Life After Death

Advice regarding dark spirit attack

The trigger to writing this was my buying the book : “The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook.” I do not claim to have the experience that Robert Bruce has, but on the other hand, I am not bothered by dark spirits myself. I have had some experiences in that regard, so I have some limited personal experience. That fact I consider does qualify me somewhat, because surely it would be the aim to get RID of these things, rather than keep on experiencing them? I was not totally sure, but certainly left with the impression that even after 20 years Robert still has issues sometimes. I am hoping that a combination of his experiences, and my views, will offer some practical advice for people. I certainly recommend buying his book, for a far more complete approach.

I think that it is probably useful to start with an explanation of what we consist of, so as to help understand what is going on when people talk about dark spirit attack. We clearly all have physical bodies, and these exist in a time-space realm that science enjoys speculating about. What relatively few people know however, is that you have other bodies, right now. These have different names, such as “astral body”, “spirit body”, “aura” and so forth. You also have a soul which is different again. Each of these components exist in their own dimension. So if you could switch your consciousness out of this world, and into the astral world, you would see things that are not visible from this world. And those things can be literally in the same place. The best explanation for how this happens is that the time component is different, but even that explanation does not really solve the mystery, since we don’t know enough about time. However, to be active in a specific dimension, you need to “have” the appropriate body for that dimension. Now it does seem that we already have these, and all we really need to do is switch our consciousness to that dimension. Few people however can manage that. Now that I have explained this aspect perhaps its easier to see how discarnate entities - beings that don’t have a permanent physical body like ours - can still interact with us. Because we exist in their dimension.

The dimension that most of the “trouble” takes place in is also called various names, most commonly the Astral Plane or the Earth Plane. It’s right here, extending some small distance below the surface of the earth, as also into the atmosphere. The best book that describes what happens in this plane, is A Subaltern in Spirit Land - a Sequel to Gone West Part One by J.S.M.Ward. You may find the descriptions in this book are different to “life after death” by other authors, because this book describes the Astral Plane, and it’s different to where most of us go after death. Let’s stay with the program, and not complicate things. Dark entities can exist in this astral realm, and it is also the home of two other types of entity. The first is the commonly called “earth-bound” spirits. These may be thought of as humans who lacked any real spirituality, or alternatively died young. (One could write a chapter on why dead mortals are in this plane, and children do not typically go here, but a minority do.) Spiritualists often talk them into “going to the light” which really means that they teach them to notice the light of the attendant spirits, who are far more spiritually developed and who will take them out of the Astral Plane to the Spirit Spheres. Now these earth-bound guys can see us, and some of them can see us so clearly they don’t see other spirits. In other words they resonate more closely with us, than others of their own kind. This sometimes causes them to get too close to us, and if your aura is “damaged” they can so it seems, find themselves “attached” to you in a way that they cannot get out of. If you are somewhat spiritually advanced, in any event more spiritually advanced than these guys, they find they “can’t stick” to you, or if you are very advanced, your light is so bright that they won’t come near you. I did not mention earlier, that light in the spiritual realms is “self-generated”. On Earth, if it’s day time, we have light. But in the spirit realms you have to emanate the light. If you are undeveloped spiritually, you will be in darkness, and look dark, because you have no inner light.

In this Astral Plane there is another type of entity that is quite common. So called “astral shells”. If an astral being goes from that dimension to the Spirit Spheres, it will leave behind it’s astral body. This can be “used” by other entities to come into the Astral Plane, if they are not resident there, until it eventually decays. These astral shells on their own have no sentience, but can continue to repeat certain actions, sort of like a lizard’s tail that is still twitching after the lizard has dropped it.

Something very similar to an astral shell, is a thought form. The thought form is a manifestation, or a creation, generally created by us. They are often the result of intense emotion, and thus many are created in anger, and they are then violent and angry forms of energy. There is a very good explanation of elementals and astral forms which are devoid of personality in the book A Wanderer in Spirit Lands , and I have extracted a chapter. 

