True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4 Index Continued

This is the second part of an index of this publication, which is published by the Foundation Church of the New Birth, Inc. P.O. Box 6, Williamsville, NY 14231. This was first published in about 1967. This is in the physical order of the book (page number sequence). In order to reduce the size of the html file, this index has been split into two halves. The first part is here. A new print version is available with different page numbers. The same publication is available in various download formats.

Author Contents Date of Message Page
James Jesus was never learned in the wisdom of India or Egypt or Persia. He was taught by the Father and the Angels of God. 3-Apr-1917 192
John John gives reasons why corrections have to be made in the New Testament and that James is the real brother of Jesus. (This message is duplicated in Vol 3 pg 319 and Vol 4 pg 233) 28-Aug-1916 192
Jesus Jesus has no vicar on earth: The claimed infallibility of the Pope of the Catholic Church is a delusion and a snare. The worship of Jesus as God is blasphemous and a very harmful untruth. 26-Dec-1917 193
John the Baptist Not the blood or death of Jesus, but his living and teaching men the Way to obtain the Divine Love of the Father are what saves a soul from sin and fits It for Heaven. 24-Sep-1915 194
John John explains the spiritual importance of the only Prayer that men need offer to the Father in order to become redeemed children and partakers of Immortality. 6-Feb-1917 195
John Mark The importance of spiritualist teachers knowing the truth about the physical part of creation as well as the relationship of things spiritual. (Duplicate of a message in Vol IV pg 152) 20-May-1917 196
Paul Paul the Apostle comments on the importance of spiritualist leaders knowing and teaching the Truths of the Divine Love. (Duplicate of a message in Vol IV pg 153) 20-May-1917 197
White Eagle White Eagle and Arondah assist Dr. Stone in his healing work 18-Apr-1916 199
Mary Kennedy Mary writes that earth, stars and suns may pass away, but a spark of soulmate love will never cease to exist. 11-Oct-1917 200
Mrs Baker Eddy Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy’s testimony. (Duplicate of a message in Vol 2 pg 171) 17-Dec-1916 201
John John assures Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone of all the wonderful powers of Divine Love that will be bestowed upon them as workers for the Kingdom. (Duplicate of a message in Vol IV pg 10) 3-Oct-1915 201
John John discusses the equality of the sexes. 17-Mar-1917 202
Jesus Mr. Padgett’s declaration of belief in Jesus has advanced his spiritual development. A New Church will arise: And the Love of the Father will be the foundationstone of its establishment. 4-Apr-1915 203
Luke Luke writes, that very few mortals have Mr. Padgett’s rare phase of mediumship. 25-Jun-1917 204
Jesus Ruth’s trust in the Father’s Love (Duplicate of a message received by Dr Samuels as Sermon 12) 10-Apr-1958 205
Jesus The prayer from Jesus. (Correction to a message received by James Padgett) 2-Dec-1916 208
Helen Padgett Helen insists that Mr. Padgett stop writing.   210
Robert Ingersoll Affirming that Jesus wrote the Prayer, which is the only Prayer that is needful to bring into the souls of men the Divine Love. 2-Dec-1916 210
Cornelius Commending the Prayer given to mankind by Jesus. (Duplicate of a message in Vol III pg 103.) 3-Dec-1916 211
Helen Padgett Urges Mr. Padgett to use the Prayer given by Jesus; the great blessing conferred upon him in the work he is to do, also, the importance of the work to be done by Dr. Stone and Mr. Morgan. 5-Dec-1916 211
Priscilla Stone Leslie’s mother wants him to know that she prays for his good health and is happy to see him feeling better after his vacation.   213
Baruch Spinoza The celebrated philosopher discourses on reason and states that reason per se is not a reliable guide to truth. 14-Apr-1918 214
John Does not recommend receiving at this time such messages. 14-Apr-1918 216
Samera Samera writes on the important truths that he has discovered. 15-Jan-1917 217
Shem The father of one of the tribes of Israel is now an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens. 16-Sep-1915 218
Saul A Biblical king who is now a Celestial Angel encourages Mr. Padgett in his work of helping the dark spirits. 13-Aug-1915 218
