to the massive changes that ensue. Along the way several important spiritual principles are taught. It’s an engrossing novel, and could well be a prediction of changes that lie upon our horizon at this time. A hard-cover edition is available at Lulu. Here is an ePub: For the Love of His Own Creation and a Mobi file:  For the Love of His Own Creation.mobi And a PDF:  For the Love of His Own Creation_web.pdf Jane has a website here and the book is available at Amazon as well.

The Invitation

By Oriah Mountain Dreamer.

If you know somebody who has been through tough times, and needs to find the will to pick themselves up, perhaps this is the book to do it. It is really amazing. The book is in fact an extension of the poem on the front cover, a poem that went around the world a few times.

When I loved myself enough.

by Kim McMillen

A small book, with only a few words per page, but nonetheless an awesome book. If you can get a copy with parchment pages, and a hard cover, that really adds to the enjoyment. This is a book to touch all of us. And it is critically important from a spiritual perspective. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot open your soul to God’s Love either.

the Search for 11:11

by George Barnard

This book is the first of five, detailing his personal experiences over the last 50 years with spirit guides. Amusing, and very interesting, rather than instructive. One certainly comes to realise how involved spirit guides can be in our lives, if we will only let them. And George has had some amazing experiences.

Remote Deposession

by Irene Hickman, D.O.

Irene developed a technique of discerning the presence of attached spirit entities, and removing them from subjects. The case studies in this book are just amazing, and her technique for interacting with dark spirits is very solid. This book is highly recommended. While I do not know what percentage of our population is afflicted with attached entities, it would appear to be far more common than one might assume. This book is now hard to obtain. I have described Dr Irene Hickman’s technique by quoting from one chapter of this book. It is simply fascinating reading. This book can be purchased very inexpensively directly from her son Scott Evans but he seems to have shut down his web site. So I have a feeling that this book may not even be available from that source. If you are desperate, contact me via this site’s contact form.

Entangled Minds

by Dean Radin

How wonderful it is to find a scientifically written book that proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that psychic phenomena exist. Beyond a doubt? How about exceeding chance by 1.3x10 to the power of 104 to 1? And that’s the sum of 1,019 completely separate independently run experiments completed over many years by different scientists.

This book is fascinating, because it’s about quantum mechanics. It seems all too many of our scientific community are not keeping up, or have their heads in the sand. I have written a précis of this book, as a basis for handling those irritating folks who claim to be rational types, and claim there is no evidence for any psi phenomena. A caveat is however in order. The magnitude of the effects measured are all but useless if we were trying to communicate. The error rate is simply far too high. But these are typical folks, randomly selected, not psychically gifted folks who have spent years honing their skill. You could not find enough such gifted folks to constitute a decent sample, I suspect.

Hostage to the Devil

by Malachi Martin

When a very well respected author and psychologist (M Scott Peck) tells you he has been present at an exorcism, and that he recommends reading a book on the subject, it catches my attention. The author was an Irish Catholic priest, and in this book he relates five tales of exorcism of Americans. He goes to a great deal of effort to reconstruct the state of mind of all the participants both before, during and afterwards. As a tape recorder is used during the exorcism, this part is typically accurately recorded. The book was first published in 1976, at which time all five victims were living in the United States.

This book has forced me to reconsider my stance on the matter. Prior to reading this book, I was dismissive of church procedures. Now I suspect that it is possible that they deal with a level of discarnate evil that folks like Dr Irene Hickman never encountered. I do not accept all the explanations that Malachi Martin offers, and in some of the case studies it is quite clear how the entities have been attracted - the Law of Attraction. But in others it is not clear, indeed it seems at variance with the individuals, one in particular is a Catholic priest, and during the exorcism the priest doing the exorcism is similarly attacked for some weeks. Of course folks often hide deep personal secrets, so perhaps in that area lies some answers that we cannot discover. But it also appears that while the human victims in all cases consented to the invasion, they had no idea what that would mean. Consider this short extract, the invasion started so innocently:  Extract of Hostage to the Devil.pdf

One thought crossed my mind while reading this book. It may be very hard to discover God’s presence in this world, but discovering the existence of discarnate pure evil is clearly less hard. ISBN 978-0-06-065337-8

30 Years among the Dead.

Dr Carl Wickland.

There is no finer explanation of possession, obsession, spirit attachment and the existence of so called “devils” than this book. At one level it may seem repetitive, as spirit after spirit is introduced, insisting they are not dead, insisting perhaps that they have been reincarnated, or are simply trying to live as best they can. But at another level, this book is a wealth of information about the phenomenon often referred to as earthbound spirits - spirits residing on the Astral Plane. One can learn here how it is that some people can tear their hair out, bite themselves, and even commit murder or suicide. One learns of the vast number of people who pass over into almost total spiritual darkness, and are attracted to the only spiritual light they can see - other living mortals with a little more soul development. Originally published in 1924, and now out of print. If every Christian pastor read this book, not only would millions of folk be spared their arrival in the lowest of the spheres, but they would recognise that they are dead. And avoid obsessing others. How ironical is it that the very devils these pastors warn about are most often their very own spiritually blind followers? I have written a short précis of the book. Read that before downloading it, I would suggest. It is a very big book, some 350 pages of A4, and thus a large pdf. Give it a lot of time to download: 30 years among the dead PDF

Amazon now has a Kindle version.

The Practical Psychic Self-defence Handbook.

by Robert Bruce.

Its always great to find an Australian author. This book is predominantly about Robert’s many years of experience with negative spirits. It’s mostly about things that have worked in his personal experience, and that’s where it has its greatest value. He does try to offer some conceptual frameworks for these things, and I suspect these are original, certainly I have not found anyone else putting forth similar ideas. It is apparent to me that Robert has not travelled the same path I have - reading about the explanations delivered to us by discarnate spirits about the very same things. And so I do not find these frameworks resonate for me. However I plan on summarising much of the practical advice he gives, because if it works, who really cares why it works? And I am often approached by people asking for such help.

Portrait of Jesus? The Illustrated Story of the Shroud of Turin.

by Frank C Tribbe.

This is a very comprehensive review of all the research, predominantly scientific, that has accompanied the years since the first C14 dating that announced the shroud as a fraud in 1988.

While the popular press was quick to jump on the fraud bandwagon, it seems they are less interested in what has transpired since. The evidence here is overwhelming, and it is pretty well guaranteed that this is the burial cloth of Jesus of Nazareth.

Amongst the discoveries are that there was no paint or dye used, that the image is a three D photographic image, with a total absence of any directionality such as would be caused by brush strokes. The image is only on the highest of the minute tendrils that make up the cloth fibres, tendrils that are smaller than the finest single hair used for painting. The image itself is best observed at a distance of about ten feet, meaning a forger would not be able to see what he or she is doing.

Computer enhancement has proved that it is possible to use the image to create a 3D likeness. This has also revealed that coins were placed on the eyelids, and that the letters on the coins have been passed to the image. These letters have been conclusively traced to coins only in circulation in the period A.D. 29 to 32 and issued by Pontius Pilate. While the date of Jesus’ death is debated by Bible scholars, our sources state the date as Friday, March 18th, 29 A.D. Science is unable to explain how this image was formed, but is absolutely certain it has not been created by any method known to science. It appears to have been as a result of some sort of radiation - exactly what Luke revealed on October 24th, 1915.