Now if you are yourself violent, given to angry outbursts, and you abuse alcohol or drugs, you will have around you lots of thought forms, and almost certainly a number of attachments. If you were ever in hospital, and had an anesthetic, you may have also received an attachment, because hospitals are full of astral beings, and while under the anesthetic your defenses are very weak.

Then there are of course the mortals consigned to the hells. These are the really bad guys. Quite why they leave that dimension, to come here and give us grief, I am not sure. (There is lots to learn about the hells, but that’s not pertinent here.) But they can leave, and their intention is always to cause trouble, to get you to do things you really should not. What brings one of these to you, as opposed to anyone else? The Law of Attraction. There is something about you that attracts them. To the extent that you successfully walk the walk, these guys will not come near you. But if you have a weakness, be it porn, alcohol, drugs, anger, violence, greed, they will be right there with you. It’s sometimes hard to understand how this happens, and maybe those who are mediumistic simply notice more of what is going on for many others?

How many other entities can be found in the Astral Plane I have no idea. There are certainly “nature” elementals, such as are called sprites, tree spirits, fairies and such. In my experience these do not cause trouble, although the book referred to above certainly suggests that they can cause trouble to other dwellers in the Astral Plane. Dr. Irene Hickman often found an entity that always claimed it had never had a material form. Who creates these, where they come from, and what their purpose is is uncertain, but they do seem bent on causing us trouble. They are very hard to “catch” and I doubt many people have managed to interrogate them, although it’s possible they have caused trouble for a lot of people. They seem to depart as soon as their presence is identified. Some explanation of how attachments can be removed is explained using the technique Irene Hickman pioneered.

Now when someone is experiencing “problems” with “negs,” as we will call them collectively, the nature of this is most often psychic, rather than in the physical. But it can extend to the physical. To give an example of this, when my son was about three or four, he reported that his bed levitated at night. Many years later, he had his electronic organiser float up off a coffee table, travel around the room and crash into the wall. This was witnessed by his girlfriend. To create a physical effect, special conditions are required, and these special conditions are used by both good and bad spirits. A small number of people seem to have a “fluid” called ectoplasm, which is always required to create effects from the spirit side into our material world. If a table floats, raps are heard, spirit voices heard the same way we hear, objects are thrown around the room, a scent or a dreadful smell is detected, a feather or a flower falls out of the air - all these require ectoplasm. A far more impressive use of ectoplasm is the numerous “Virgin Mary” sightings witnessed by large numbers of people where the sun dances, or changes colour.

If you are a largely unpsychic person, devoid of ectoplasm, you could go through your life blissfully unaware of the negative influences at play in your life. Those intruding thoughts will certainly be there, leading you astray, but you may never detect the other signs, such as feeling a horrible oppressive presence, feeling a spirit touch you, hearing spirit voices, smelling nasty smells, and so on. But if you are highly psychic, you may find yourself invaded at every turn, both in the physical and in the psychic realm.

One question which is rather hard to answer, is whether these invasions occur in the Astral Plane, limited to our Spirit Body that is in that plane, or whether they take place also on our physical body. Certainly some people have reported effects on their physical body. But you should bear in mind that what happens to the astral form, affects the physical. However I rather suspect this is an Astral Plane phenomenon , and that if you get an attachment, it is an attachment to your astral form. Why I say that is because of two things. All the work of Dr. Irene Hickman with remote spirit releasement would have happened in the astral plane. Her assistant was able to see the attachments from that plane. I had a spirit attachment, and it was removed when I traveled astrally in the sleep state to a friend, who was in deep meditation, and he simply cut it off. At the conscious level of the body, I did not know I had that attachment, although I was looking very hard for the reason why I seemed to get angry rather too quickly. The entity was obviously managing to trigger anger in me, and I knew at a soul level that this response was not the real me. After this process, I reverted to being the me I expect to be.