Pastor Charles Russell Preacher Pastor Russell finds that the teachings of a lifetime were false. 31-Jul-1918 219
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett confirms that Pastor Russell wrote, and is in much darkness as a result of his erroneous teachings while on earth. 31-Jul-1918 221
Selim Selim, a Mohammedan is happy in his paradise and no longer hates Christians. 12-Aug-1915 221
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins: Jesus is the Christ of God.   222
Luke Luke: The Apostle of Jesus declares that no man can possibly reach the condition of the perfect man unless his mental beliefs are in accord with the Truth. 4-Jan-1917 222
Napoleon Napoleon’s love of country is still uppermost in his thoughts. 1-Nov-1915 224
Graf Von Moltke Von Moltke: Spirits that are earth-bound, thoughts do not change when they enter the spirit world. 1-Nov-1915 225
John the Baptist & Larkim John the Baptist held the time to write for a spirit that for a moment forgot his name. 1-Nov-1915 225
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that Napoleon and Von Moltke were both present and wrote their messages. 1-Nov-1915 226
John B London The truth about hell and purgatory. 15-Jan-1917 226
Selim Selim wrote later that he does not know what the New Birth is. 20-Aug-1915 227
St Clement the pope St Clement the Pope. 15-Feb-1916 228
Leetelam Leetelam a Tartar lived in Tibet 1,000 years ago and writes of his beliefs while on earth. 13-Aug-1915 228
Leekesi Assyrian official who believed in many gods when on earth is now a Christian. 4-Nov-1915 230
Judas The best thing for men to do who desire to see God with all the Attributes that belong only to a Supreme Infinite Being. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II Pg 199)   231
Jesus Confirms and approves of what Judas has written. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II Pg 200)   232
Helen Padgett A message from Helen.   232
James James the Lesser wishes to add his testimony to the Truth of the messages being received from the Master and the Celestial Spirits. He states he was the son of Mary and Joseph, and a brother in the flesh of Jesus. 8-Oct-1915 233
John John gives reasons why corrections have to be made in the New Testament and that James is the real brother of Jesus. (Duplicate of message in Vol IV pg 192, and Vol III pg 319) 28-Aug-1916 233
Jehosephat Jehosephat of the Old Testament explains his status while living on earth. 12-Sep-1915 234
Helen Padgett and Rose Helen writes about the true Love of the Father and introduces Judge Syrick’s Soulmate; Rose wrote to him for the first time while he is still on earth. (Duplicate of a message in Vol III pg 122.) 9-Jan-1915 235
Rose Mcgovern Rose, after Judge Syrick passed into the spirit world, writes about the wonderful love that the Master has for Mr. Padgett as well as her soulmate’s progress. 4-Mar-1916 237
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett, who located Judge Syrick’s soulmate is happy that she is able to write tonight. 4-Mar-1916 238
Robert Ingersoll Ingersoll is grateful to Mr. Padgett’s grandmother for the help that she has given him to enable him to progress to higher spheres. 4-Mar-1916 239
Judge Frank Syrick Frank D. Syrick’s first effort of communication after sudden passing into the spirit world, after only a short period of spiritual investigation on earth. (Duplicate of a message in Vol III pg 294.) 29-Mar-1915 239
Judge Frank Syrick Judge Syrick confirms what Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone told him about the Spirit World and reports on his experience there and progress to date. 6-May-1915 240
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett tells of preparing conditions suitable to permit Judge Syrick to write his long letter to his friends. 6-May-1915 243
George Harvey George W. Harvey, friend of Mr. Padgett’s, asks for help, so they compare notes with old friends in the spirit world. 12-Jan-1915 244
Helen Padgett Helen confirms writing and is a go-between. 12-Jan-1915 244
Emmanuel Swedenborg Swedenborg does not want Mr. Padgett to be a failure in his work for the Kingdom as he was. 23-Dec-1917 247
Helen Padgett Helen says that Swedenborg wrote with authority. 23-Dec-1917 248
General Henkle General Henkle is surprised to learn that a soul can leave the material body and visit with loved ones in the spirit world as both Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone were able to do with the help of their loved ones. 28-Dec-1916 249
