My Spiritual Journey.

in the 1990’s….

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)


Between November 1991 and March 1992 Jesus appeared to Glenda Green, an portrait painter of some regard. Not only has Glenda painted a stunning portrait of the Master, but she has recorded the exchange of thoughts in Love Without End. This book is a real masterpiece. It is Truth without anything that is likely to threaten the most orthodox Christian - except of course those who will not acknowledge that spirits exist. She even has a recommendation from a Jesuit! Have a look at the stunning portrait. It is intriguing how not only is this portrait in accordance with a detailed description of Jesus, but there is even a strange familiarity with a picture of James, constructed by a medium. James was often mistaken for Jesus, so close was their resemblance. What intrigued me even more about Love Without End, is that it never talks of Divine Love. Instead it uses the metaphor of entering the soul, to the very centre of the soul, to commune with God. I have tried this, and the result is no different to that achieved by praying for Divine Love.1 I have also tried the theory of adamantine particles, and I can regularly quieten barking dogs, dogs I cannot see, but can hear. There is simply no doubt about it, Love COMMANDS the universe. This is a book that should not be missed.

As a result of a very persistent poster on Yahoo, I bought a copy of the Urantia Book. This is not a small book, being some 2000 pages. It is also not an easy read. Parts of it truly make the soul sing, and others put it to sleep. However I decided to look for Urantia followers, to see if I could learn from their behaviour, and thus discern how much Truth this book has. My conclusion is that while there are quite a large number of Urantia followers who are as fundamental and unloving as any other religious group, there are many who are exquisite souls, and who really live the Love that we are. Book four of Urantia is the life of Jesus, and seems to be of a different calibre to the rest of the book. As I write this, we are receiving from Judas the life story of Jesus. Many of his details disagree with Urantia. He has said that book four is a product of human hands, and not the same as the first three books. This is of course something that Urantia followers would find hard to accept. How can a book that is so amazing for 1300 pages, be flawed for 700? But I remain of the opinion that Urantia is a book worth reading with an open mind.

I was recently given a copy of “The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. This is a stunning book, particularly if you have lived through pain, and have perhaps not yet worked you way back to open acceptance. Of particular interest is the concept of Faithlessness. Each of us who have faced a difficult situation will have come to that point where you have to choose to be true to yourself, and thus break faith with another. The hardest of decisions.

I am forgetting to update this section with my new finds. In 2003 I came across a book first published in 1914. Had it not been re-published in 1995, I doubt I would have found it. It was originally titled “Letters from a living dead man ” and is the result of one Judge David Patterson Hatch coming through the hand of Elsa Barker. This is perhaps one of the finest tales of a spirit telling of his experiences. Those who believe in reincarnation would doubtless see this book as “proof”, but I see it simply as the story of an inexperienced spirit. One thing is evident, the reality one experiences in spirit is conditioned by one’s beliefs. So, that leaves the question: “What is real?” I have of the messages which are in the public domain.

I was also sent a fabulous pdf of a book I wish I had first found at the beginning of my journey. I still have not been able to buy a second hand copy of this book, as I would like to add it to my library. (Which is quite impressive at this stage!) This book is about the spirit world. There is a chapter that I am dubious about, and that is about Mars. But the rest is quite fabulous. This is by Charlotte Elizabeth Dresser.

After my sojourn amongst Urantia followers, I discovered a small group that are receiving messages literally every week. Sadly this group have fallen into some discord, and they are also not generally accepted by the mainstream Urantia folk. Rather like the way Bible based Christians rail against mediumship. Anyway, these folk have a fabulous archive web site with some 2000 messages. I was also able to obtain a hard copy of messages from Rayson, which I found just fabulous. As there was no electronic copy available, I have scanned these and they are on this page.

Amongst those loving Urantia Book followers called The Teaching Mission, I found a fellow Aussie. And the start of another adventure.


1 An extract from Glenda’s wonderful book describes this process: 

Entering the Sacred Heart or Soul Centre

in the 2000’s….