This attachment that I had was managing to influence me, and other than my being aware that my emotions (anger) seemed inappropriate in some situations, I had no idea of its presence. This control can unfortunately become total control, called possession, when the attachment actually determines all that the physical body does. There are a number of those cases described in this book: Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin. That situation is rare, fortunately. But I do not doubt there are plenty of negs keen to achieve control.

While talking about the nasty things that can occur, it’s very important to understand that the very same Spiritual Laws can cause you to be surrounded by beings of light, and energetically beyond the reach of “negs”. If you are experiencing problems with negs, its because you are not emitting enough spiritual light. And that will be because no one ever taught you how to grow spiritually, and it may also be that you have made some bad choices as you lived your life. The problem is however, that you can’t suddenly move from having rather little light, to being a glowing beacon of spiritual light. It is the ONLY long term solution, but you will need some short term activities that get you out of the immediate situation. So we will now turn to the things that you can try to solve the immediate problem. But you need to also start on the long term solution.

Short Term Measures

Now we turn to trying to keep negs away.

My own son had lots of issues at a tender age, when one would certainly say that he could not be the direct cause of this attention. However he is very psychic, and spirits can tell which of us are psychic. And in the house that this occurred, we had a resident earth-bound. Whether she caused his problems I don’t know, but he resolved them by telling the spirit to depart. Now that introduces a new concept - your free will. You should assert your right to be left alone, and for the negs to depart. In the case of children, the universe will step in, and the negs will be sent packing. But in the case of adults, that does not happen if you are not walking the walk. In the only occasion that I recall (in the sleep state) coming under personal attack, and still being a member of the Catholic Church at that time, I called on “Mother Mary” and saw the energetic form recede. It makes no difference who you call on, you will get help, if you are considered worthy of help. However, if you are in a poor spiritual condition, the higher spirits don’t bother to help you, because its like trying to keep sharks away when you are bleeding profusely in the water. There will just be too many sharks. They consider that you have brought the problems on yourself. But we still need to help you get out of this! You can try this affirmation, and if you find it works, you are at least starting to grow your spiritual light. Now of course if you can get rid of these guys, simply by insisting, and calling on the higher spirits for help, then you will not need any other tricks.

The next thing to consider is whether you are dealing with an attachment, or a neg that is not attached to you, but is causing intermittent trouble. This is the first clue, because an attachment will be everywhere you go, and you can’t shake it no matter whether you go out in the sun, or travel across water. So that’s the first thing to do. See if you can figure out a one-way trip across water, the closer to the water the better. If you can swim, perhaps you can figure out some sort of route, perhaps a long walk from home, that has you crossing a stream, whether you wade or walk or swim is ok, but you must make sure you do not re-cross back at the same point, because the neg will be waiting there. An alternative would be to take a round trip including a ferry leg, so that if there is a neg following you, its left somewhere on the route, and can’t just catch up. Most of these negs seem to be incapable of instant travel, they seem to have to basically walk about, on the astral side of things. More advanced spirits would not be thrown off in this way, but they are not going to give you any trouble either. If you come to the conclusion that you have an attachment, I know of no better approach than that used by Remote Release specialists. But it will cost you. They can do this across the globe, and the ones I recommend will not be dishonest in any way. If they don’t find anything, they will say so.

Lets continue on the basis that you now know you don’t have an attachment, but you are under neg attack. Whatever you do, make sure you do not reduce your innate protection. Stay away from alcohol or drugs. And anesthetic. Don’t “feed” them either, by getting angry, or as one very stupid person did, holding a seance. They are best ignored. By giving them attention you are in effect giving them energy. They need energy to continue in the Astral Plane, and they typically get it from us. Paying them attention is one way of giving them energy.

You may find someone willing to “clean” your aura, and that’s worth doing. Its a simple process of wiping the aura by hand, and the individual will need to get rid of anything they find. But this is outside of you, so its not penetrated the aura. If they find any “holes” they should be able to close these.