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy chides Dr. Stone on his love for her. Also speaks of the trip into the spirit world by both. Dr. Stone and Mr. Padgett. 28-Dec-1916 250
Judge Syrick Judge Syrick relates his many blessings since coming into the Spirit World. 23-Mar-1916 251
General Henkle Saul S. Henkle: An old friend of Mr. Padgett’s also comments on soulmate love. 23-Mar-1916 251
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett spends a great deal of her spiritual time with Mr. Padgett, and is always ready to help those in need, both in the material and spiritual planes. 26-Oct-1916 252
Jesus Jesus is very much interested that Mr. Padgett get in that condition of soul to be in rapport with him again. 19-Feb-1918 253
Otto von Bismarck Bismarck describes conditions of the German people and that the war will soon be at an end. 27-Dec-1917 254
Judge Frank Syrick Judge Syrick tries impersonation to test Mr. Padgett’s soul perception. (This message is duplicated in Vol III pg 293) 18-Jan-1917 256
Helen Padgett Helen confirms the test that was made by Judge Syrick. (This message is duplicated in Vol III pg 293) 18-Jan-1917 256
Anonymous A wicked woman tells of her many deeds that took many lives while working as a nurse.   257
Eugene Crowell A spiritualist author writes that he now knows that Jesus was more than a mere medium when on earth. 17-Mar-1915 258
Otto von Bismarck The once Iron Chancellor of the German Empire believes that the Germans will have to sue for peace and that the Empire is doomed. 16-May-1917 259
Kate Sprague Kate Sprague: A spirit who lived for the development of mind while on earth now realizes the importance of love.   260
W___ W____: All of the dogmas, creeds and apostolic succession in the world cannot bestow upon the souls of men the love or mercy of the Father.(This message is duplicated in Vol II pg 47)   262
R.F. A woman writes of her need for help: She is in a condition of darkness and suffering.   264
J___ Spirit who found he did not have his soul developed when he passed over.   265
G.W.H. G.W.H.: His experience as a result of a spirit’s belief in the vicarious atonement. 24-Jun-1917 267
Ross Perry Spirit’s experience in progressing into the Divine Spheres. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 336 and Vol III pg 401) 27-Apr-1918 268
Queen Victoria Queen Victoria wishes she could have lived longer on earth; she could have helped to prevent World War I. 8-Feb-1917 269
Helen Padgett The spirits of former rulers, presidents, kings and queens when on earth are yet mere spirits in the spirit world; though exalted by man on earth, their true condition shows forth in the spirit world, and some are in darkness. 8-Feb-1917 269
Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln: Love is greater than hate; God bless all the people of the earth. 8-Feb-1917 270
President McKinley President McKinley and others in the spirit world are striving to bring an end to War. 8-Feb-1917 270
Kaiser’s grandfather, William Grandfather of the Kaiser has tried hard to influence his grandson in order to bring War to an end. 8-Feb-1917 271
Col. Cook A former White House Doorkeeper expresses his desire to have spirits communicate with the President. 8-Feb-1917 272
Mrs Wilson Mrs. Wilson: Writes of her attempts to influence her husband, President Wilson. 8-Feb-1917 272
Helen Padgett Helen: Confirms that many dark spirits had been present, and wanted to write. 28-Jan-1916 273
J.W. A dark and suffering spirit comes to Mr. Padgett for help.   273
John Wesley John Wesley: The condition of man is such that it is of the utmost importance for them to learn the Truths. 15-Nov-1918 276
Helen Padgett Helen: Affirmation that John Wesley wrote. 15-Nov-1918 278
Mary Kennedy Mary writes that she will try to change the atmosphere after the depressing spirit that just left. And she is grateful to God that she does not have to work in the lower planes.   278
Mary Kennedy Mary is so glad that Leslie is doing such a glorious work in helping the dark spirits to come out of the darkness, by telling them the Truth.   280
Jesus Jesus Assures Mr. Padgett in one of his early communications that no spirit writes in his name and that Dr. Leslie R. Stone will receive the Divine Love of the Father in great abundance. 16-Jul-1915 281
