New birth

Gender Equality, the Soul, Immortality, Vicarious Atonement

Equality of Women.

Author Title Date of Message
Josephus Josephus - Creation of the first parents. Difference in their qualities, equal in their relationship to God. June 3rd, 1916.
Helen Padgett Affirming that Josephus wrote, and comments on the equality of the sexes. June 3rd, 1916.
Jesus Revelation 53: God is not a Father - Mother God. July 28th, 1955 and March 13th, 1959
Mary Magdalene Differences between the sexes. August 19th, 2001
Judas The women around Jesus. May 22nd, 2002.
Judas Salome. May 28th, 2002.
Judas Mary Magdalene. July 19th, 2002

The Soul

Author Title Date of Message
Matthew The soul and its relationship to God and future life and immortality. November 2nd, 1915
Cornelius Discourse on the soul. November 2nd, 1915
Jesus The importance of man cultivating the soul perceptions. Spiritual things cannot be perceived by the material mind. October 25th, 1915.
Luke Incarnation of the soul - Mystery of the birth of the soul in the human being. January 13th, 1916
Samuel Incarnation of the Soul. January 17th, 1916
Luke The development of the soul in its natural love, wherein the New Birth is not experienced. February 3rd, 1916
Luke The development of the soul in its natural love - continued. February 16th, 1916
Luke What is necessary for a man to do to recover the purity of soul and love that was possessed by the first parents. April 27th, 1916
John The condition of the soul when and after the Divine Love flows into it. June 19th, 1916
Jesus The soul - what it is and what it is not. March 2nd, 1917
Jesus Incarnate soul. February 15th, 1920
Jesus Jesus: the individualization and incarnation of the soul. March 21st, 1920
Jesus When does the soul incarnate June, 1999
Anonymous The soul. August 19th, 2001
Judas The Soul of God. May 8th, 2002

The incarnation of the soul

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus Abortion. This has a comment on when the soul incarnates. June 30th, 1985
Jesus Jesus: Answers questions about the fall of the first parents, and human cloning. March 8, 1998
Jesus Annual Trance Message - incarnation June 1999
Judas The Soul of God. (comment on when we incarnate) May 8th, 2002

The soul and the mind

Author Title Date of Message
Mary & John Divine Mind. May 16th, 2003
John Divine Mind continued. June 8th, 2003
John Soul and mind. November 7th, 2003
Mary Love radio. November 12th, 2003


Author Title Date of Message
Jesus The meaning of immortality. May 28th, 1915.
Henry Ward Beecher Immortality. July 6th, 1915.
Aaron Aaron gives his experience and what he now knows about immortality since Jesus came and taught how it can be obtained. October 23rd, 1915
Jesus Immortality. June 2nd, 1920
Luke Immortality. April 17, 1922

Vicarious Atonement

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus Jesus says his blood does not save men. Only the Divine Love or New Birth that he taught saves and redeems. July 6th, 1915.
Paul Denies the efficacy of the vicarious atonement. God was never a god of wrath but always of love. August 20th, 1915
Ann Rollins The blood of Jesus does not save from sin. September 5th, 1915
Jesus Jesus denies that he is God, or that his blood washes away men’s sins. September 12th, 1915
John John - Denies the vicarious atonement. September 12th, 1915
Paul Denies the vicarious atonement - this belief doing much harm - Bible contains many false statements. October 26th, 1915
Peter Affirms what Paul wrote about the vicarious atonement. October 26th, 1915
Luke Luke on atonement, part 1. December 30th, 1915
Luke Luke on atonement, part 2. January 4th, 1916
Jesus Jesus confirms that Luke wrote on the atonement. January 4th, 1916
John The belief in the efficacy of the vicarious atonement of Jesus by his death and crucifixion by the churches has caused much harm to mankind and the loss of the True Way to the Celestial Kingdom. March 18th, 1916


Author Title Date of Message
Helen Padgett Helen has written that Jesus is not very happy during Christmas. December 25th, 1914
Jesus The real truth of the life on earth, and what it means to mortals. May 25th, 1915.
Jesus The truths may be understood by the simple - Does not require a highly developed mind. August 3rd, 1915.
Peter Saint Peter gives advice to pray. August 8th, 1915
John Efficacy of faith in God. September 26th, 1915
John Importance of prayer so that the soul can be developed and works will follow. October 5th, 1915
Jesus Faith and how it can be obtained. October 10th, 1915.
Luke The sins of the parents are visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generations. April 9th, 1916
Luke Luke makes some corrections in the previous message. April 10th, 1916
Jesus The Father's Love is never far away when temptation strikes. May 23rd, 1917
Unknown The wandering Jew. June 21st, 1917.
John Confirming the experience that came to the 'Wandering Jew.' June 21st, 1917.
Jesus The Divine Truth must be declared to all mankind. May 2nd, 1920.
Dave Lampron A Sermon by Rev Dave Lampron: A rarely mentioned quality of God. Mid 2000
Jesus The Old Covenant and the New. August 1955.