The next easiest thing to attempt, is to create a mindal barrier. Again the extent to which this will work, is largely a function of your own advancement. You are advised to imagine you are surrounded by, and consumed by a blazing white light. You can extend this some distance from yourself, slowly, to encompass the whole room, or even your home. There are variations on this, where you may consider you are inside an impenetrable cocoon, of white marble, or stainless steel. If this does not work, we need to move to other approaches.

Some astral travelers - people who consciously seek to leave their body and travel in the astral plane - first place themselves in a circle of salt. This sounds like a rather messy approach, but it’s cheap and easy to consider sleeping inside a salt circle. Apparently sea salt is best.

Robert Bruce reports that being electrically grounded is beneficial. You can start out checking the electrical ground that your home has to have. It’s generally near the power box - and is a green/yellow fat cable soldered onto either a copper pipe or stake driven into the ground. Once you know your property is properly grounded, you can use any tap (water) to effect a ground, provided that you are not attaching to chrome-plated plastic which is often found. Robert suggests attaching a ground to yourself, and sleeping that way. This is achieved by using something like a silver chain on your wrist, attached to a lightweight cable which is itself attached to a water pipe. In theory you could use the “ground” that is present in every electrical socket, but don’t consider that unless you are knowledgeable about wiring circuits. There is also a live wire there that will kill you if you don’t know what you are doing. I am not sure if there is any value in achieving a “spiritual grounding” but that’s worth trying. This is done in a meditative state, by imagining that you have three anchors. One is below the base chakra (bottom area) and you let that down to the very center of the earth, and then attach it there, and tighten the chain. You then let smaller anchors down from each foot, and repeat the same process. Walking barefoot will also achieve grounding.

It has been found that incense can be both a deterrent and a calming factor. I mentioned a home I owned that had an earth-bound. When the time came to sell, she was most upset, and released the most abominable smell imaginable. After searching everywhere in the roof, and under the house, I accepted that the smell’s ability to follow me around was caused by the earth-bound. Advice from a psychic friend to burn incense solved the problem. There are many available, and it’s best to use one you like. Sage is often suggested. Sage can be burnt in bundles to create a smudge, just don’t burn down the house. There is no advantage in you hating the smell, quite the opposite. You can also play soothing music, but stay away from heavy rock or heavy metal music, even if you like it.

Negs are active at night. Sunlight typically is a big challenge for them. I have no idea why this may be so, because our sunlight does not “appear” in their realm. All reports from spirits in the Spirit Spheres who come to earth, find it is in darkness, no matter whether the sun is shining or not. The only light they see, is that dim light from the living mortals - from their spirit bodies obviously. Nevertheless its well proven that night time is when you are likely to have issues. But we can use this very thing against them. If you are under attack, turn on the lights, and if necessary sleep with lights blazing, by using eye covers. Some folks have bought the new led powered torches, and turned those on and pointed in the direction of any disturbance. They are so bright you can’t safely look into the light. It’s not wise to refuse a child who wants a light on at night for this very reason.

However, it is important to realise that higher spirits are totally unaffected by sunlight. I had my mother trance channeled in blazing sun on a beach in Hawaii. That means my mother, who was not long in spirit, was able to control the vocal chords of a friend of mine, and have him speak her words. I would not have called her advanced, but she certainly was not a “neg” nor was she a resident of the astral planes. She was in one of the Spirit Spheres, and the medium’s guide mentioned she was a long way away, so one understands from that she may have been in the second, third or even fourth sphere. Many reports of seances are that they are held in total darkness, because the medium will be injured if not in darkness. I have no personal experience of this aspect, and none of our mediums have any need to operate in darkness. It may be related to aspects of physical mediumship requiring ectoplasm, as it’s often said that is where the injury will come from. But its interesting to reflect that those seances would lend themselves to lower level entities being present.