A.G.Riddle A. G. Riddle: Mr. Padgett’s old partner says that both he and Dr. Stone have correct ideas about spiritual Truth. 6-Oct-1915 281
William T. Stephenson Can a man live and love and go into nothingness? And the answer is no! So says: William T. Stephenson. 6-Oct-1915 282
Helen Padgett Helen is overjoyed with the conversation and discussion between Dr. Stone and Mr. Padgett.   282
Hugh T. Taggart Taggart prefers spiritual happiness to earth life. 4-Nov-1916 283
Red Fox Red Fox belongs to Eugene Morgan’s spiritual band.   284
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett confirms the statement by others that Mr. Morgan now has the Divine Love of the Father and adds her sisterly love also. 4-Nov-1916 284
Luke Luke: The conditions of spirits in the twilight zone and their progress in the natural love. 5-Feb-1917 284
Helen Padgett Helen writes about the great work that Eugene Morgan is doing among the catholics. 8-Nov-1917 285
Helen Padgett Helen describes an incident in her work of finding the soulmates of spirits. 27-Jan-1915 287
Father Williams A Catholic priest who defended his flock talks with Mr. Morgan. 8-Nov-1917 288
Seligman Seligman: Contrasting the Mohammedan heavens and the Christian heavens. 8-Aug-1915 289
Helen Padgett Helen: Confirms that a spirit was enabled to visualize Mr. Padgett’s grandmother. 8-Aug-1915 290
Morgan’s mother Mother of Eugene Morgan wishes to explain Jennie Lawson’s passing into the spirit world and the help that he gave her while on earth. 11-Nov-1915 290
Helen Padgett Buddha no longer teaches reincarnation. 1-Aug-1916 291
Helen Padgett Helen’s description of the Celestial Heavens above the seventh sphere.(Duplicate of a message in Vol IV pg 121) 8-Jun-1916 292
Charles G Groveneur. A spirit who is suffering intensely comes to Mr. Padgett and begs him to help him to find his lost soul. 1-Apr-1915 296
Helen Padgett A message from Helen. 1-Apr-1915 297
St Jerome Jerome: When on earth did not know of the development of the soul by the Divine Love. 10-Oct-1915 297
Edward Sovellard Sovellard, a dark spirit, is also seeking Mr. Padgett’s help to get out of darkness.   298
A.G.Riddle A. G. Riddle: A former law partner of Mr. Padgett tries to help a lower spirit to understand spiritual progress. 6-Apr-1915 298
Joseph Salyards Salyards has progressed to the extent that he is now a helper in leading other dark spirits into the light.   301
A.G.Riddle Riddle was so set in his ways of religious thoughts that he felt he needed no help from anyone in the spirit world, that is until Mr. Padgett explained the laws there, which he began to learn and only then started to progress. 16-Dec-1914 301
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that Mr. Riddle has started to pray as Mr. Padgett suggested to him in order for him to be able to progress into the light. 16-Dec-1914 305
White Eagle White Eagle, a guide, gives Mr. Padgett healing treatments whenever he needs it after a long writing.   306
A.G.Riddle Riddle writes that he considered Jesus to be a mere man when on earth, who had received a large conception of the Truth, and attempted to teach it. But now he writes that Jesus is the most wonderful of all spirits. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 10) 20-Jan-1915 306
A.G.Riddle Riddle has progressed to a new sphere and is now seeking more help to further his spiritual progress. And has received it with the help of Jesus. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 18) 20-Feb-1915 309
Helen Padgett Helen writes that Riddle’s soulmate has a wonderful influence over him and is leading him to the Greater Love. 20-Feb-1915 312
Peter Byerly Byerly, a schoolboy friend writes about his experiences on earth and in the spirit world. 29-Oct-1915 313
Samuel Mills Mills, a brother lawyer, wishes that he was more religious when on earth, but now he is learning the spiritual laws to live by. 9-Dec-1915 314
Louis O’Neil Judge O’Neil, a personal friend of Mr. Padgett’s, tells of his experiences in the spirit world and described his work in behalf of the Kingdom. 7-Mar-1917 315
Hay Hay, a brother lawyer of Mr. Padgett’s, is wondering if the church of today has any value in helping man to prepare himself to properly live in the spirit world. 19-Mar-1916 316
Maurice Smith Smith, a brother lawyer is in darkness and is wondering if what he saw Mr. Padgett do to help, another dark spirit could help him also. 19-Mar-1916 318
White Eagle White Eagle would not permit a dark spirit to write. 19-Mar-1916 319
Helen Padgett Helen tells of poor Lipscomb trying to write as he imagined that he was intoxicated but of course he was not, although he thought so himself. 19-Mar-1916 319
Nathan Plummer Dr. Stone became a friend of Nathan Plummer the last three years of life on earth and has continued to help him after he passed into the spirit world. 15-Mar-1917 320
Helen Padgett Helen writes that the séance that Mr. Padgett And Dr. Stone attended is detrimental to their own spiritual progression and Mary says that she would not permit any of these spirits to come near her soulmate. 15-Mar-1917 320
Nathan Plummer Old friend of Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone tells how happy he now is, thanks to the Father’s Divine Love in his soul.   321
Helen Padgett Helen comments on the book that Mr. Padgett was reading, “The Life Beyond Death” 19-Apr-1919 322
Helen Padgett Helen writes about the visit that Mr. Padgett made with Dr. Stone to Dr. Arbelee who was in a condition of death. 23-Apr-1919 323
John B Johnson Johnson comments on the book that Mr. Padgett was reading. 18-Apr-1919 325
Helen Padgett Helen confirms the writer to be a very beautiful spirit. 18-Apr-1919 325
Martin Luther Luther denies the vicarious atonement, etc. Bible full of contradictions and errors. (Duplicate of message in page Vol II pg 169 but with an apparent error of the further insertion of two paragraphs from a message by Luke from Vol II, pg 166.) 5-Sep-1915 326
Luke St. Luke corroborates what Luther has written about the errors in the Bible. 25-Jul-1916 327
Spencer Spencer (a friend) comments on the book that Mr. Padgett was reading about spiritualism. 18-Jun-1919 328
Dr Arbelee Dr. Arbelee wrote through Eugene Morgan that he is realizing what Dr. Stone had told him, when he was on earth.   328
Immanuel Kant Immanuel Kant was present when Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone were discussing the Divine Love of the Father, and became interested because he only knew about the natural love. 24-Dec-1917 329
William B. Cornelies William B. Cornelies was also present during conversation of Divine Love and the transformation of the soul into what was called the Essence of the Father. 24-Jan-1917 331
Helen Padgett Helen is very much interested in the writing just received from the Englishman, but disappointed that the Master could not write. 24-Jan-1917 332
Nathan Plummer Nathan Plummer is grateful to Dr. Stone for his work in saving his soul.   333
Nathan Plummer Nathan Plummer writes about his progress from darkness.   333
Nathan Plummer Nathan Plummer is grateful for the help given to him while on earth by Dr. Stone. 8-Feb-1917 334
Samuel Smith Smith, an Englishman from London wanted to contact Dr. Stone to tell him that he is interested in his investigations into spiritualism. 29-Oct-1915 335
Charles T. Wilson Charles T. Wilson: A dark spirit seeks the help of Dr. Stone, he knew him while on earth. 16-May-1918 337
Mrs Plummer Mrs. Nathan Plummer describes conditions in darkness. 3-Jan-1917 338
William Stone William Stone, father of the Dr. confirms the condition of the spirit that just wrote.   339
Helen Padgett On healing a sick woman. 18-Apr-1916 339
Abdulla ben Caliph Abdullah ben Caliph, a Mohammedan priest, tells of the kind of life that they live in their sphere. 22-Jun-1915 340
Caesar Caesar is grateful to Mr. Padgett for his prayer and introduction to his grandmother and is progressing into the light. 20-Dec-1916 341
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that it was Caesar who actually wrote, as well as others. 20-Dec-1916 342
John Wesley John Wesley attends the services over Mr. Padgett’s daughter’s (Nita’s) remains. The Master was shedding his love and influence over the mourners and near ones. 21-Jun-1918 343
Helen Padgett Helen tells about her daughter’s demise and that there were Celestial Spirits present, casting over the people love and influence that only Celestial Spirits can give forth. Baby was with me. 21-Jun-1918 343
John John - Importance of prayer so that the soul can be developed and works will follow. (Duplicate of message in Vol II pg 114) 5-Oct-1915 344
John T. Richards Richards tells about Mrs. Kates’ séance, and there are no animals in the spirit world. 13-Apl-1919 346