Negs often are repelled by running water. Why this should be so I have no idea, and I have never read of any sensible explanation even though this advice goes back through the mists of time. It must interfere in some way with their energy. Possibly it drains their energy, but again, since the water is in our realm, and not in theirs, it does not make much sense to me. Robert Bruce in his book has lots of opinions on this matter, but he is clearly not trained in electricity, as I am. His ideas of electrical fields/currents and grounding are simply not correct. However none of that matters if the idea works. The famous Paulo Coelho in one of his books reported that he came under massive spiritual attack on one occasion, such that the entire room seemed dark and pervaded by evil. His only salvation was to sit under the shower for some hours, till it stopped. You can sit under a shower, or swim in a pool of water, although it is necessary for the water to be running. It is effective to sit in the middle of a loop of the hose pipe, with the water running. It has been found that some negs cannot cross a buried water main, when water is flowing in that pipe. It may be feasible, if expensive, to run a hose pipe around your bed, and leave it trickling. Far better would be a closed system with a pump. But I don’t know if anyone has tried that. I also don’t know how much water is required. There are small battery powered pumps that are used in garden accessories that might just be strong enough to circulate water around a bed.

In this material realm, we are considered to be electrochemical beings. We have some aspects of us that are electrical, but a large part of our makeup is chemical. One of the beings that can traverse the astral realm is entirely electrical. These are called midwayers, and as best I know, they have their own dimension which is “home”. They are part of the “good guys” and were created here, to assist us. You can read more detail about these largely unknown creatures in the Urantia Book. The reason why I introduced this is because they are apparently “electrical” creatures. The notion that a creature could be electrical is totally left field for us. Notwithstanding this, these guys can and do turn up here on earth, at which time they look exactly like us. I would actually expect that electricity and magnetism play a major role in the structure of beings in other realms. It appears that our minds, not brains, reside outside the physical body, in a magnetic field. This clearly is not a magnetic field in this dimension, because I have been in an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine twice, and thus know that my mind functioned perfectly in the presence of very strong magnetic fields.

Robert Bruce has reported that the simple expedient of running a power extension cord around the bed, and plugging it into something that draws a small current, can be effective. If that is the case, I would expect an electric blanket to be very effective, but unsuitable obviously in summer! The author of When Ghosts Speak (by Mary Ann Winkowski) reports that in her experience earth-bounds can only enter buildings through doors and windows. She sells a quince seed that she claims will absolutely prevent them entering. This may be the case with earth-bounds, but it won’t keep out high level spirits, and so I do not know if there are other negs that can enter straight though the walls. At the end of her book she has a number of processes for removing negative energy. I tried something similar on a friend with a very aggressive attachment (I was not physically present - it was a remote session) and had no success. It was then removed by a Spirit Releasement practitioner who reported it being one of the most aggressive he had encountered. I guess that is a bit of a warning, this is not a game, and some of these negs are very nasty. They also rely on scaring us, and if you are going to get scared, they will establish a far greater power. I have heard of negs that managed to convey audibly: “Your God can’t protect you. So don’t bother praying” That statement is laughable, but you have to know that to laugh. And they seem to know their victims.

As a final point, people some times think that their attacker is a living human. Is this possible? Yes because as explained above, we can travel astrally, and as such we are to all intents and purposes the same as any other astral being. Sadly some misguided folks actually do these things, and they will find there is a heavy penalty for it. Any spirit being that obsesses a human ends up with greater penalties than it had before, and that would also be true of a living human consciously interfering with another human. However, just because you believe you “see” a form that appears recognisable, don’t be totally certain that it is what you see. Spirit vision to the untrained and inexperienced person is unreliable. Even experienced folks can be fooled. This phenomenon is what is referred to as “shape changers” by some people. All spirits can change their appearance, even beings of the Light. But in their case they only do so to achieve a better outcome. But negs will change form to achieve their nefarious ends. On the other hand, behaviour is a reliable guide to whether you are dealing with a neg or not. Behaviour always reveals the true nature. Negs will swear, and be deceitful, promise the earth, ask you to do things, even insist you do things. Spirits of the Light never do that. Even if you ask them for advice, they are reticent, preferring to explain the options, but trying to avoid any semblance of “telling you”. Because they respect your free will, whereas negs do not.