Anonymous Unknown writer tried to explain what profit it a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?   347
Helen Padgett Helen confirms the unknown writer.   348
Emerson Emerson, an inhabitant of the sixth sphere, speaks of its purity. 6-Mar-1919 348
Robert Dale Owen Robert Dale Owen: Spirit speaks of spiritual phenomena investigations that he used to write about. 11-Feb-1919 349
Helen Padgett Helen: Affirming that Josephus wrote, and comments on the equality of the sexes. 3-Jun-1916 350
Helen Padgett Helen: While Christian Science teaches the truth in some particulars, yet it does not teach man the Higher Truth that will make of him a Divine Angel. 9-Dec-1917 351
Rodgers Rogers is seeking help and was attracted to Mr. Padgett at the séance he attended. 23-Mar-1919 352
Baruch Spinoza Spinoza writes about medium’s ability to predict the future of any person. 5-Jan-1919 353
Helen Padgett Helen confirms Spinoza writing and says that he is a very bright and intelligent spirit. 5-Jan-1919 355
Helen Padgett Helen comments on Billy Sunday’s sermon, to the effect that his teachings are directed towards the progress of the soul and the perfect man. (This message is duplicated in Vol III, pg 303.) 9-Jan-1918 355
Minnie Eugene Morgan’s cousin is grateful to him for all the spiritual guidance she received when on earth to enable her to progress to the seventh sphere in the spirit world.   357
Luke Luke comments on Rev. J. S. Gordon’s knowledge and faith as well as belief in the Bible. (Duplicate of a message in Vol IV pg 135) 12-Oct-1916 359
Samuel P. Shannon Self-opinionated spirit in the second sphere that cares nothing about spiritual progression or the Divine Love of the Father. 8-Jan-1917 361
Helen Padgett Helen writes that Shannon has considerable darkness in his appearance, yet he is evidently a hard student of what he calls intellectual things. 8-Jan-1917 363
Lillian Summer Lonely spirit writes about her belief when on earth. 6-Jun-1916 364
Scott Scott, an old friend, is seeking help. 2-Feb-1920 365
Joe Shellington Shellington, a friend of Mr. Padgett’s, was helped out of darkness by his wife, Helen. 17-Jun-1915 365
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that Joe Shellington wrote. 17-Jun-1915 367
William Richards Richards describes his life in the spirit world. 24-Jun-1915 368
Helen Padgett Helen comments on what Richards said about the medium.(Does not refer to the previous message, but to the message on pg 346) 13-Apr-1919 369
Edwin Forrest Forrest has progressed out of darkness and is grateful to know the Way to obtain the Love of the Father. 19-Jul-1916 370
Edwin Forrest Forrest rejoices at the progress he is making now out of darkness and feels “as light as air”. 4-Mar-1917 371
Edwin Forrest Forrest is gradually coming out of darkness with the help of Helen and Mr. Padgett’s grandmother. (Duplicate of a message in Vol III pg 397) 12-Oct-1916 372
Helen Padgett Helen writes that Forrest is praying earnestly for the Divine Love and is progressing, and was so anxious to write. (Duplicate of message in Vol III pg 398) 12-Oct-1916 373
Samuel C. Mills Mills is amazed at the progress Forrest made out of darkness, and will try to do the same, and seek for the Father’s Love. 3-Mar-1917 375
R. Ross Perry Perry is better and has started to believe as a result of the help received by the bright spirits. (Duplicate of a message in Vol III pg 394) 4-Mar-1917 375
Perry’s mother Perry’s mother is grateful for the help that Mr. Padgett gave to her son. (Duplicate of a message in Vol III pg 394) 4-Mar-1917 376
Helen Padgett Helen wrote that Perry is praying for Divine Love and is commencing to realize the great love that his mother has for him. (Duplicate of message on Vol III pg 395) 4-Mar-1917 376
Edwin Forrest Forrest writes that he is progressing and is able to see the light and some happiness. 10-Mar-1917 377
Ben Robinson A sailor needs help, described his travels in the Seas of Darkness, with his mates, and recalls what he did on earth.   378
Jesus Jesus states that his disciples never wrote many false doctrines in the Bible attributed to him. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 149) 5-Sept-1915 379
Edwin Forrest Edwin Forrest: Old friend of Mr. Padgett is interested in the Prayer that Jesus wrote, as he wants to progress out of his darkness into the light. 6-Dec-1916 380